Gander, Newfoundland Plane Crash
December 12, 1985

On Thursday, December 12, 1985, the chartered DC-8 plane carrying 248 members of the 101st Airborne Division of Fort Campbell, Kentucky and 8 crew members returning home for Christmas from peace keeping duties in the Middle East, crashed during takeoff in Gander, Newfoundland. The following Monday, December 16, 1985, President and Mrs. Reagan visited Fort Campbell for a memorial service honoring those soldiers.

Some time later, a memorial to those soldiers that died in the crash was placed at the junction of US 41-A and the Pennyrile Parkway in Hopkinsville, Christian Co, Kentucky. This memorial lists the names of those soldiers. In addition, a tree was planted in memory of each of them. I have recently [May 2001] taken some photos of the memorial and they will be found here!

I would like to make this page a memorial to the memory of these men and women but need your help to do so. If you can supply an obituary or final resting place for anyone on this list, please send it in.
Be sure to include the name of the newspaper, the city and the date. I would like to put up a memorial page for each of them that includes comments made by their family, friends, and others that knew them, including pictures. Who were they? What were they like? What were their likes and dislikes? How was your life affected by them and by the loss of them?

 The following list of crew members on this flight was provided by Ms. Sydney Delores Jennings, mother of Todd Martice Jennings listed in the New York section, and Bonnie Britt . Thank you for contributing this information to this site.

