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JOSEPH AHART was born May 28, 1887, in Smith County, Tenn.; he is the eldest child of a family of six born to George and Sarah (Hankins) Ahart. The father was born in Virginia in 1808; he died in Trigg County in 1876. The mother was born in east Tennessee in 1814; she died in March, 1882. On coming to this county they settled two miles west of Canton; there our subject was reared; at the age of twenty-two he commenced farming on land given him by his father; this he afterward sold to his brother. In the fall of 1863 he came to this farm, which he rents, consisting of about 100 acres, and where he has since resided. He enlisted in August, 1862, in Company L, Eighth Kentucky Cavalry (Union), and served his enlistment. He was married in February, 1859, to Nancy E. Bell; she was born May 12, 1S45, in this county; she died August 31, 1883, leaving three children: James M, Henry J. and Martha L. Mr. Ahart's second marriage was on January 13, 1884, to Mrs. Mary U. Ricks. She was born in this county; she has three children by a former marriage: George R., Leona A.. and Fredonia A. Ricks. Mr. Ahart is the agent of the Fungo Landing for all shipments for Golden Pond; he is a member of the Masonic order.

CHARLES C. BOGARD, deceased, was born in Stewart County, Tenn., in 1814; he came to Golden Pond, Ky., in 1841, and engaged in farming and trading extensively till his death, which occurred in 1855. He was married to Elitha Griffin, January 12, 1840. She was born in Hampton County, N. C., February 27, 1819; she came with her parents when an infant to Tennessee. There she was reared. They have had seven children, five of whom are now living: William A., Hester A.., Z. T., Sarah E. and Mary A. John D. died in 1882, aged forty.two. Joseph B. died in 1864, aged eighteen. Mrs. Bogard now owns over 400 acres 'of land, part of which she has rented out.

J. M. CRASS was born April 5, 1854, in Trigg County. He is a son of Elisha Crass and Sallie Ross. His parents came to Trigg County in about 1824; they died in 1859. Subject was reared by his brother in-law, W. D. Vickers. At the age of eighteen he commenced selling groceries and farming; after selling goods two years, he secured a contract to carry the mail from Aurora to Cadiz; this contract continued two years. Later he engaged in milling and ran a steam ferry. In 1880 he built his present corn-mill, which has a capacity of 150 bushels a day. Mr. Crass took up preaching in 1880, in connection with the Christian Union Church, and in October of the same year he was ordained minister of that denomination. He has charge of Averett's Chapel, Walnut Grove Church, and Flint Valley Church, Calloway County; he also preaches at the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Calloway and Marshall Counties. Mr. Crass was married, in 1870, to Mrs. Mary F. Burrow, of Todd County. Mr. Crass was a member of the first Christian Union Council held in Trigg County, October, 1878. He was also a member of the first Christian Union Council held in Illinois, in Fayette County. It was held at Bethel Church, twelve miles south of Nokomis. Mr. Crass is still a Christian Union Preacher, and his prayer is that alt Christians may be united in Christian union upon the grand principle of the Bible. There are now 130,000 souls united on the grand principle of union, taking the Bible for their rule of faith and practice, renouncing all creeds and confession of faith.

PERRY FUTRELL, farmer, was born in Trigg County, Ky., October 23, 1814, and is a son of John and Elizabeth (Deloach) Futrell, both natives of North Carolina and of English descent. John Futrell emigrated to Kentucky about the year 1800, and settled on Donaldson Creek. He was a farmer; was engaged in the Indian war in Indiana; was a devoted member of the Baptist Church, and died about the year 1873. Perry Futrell was educated in Trigg County, and, remained with his parents until 1836, when he was married to Elizabeth Colson, a native of Kentucky. Eleven children were born to this union, of whom seven are living. Mr. Futrell has followed farming all his life. He began life with nothing, and now owns 280 acres, 120 of which are under cultivation. Mr. Futrell is one of the oldest and most highly esteemed citizens of the precinct and county.

SOLOMON D. FUTRELL was born June 4, 1820, in Trigg County. He 18 a son of John and Elizabeth (Deloach) Futrell; his parents were born in North Carolina; there they were married and came to Christian, now Trigg County, at an early date. The father died in 1873, at the advanced age of ninety-four. The mother died in 1828, aged forty-five. On coming here the courts in Hopkinsville were held in black jack poles. From Hopkinsville to Donaldson's Creek there was no growth of timber; a riding switch could not even be obtained. On their arrival at Nash-vile there were but three stores, and but one in Hopkinsville. Our subject, at the age of twenty-one rented a farm, and there he remained eight years. He then bought eighty acres of land, which he improved and sold. He now owns 213 acres largely improved, all of which he has acquired by his attention to business and judicious management. He married, in 1846, Clarissa Futrell. She was born in Trigg County. They have had ten children, seven of whom are now living-four sons and three daughters.

