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FRANCIS M. ATWOOD was born December 4, 1851, in Trigg County, Ky. John H. and Martha (Forguson) Atwood, are his parents. The father is a native of Tennessee; he came to this county in boyhood and settled on a farm; he served as private in the late war under Gen. Huel and others; he is living on the farm with Francis and is fifty.five years of age; he is a member of the United Baptist Church. The mother was a native of Kentucky. She died in 1871, aged thirty-five years. She was also a member of the Baptist Church. These parents had eight children, five brothers still living. Farming has always been the occupation of our subject, and be has been very successful in business. He now owns 250 acres of land, 125 of which are well improved. He raises principally corn, tobacco, wheat and potatoes. He deals moderately in stock, having at present thirty-five head of cattle, fifty head each of hogs and sheep, besides five mules and horses Altogether his outlook is encouraging. He was married December 16, 1874, to Miss Martha A. Jones, of this county. She is daughter of Pressly and Sallie (Mitchell) Jones. The latter's father and mother are still living. Martha A. Jones' great-grandmother, Sallie Mitchell, died the past August aged eighty-six years. This family is noted for its longevity. Henry P. Atwood, our subject's eldest son, has seen his mother, his grandmother, his great-grandmother, and his great-great.grandmother all at the same time. To Francis and Martha A. Atwood were born five children, viz.: Henry P., Julian L., Nora B., Naomi L. and Flora B. Both parents are members of the United Baptist Church.

JAMES B. HOLLOMAN was born October 2, 1827, in Obion County, Tenn. His parents are J. B. and Sarah Holloman, both natives of Kentucky. They went to Tennessee after marriage. The father was one of the most extensive farmers of the neighborhood. His death took place in 1865, on his sixty-fifth birthday. He was a devoted and lifelong member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. The mother is still living in Tennessee at the advanced age of eighty-two. These parents had seven children-four boys and three girls. Four of the children are yet living. Our subject was married November 6, 1849, to Ailcy M. Osborn, of Kentucky. After marriage he began farming for himself. He had but a small start in beginning, but by industry, economy and good management he has secured a nice home of 100 acres, seventy-five of which are improved. He has been reasonably successful in business. His children were Isam (deceased), Lucy A., Mary W. (deceased), Sarah (died the past February at the age of twenty-five years: she was for twelve years a devoted member of the Methodist Episcopal Church South), William B. (living in Texas), Susan C., Robert L., James I. (deceased). Both parents are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church South.

SAMUEL LARKINS was born January 24, 1822, in Graves County, Ky. He is a son of William and Penelope (Hollowell) Larkins, both natives of North Carolina. The father came to this county from Caldwell County in 1841, and settled on 1,100 acres of land. He was married in Trigg County about the year 1819. These parents had eleven children, nine of whom are now living. The father died in 1866, at the age of seventy-seven years. The mother's death occurred at the age of sixty-eight. Both parents were for many years zealous and influential members of the Methodist Episcopal Church South. They reared eleven children, who reached the years of maturity, and before the parents died, they had the pleasure of seeing their children all members of the church of their choice. Our subject began for himself at the age of twenty-one years.. He has been quite successful in business. He was Magistrate of this county for fourteen years. He was a member of the State Legislature from 1863 to 1865. He has held other county and precinct offices, quite to the satisfaction of his constituency. He was commissioned by Gov. Powell, Major of Kentucky Militia. He now owns 300 acres of land, about one-half of which is improved. The Hollowell marble monument cost $2,500, is twenty-five feet high, and is upon Mr. Larkin's farm. His land is perhaps among the best in the precinct. He raises corn, wheat and tobacco, and can raise almost anything that can be grown in this latitude. He was married in 1853, to Josephine Brandon, of this county. Severn J., Mattie A., Mollie J., Robert S., Anna E. P. and Charles T., are their children. Miss Anna E. is a teacher of experience; her services are in good demand in that calling. Both parents are prominent members of the Methodist Episcopal Church South. Mr. Lai kin was County Elector on the Fillmore and Donelson ticket in 1856, and for Bell and Everett in 1860, and canvassed the county for these officers He was candidate for the Legislature several times, and once for the Senate, and was defeated in the latter contest. He has left the political arena, preferring to engage in other business more congenial to his nature. Mr. Larkins is a practical surveyor and engineer, and has sawed and sold more plank and lumber than any man in the county.

HENRY LARKINS was born January 27, 1824, in Caldwell (now Lyon) County, Ky. His parents are William and Penelope Larkins. Subject had fair school advantages, and began for himself at the age of twenty-one years. He has been very successful in business, now owning 370 acres of land in Trigg and 254 acres in Caldwell County. He has 280 acres of well-improved land in the two counties. He raises stock and grain, changing from one to the other. He raises all the products grown in this part of the country. His farms are in a good state of cultivation. He was married, in 1850, to Miss Lucy A. Wilcox, of Caldwell County, Ky. Their children are: Charles C., Mary A., Susan F., Sarah E., L. Alice, Henry F., William S., Walter E., Laura E., Albert E. Mary is the wife of John R. Carney; Charles C. is married to Mary G. Hayden; their children are Edna G. and Lucy M. The Misses Sallie and Alice are both teachers of several years' experience. They have had good success in teaching, and like the business very well. Their services have given general satisfaction to employers, parents, pupils and all concerned. Both Mr. and Mrs. Larkins, with six children, are members of Bethesda Methodist Episcopal Church South.

JOHN C. LARKINS, son of William and Penelope Larkins, was born in Trigg County, in 1843. His parents were well and favorably known as among the best people of the county. Though dead many years, their good influence still lives. Our subject began for himself at the age of twenty-one; farming and carpentering have engaged his attention. He with his sisters, Martha and Eliza live at the home farm. The good influences and generous hospitality that characterized the parents still] follow the children. The brother and sisters are members of the Bethesda Methodist Episcopal Church South. John has about seventy-five acres of land under cultivation. He is farming about twenty-two acres of corn, ten of tobacco and eight acres of wheat. His outlook is very encouraging.

BENJAMIN P. MITCHELL was born February 7, 1844, in Trigg County, Ky. He is a son of James and Celia (Pearl) Mitchell. The father was a native of North Carolina. He was a farmer, carpenter and wheel-wright; he came to this country in early childhood. He died in this county in 1873, aged sixty-nine years. These parents had seven children, five of whom are now living. The mother is still living with her son Benjamin. Her general health is very good and her powers of mind and body well preserved. Benjamin began for himself on the farm at the age of nineteen years. He now owns about 175 acres, 120 of which are well improved. He has been quite successful, and is counted among the good business men of the precinct. The past year he raised 1,800 pounds of tobacco, 100 barrels of corn, 150 bushels of wheat, 210 bushels of oats, besides hay. He has been raising cattle the past year. His outlook is very encouraging. He was married, August, 1863, to Lindsey A. Smith, of this county. Her parents are James and Lucinda (Pitkins) Smith. Six children have blessed this union, viz.: Amos, Celia, Iceloan Mark, Cerona and Willa R. Celia is the wife of Elijah Ladd. Both Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell are members of the Baptist Church. 

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