All of the Cockpit Crew was from the Miami Area
John Griffin 45 Captain
John Robert Connelly   First Officer
Mike Fowler   Flight Engineer
All of the Cabin Crew was from the New York Area
Maia Matasowski   Flight Service Manager
Jean Sarafin 37 Flight Attendant
Desiree McKay   Flight Attendant
Ruthie Phillips 26 Flight Attendant
Stacy Cutlar or Cutler   Flight Attendant
The following list of those soldiers killed in the plane crash appeared in the Kentucky New Era, Hopkinsville, KY, December 16, 1985 as supplied by the Pentagon on Sunday, December 15.
Name Rank Age City
Davis, Jimmy D  Spec 4    Aliceville , Al 
Highfill, Joe W  Pvt 2    Daleville , Al 
Hughes, Frank J  Staff Sgt    North Carrollton , Al 
Simmons, Carl N  Pfc    Banks , Al 
Turner, Vincent L  Staff Sgt    Huntsville , Al 
Winston, James A  Staff Sgt    West Birmingham , Al 
Wright, John R  Spec 4    Daleville , Al 
Kidd, Timothy Linn  Sgt    North Little Rock , Ar 
Long, Paul D  1st Lt  24  Pine Bluff , Ar 
Stewart, Randy S  Sgt  21  Texarkana , Ar 
Thomas, Randall K  Sgt  31  Springdale , Ar 
Walker, Guy W  Spec 4  22  Jacksonville , Ar 
Barber, Daniel Mark  Spec 4  24  Flagstaff , Az 
Danielson, Thomas  Spec 4    Mesa , Az 
Hobbs, Kevin S  Pfc    Flagstaff , Az 
McArdle, Paul A  Sgt    Winslow , Az 
Andreoff, Steven A  Staff Sgt    Antioch , Ca 
Burdette, James D  Spec 4    Lancaster , Ca 
Carter, Gregory T  Pfc    Covina , Ca 
Chaddock, Garett R Pfc    Lake Isabella, Ca , Ca 
Gonzales, Michael J Spec 4    La Puenta , Ca 
Graham, Kelly O  Pvt 2    San Jose , Ca 
Jackson, Adrian D  Pvt 1    Los Angeles , Ca 
Millett, John M  Sgt    Idyllwild , Ca 
Padgett, Gary W  Spec 4    Vista , Ca 
Pevey, Terry R  Spec 4    Port Heuneme , Ca 
Spears, James M  Spec 4    Costa Mesa , Ca 
Wallace, Brian E  Pfc    Canoga Park , Ca 
Serna, Ernest W  Pvt 2  20  Denver , Co 
Sloan, Matthew S  Spec 4    Lakewood , Co 
Stephens, Dane  Spec 4  19  Littleton , Co 
Tucker, Thomas N  Pvt 2    Goldon , Co 
Haller, Brian D  Capt    Wilmington , De 
Kuehn, John M  Spec 4  22  Wilmington , De 
Beer, Edward M  Pvt 2    Orlando , Fl 
Brasfield, Tony L Spec 4    Panama City , Fl 
Britt, George A  Spec 4    Lighthouse Pt , Fl 
Bury, David A  Pfc    Panama City , Fl 
Ferguson, James A  Sgt    Orange Park , Fl 
Graham, Thomas Lyle Spec 4    Jacksonville Beach , Fl 
Hart, Robert B  2nd Lt    Miami , Fl 
Hobbs, Donald Ernest  Spec 4    Palm Harbor , Fl 
Jeffcoat, Marvin A Lt Col    Tallahassee , Fl 
Kee, Jeff S  Spec 4    Pensacola , Fl 
Kiser, Bruce E  Pfc    Jacksonville , Fl 
Schmoyer, Ricky A  Spec 4    St Petersburg , Fl 
Smith, Thomas E  Pfc    Brooksville , Fl 
Bauman, Eric Joseph  Spec 4  19  Warner Robins , Ga 
Benson, Wyatt David  Spec 4  19  Forsyth , Ga 
Lawrence, Michael R  Maj    Atlanta , Ga 
Lynch, Benjamin R  Pfc    Macon , Ga 
Searcy, Blanchard T  Pfc    Sylvester , Ga 
Smith, Clinton D  Pvt 2    Conyers , Ga 
Word, Virginia Ruth  Spec 4  20  Warner Robins , Ga 
Mullins, Steven W  Spec 4    Des Moines , Ia 
Phillips, Alvin  Pvt 2    Oakaloosa , Ia 
Bradshaw, Steven J,  Spec 4  20  Boise , Id 
Crawford, Paul M  Pvt 2    Nampa , Id 
Craig, Michael E  Pfc    University Park , Il 
Gayton, Anthony Lovell  Spec 4    Robbins , Il 
Goree, Joseph W  Pvt 2    Edwardsville , Il 
Lundgren, David C  Spec 4    Chicago , Il 
Richardson, Gregory W  Pfc    Sterling , Il 
Wilburn, Darnell  Staff Sgt    Chicago , Il 
Witmer, John B  2nd Lt    North Brook , Il 
Arvin, Roger D Spec 4  27  Evansville , In 
Dumpert, Brian Lee  Sgt   Marion , In 
Mayhew, Ronald C  Sgt  24  Indianapolis , In 
Miller, Larry G  Sgt    Loogootee , In 
Miller, Timothy E  Spec 4    Noblesville , In 
Murray, Michael  Sgt    Washington , In 
Robertson, Vergil L Jr  Sgt    Spencer , In 
Banks, Bobby L  Spec 4    Junction City , Ks 
Yeargan, Cary T  Pfc    Newton , Ks 
Black, Hasland O  Cmd. Sgt    Lafayette , Ky 
Bradley, John T Jr  Spec 4    Winchester , Ky 
Carter, Troy G  Capt  40  Fort Campbell , Ky 
Cruz-Salgado, Francisco  Pvt 4    Fort Campbell , Ky 
Englebert, Christopher  Spec 4    Louisville , Ky 
Grala, Douglas F  Staff Sgt    Fort Campbell , Ky 
Manion, Edward John  Capt  30  Fort Campbell , Ky 
Martin, Thomas L  Pvt 2    Louisville , Ky 
Moore, Samuel Theodore Jr  Staff Sgt    Fort Campbell , Ky 
Nelson, Donald C  Sgt 1st Class    Hammond Hts , Ky 
Nichols, Richard Sidney  Sgt    Fort Campbell , Ky 
Owens, Gregory Allen  Pvt  21  Louisville , Ky 
Palmisano, Jeffrey R  Sgt    Fort Campbell , Ky 
Parris, Rudy  CW3    Hopkinsville , Ky 