CASWELL FUTRELL was born April 30, 1830, in Trigg County. He is a son of Perry and Betsey (Colson) Futrell. The father and mother were both born in Trigg County. Our subject was reared on his father's farm. On arriving at his majority he bought a farm of 106 acres; he has since increased this to 154 acres, well improved, all of which has been done by his own industry. Mr. Futrell was married to Caroline Colson. She was born in Trigg County. He enlisted in 1862 in Company D, Second Kentucky Cavalry, and served his enlistment.

WILLIAM G. GORDON was born in Rome County, Tenn., in 1839. At about the age of six years he came with his parents to Trigg County, where he has since lived. He first purchased 212k acres of land, and now owns about 310 acres, largely improved. He was married in 1861 to Eliza J. Choat. She was born in Stewart County, Tenn. They have one son-William J. - who was born in 1863, and works this farm with his father. He was married iii 1880 to Mattie Wallace. She was born in Trigg County. They have two children-one son and one daughter.

DR. J. W. JOHNSON was born November 6, 1850, in Robertson County, Tenn. He is a son of William and Polly (Dunnington) Johnson. The parents are natives of Tennessee. The former was born in 1812, and is now living on his farm in Robertson County. The latter died in 1877, aged sixty years. Our subject was reared on his father's farm, and attended the subscription schools of that locality. At the age of fifteen he entered the Neaphogen College, Cross Plains, Tenn., where he remained four years. He then attended the East Tennessee University one term, and the Stonewall College one term, after which he came to Crittenden County. There he studied medicine under the preceptorship of Dr. J. R. Clark two years. He then moved to Lyon County, where he practiced medicine about seven months. Then removed to Golden Pond, where he has since been engaged in the practice of his profession, except one term spent at the Medical Department of the Louisville University. In 1883 the Doctor was a candidate for the Legislature, and was defeated by 39 votes.

A. D. MATHENY was born May 25, 1823, in East Tennessee. He is the son of James and Elizabeth (Deatherage) Matheny. Subject was reared on his father's farm. In 1845 he tramped to Trigg County, and settled in Golden Pond Precinct, where he remained till his marriage in 1850. He then lived in the Canton District seven years, then returned to the Golden Pond District where he still lives on the farm he first purchased. He has since added other lands, and now owns 600 acres of poor land, all of which he has acquired by strict attention to business and hard work. Mr. Matheny was married in 1850 to Miss L. A. 0. Ross, of Trigg County, born in Stewart County, Tenn., May 25, 1826. To them have been born seven children, of whom six are living -- four boys and two girls.

DAVID MAYES was born November 6, 1826, in Granger County, east Tenn. He is the ninth of a family often children born to John and Nancy (Mayes) Mayes. The father was born in Virginia; he died in Granger County, Tenn.. in 1850, aged seventy-six. The mother was born in Granger County. She died in about 1834, aged sixty. In 1846 our subject came to Trigg County, and worked at various kinds of employ. merits till 1852, when he bought 119 acres where he now resides; he has since increa8ed this to 211 acres. This farm lies on Turkey Creek bottom, and is one of the finest and moat productive farms in the county, and by far surpasses any other farm between the rivers. Mr. Mayes was married August 5, 1853, to Catharine Vinson. She was born in Trigg County on December 8, 1836. This union has been blessed with eight children, six of whom are living: Fathey E., wife of Albert Calhoun; Caroline, now Mrs. Miller; Nancy 3'., now Mrs. William May; Josephus; Rebecca, now Mrs. Flinn and Rufus; John D., died November 13, 1880, aged sixteen; Bedie Ann, died in October, 1869, aged two years. Mr. and Mrs. Mayes are life-long and devoted members, of the Missionary Baptist Church.

W. ROSS was born May 3, 1829, in Henry County, Term. He is a son of Jonathan and Narcis8a (Stubblefield) Ross, both natives of Tennessee. In 1830 he was brought with his parents to Trigg County, where he has since lived. The father died November, 1883, aged eighty years. The mother died in 1861, aged sixty. Subject was reared on his father's farm. He owns 200 acres of land, and is engaged in agricultural pursuits; also owns and operates a sawmill on his land; he was engaged in merchandising from 1876-78, at Golden Pond and Maple Grove, Ky. He enlisted in 1862 in Company L, Eighth Kentucky Cay-airy; served about six months, and was discharged on account of physical disability. He was married in 1848, to Mrs. Mary A. Ritch, of Rome County, Tenn.; they have one daughter-Martha A., now Mrs. Ahart. Mrs. Ross has two children by a former marriage.

C. H. SMITH was born June 20, 1820, in Wilson County, middle Term. He is the son of James and Martha (Johnson) Smith. The parents were also natives of the same county and State; the father died in 1876, aged seventy-five; the mother died in 1855, aged forty-nine. Subject was reared on his father's farm. He enlisted in 1846, in the Mexican war; served part of two years. He then returned to Wilson County, and in the fall of 1847, he was married to Miss Matilda Vaughn. She was born in the same county. Thi8 marriage has been blessed with five children-two daughters and three sons. In 1859 they moved to Trigg County, and settled where they now live on the Tennessee River. Mr. Smith owns 300 acres of land, about 150 acres of which are improved. Since coming to this land he has placed himself in comfortable circumstances by his constant and strict attention to business.

RICHARD T. SOLOMON was born August 27, 1857, in Trigg County, He is the fourth of a family of eight children born to John and Sallie (Meredith) Solomon. The father was born in Granger County, east Tenn., and served in the Mexican war. The mother died in 1866, aged about thirty-five. Our subject commenced working out at about the age of twelve, and since this time has taken care of himself. He was married, in 1877, to Mrs. Polly Joyce, of Granger County. Three children have blessed this marriage: Cora, Josie and Oscar. Mrs. Solomon has six children by a former marriage: Mary, Manda, John, Eliza, Elfie and Allie. 

DR. A. THOMAS was burn in Trigg County, Ky., April 8, 1822. He is a 8ou of Perry and Elizabeth (Bridges) Thomas. The father was born in Bertie County, N. C.; came with his parents to Christian, now Trigg County, in 1806, and is still living in Canton Precinct, at the advanced age of eighty-eight years. He still enjoys remarkably good health. The mother is also living and enjoying good health, now in her eightieth year. Subject at the age of twenty-one took up the study of medicine under the preceptorship of Dr. Thomas B. Jefferson. After studying four years he attended the Medical Department of the Louisville University, and graduated in the class of 1848. He then returned to Trigg County, where he has since been engaged in the practice of his profession. The Doctor i8 the oldest practicing physician now in this county. He practiced at the Stacker Iron Works five years, and two years in Canton. In 1856 he came to Golden Pond, where he has since resided, except the two years he was Assistant Surgeon in the Union Army, stationed at Smithland, Ky. On his return from the army he was appointed Postmaster, which office he still holds. Ho was married, in 1866, to Mrs. Mary J. Frazelle, a native of Trigg County.

JOHN B. WILLIAMS, farmer, was born in Trigg County, Ky., May 16, 1832, and, is a son of Futrell and Frances E. (Craig) Williams; the former a native of North Carolina, and of Scotch descent; the latter a native of South Carolina, and of Irish descent. Futrell Williams, in youth learned the wagon-maker's trade, and followed it in connection with farming. He emigrated to Kentucky in the year 1807, with his parents. John Craig, grandfather of our subject, came to Kentucky in 1799, landed at Donaldson Creek, and built his camp-fire against a small cottonwood tree. It is now one of the largest trees in the county, and still bears the marks of his camp-fire. It stands near the mouth of Craig's Branch, named in honor of John Craig, the pioneer. Futrell Williams, subject's father, was born in 1805, and died in 1862. His wife Frances was born August 27, 1797, and died 1878; she was a consistent member of the Missionary Baptist Church. John B. Williams received his education in his native county. He remained with his parents until March 4, 1852, when he was married to Temperance E. Ricks, daughter of John and Charity Ricks, and a native of Kentucky. To Mr. and Mrs. Williams were born ten children, of whom six sons and one daughter are living. Mr. Williams has held the office of Constable and Magistrate. He belongs to the Blue Lodge, A. F. & A. M., No. 567, at Golden Pond, and was connected with the P. of H. He is a member of the Baptist Church.

DR. G. P. YARBROUGH was born July 21, 1851, in Golden Pond Precinct. He is a son of Asa and Temperence (McGregor) Yarbrough. The parents were natives of Stewart County, Tenn. The father died May 19, 1872, aged fifty-eight years. The mother died in August, 1883, aged fifty-nine. Our subject was reared on his father's farm. At the age of twenty he engaged in school teaching, and during this time he studied medicine. After teaching about ten months he studied under the preceptership of Dr. Benj. Franklin three years. During the winter of 1872 and 1873 he took a course of lectures at the Medical Department of the University of Tennessee, after which he returned home and raised a crop on hi8 father's farm. In June, 1874, he received a certificate from the Judicial Medical Board at Hopkinsville, and since that time has been actively engaged in the practice of his profession at this point. He was married, in 1876, to Sarah H. Malone. She was born in Ferguson Springs Precinct, a daughter of W. B. Malone, now engaged in the tobacco business at Canton. 

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