Phillips, James D Jr  Sgt    Fort Campbell , Ky 
Powell, Barry C  1st Lt    Madisonville , Ky 
Rahr, Michael R  Spec 4    Fort Campbell , Ky 
Robinson, Thomas E Jr  Sgt    Fort Campbell , Ky 
Scott, Gary L  Spec 4    Oak Grove , Ky 
Sellner, Timothy D  Staff Sgt    Fort Campbell , Ky 
Smith, Rex V  Sgt 1st Class    Fort Campbell , Ky 
Smith, Scott John  Spec 4    Louisville , Ky 
Stone, Earl C  CW2    Fort Campbell , Ky 
Thompson, Danny C  Sgt    Fort Campbell , Ky 
Witt, Kevin Michael  Sgt    Fort Campbell , Ky 
Alexander, Herbert D  Pfc    Ponchatoula , La 
Aponte, Ivan R  Spec 4    Boston , Ma 
Gerdes, Scott W  Pfc    Pittsville , Ma 
Duckworth, James Frederick  Staff Sgt    Westernport , Md 
Heidecker, David W  Pvt 1  21  Westminster , Md 
Hoyer, Robert S  Spec 4    Pasadena , Md 
Stearn, Alexander W  Pfc    Lutherville , Md 
Thornton, Christopher G  Sgt    Tacoma Park , Md 
Whiteman, Michael L  Spec 4    Dunkirk , Md 
Andrews, Danell  Spec 4  22  Detroit , Mi 
Guerra, Richardo  Pfc    Ferndale , Mi 
Karadsheh, Ibrahim  Sgt  25  Warren , Mi 
Parsons, Thomas F  Sgt    Washington , Mi 
Wisson, Theodore M  Spec 4    Port Huron , Mi 
Wyn, Robert  Pfc    Sherwood , Mi 
Ziegler, Cathleen M  Spec 4    Novi , Mi 
Kubic, Mark R  Staff Sgt  25  Brooklyn Park , Mn 
Nolan, Michael T  Pfc    Plymouth, Mn 
Witt, Kevin M. SSG 26 Sleepy Eye, Mn 
Easley, Brian E  Sgt    Independence , Mo 
Stack, Michael Shayen  Spec 4    St Louis , Mo 
Straub, Gary L  Pfc    Benton , Mo 
Williamson, James H  Spec 4    Waynesville , Mo 
Holliman, Jerry W  Staff Sgt    Coldwater , Ms 
Staten, David C  Pfc    Pontotoc , Ms 
Wallace, Mark E  Pfc    Bozeman , Mt 
Arrowood, Stuart N  Pvt 2    Fayetteville , NC 
Buchanan, Gregory A  Pvt 2    Bakersville , NC 
Carter, Mark E  Sgt    Fayetteville , NC 
Edmonds, Kyle L  Capt  28  New Hill , NC 
Johnson, Jerrin Andrea  Pvt 1    Fayetteville , NC 
Johnson, Ravon Leroy  Staff Sgt    Eaton , NC 
Morgan, Lindale  Pfc    Enfield , NC 
Perry, Vickie S  Pvt 2    Enfield , NC 
Rawls, David L  Pfc    Fayetteville , NC 
Shook, James Emerson  Pfc    Fayetteville , NC 
Simmons, George Henry  Spec 4    Wilmington , NC 
Olson, Robert L  Pfc  20  Omaha , Ne 
Eastman, Michael C  Capt    Plymouth , NH 
Cordero, Miguel Angel  Sgt    Paterson , NJ 
Davis, Thomas E  Staff Sgt    Woodbury , NJ 
Bowen, John P  Sgt    Las Vegas , Nv 
Mathis, Donald Lee  Pvt 2    Las Vegas , Nv 
Bostwick, Paul J  Pfc    Binghamton , NY 
Brilya, William R  Pvt 2    Hudson Falls , NY 
Campbell, Trevor  Pvt 2    Brooklyn , NY 
Coleman, Bobby Lee  Pfc  20  Rochester , NY 
Hemingway, Paul C  Sgt    Staten Island , NY 
Jennings, Todd Martice Spec 4    Yonkers , NY 
Nelson, Kenneth J  Pvt 2    Falconer , NY 
Rimiller, Richard D  Pfc    Bloomingdale , NY 
Sears, Ronald W  Staff Sgt    Bronx , NY 
Stringer, Richard  Spec 4    Dexter , NY 
Thomas, Robert F  Spec 4    Roslyn , NY 
Travis, Theodore  Sgt    Niagara Falls , NY 
Brady, Darrin P  Pfc    Brunswick , Oh 
Caudill, Phillip R  Pvt    Cincinnati , Oh 
Daniels, Walter G  Pfc    Columbus , Oh 
Harris, Brian D  Pfc    Canton , Oh 
Napier, Michael A  Spec 4    Middletown , Oh 
Reasbeck, Patrick S    Adena , Oh 
Seitz, Frederic C  Pfc    Aurora , Oh 
Wilson, Rodger L  Spec 4    Dayton , Oh 
Wolford, Robert Neil II  Sgt    Tulsa , Ok 
Fuller, Paul Koerner  Cpl    Portland, Or 
Hassing, Mark S  Pvt 1  20  Portland, Or 
Hull, Jeffrey D Pfc  19  Cornelius, Or 
Shultz, Robert D  Pfc    Veneta , Or 
Venneri, Steven C Pfc  19  Gladstone, Or 
Council, Orlando F Jr  Pfc    Philadelphia , Pa 
Deckman, Herbert R  Pfc    Steeltown , Pa 
Fink, Kevin F  Pvt 2  23  Dayton , Pa 
Haugsdahl, Reginald  Spec 4  20  Erie , Pa 
Lloyd, William Michael  Pfc  21  Philadelphia , Pa 
Schremp, Peter E  Sgt  24  Pittsburg , Pa 
Shipley, Michael D  Spec 4  27  Huntingdon , Pa 
Stritch, Scott A  Pvt 2    Annville , Pa 
Thompson, Scott Bryan  Spec 4  22  South Waverly , Pa 
Wester, John Charles  Pfc  19  Pittsburg , Pa 
Wilkins, Franklin R  Pvt 2  20  Shamokin , Pa 
Spearman, Mark  Pvt    Woonsocket , RI 
Bittle, Sammy Dale  Pfc    Cheraw , SC 
Brown, Johnny L  Pfc    Sumter , SC 
Diventura, Joseph L  Cpl  21  Summerville , SC 
McWhite, Calvin  Spec 4    Columbia , SC 
Ruth, Ray A  Spec 4    Walterboro , SC 
Singleton, Earl  Sgt  30  Hugger , SC 
Walker, Gregory  Spec 4    Manning , SC 
Ward, Abraham  Sgt 1st Class    Chester , SC 
McCleery, Christine M  Spec 4    Rapid City , SD 
Avillan, Luis A  1st Lt    Clarksville , Tn 
Brancato, Charles F  Sgt    Clarksville , Tn 
Davis, James A  Sgt    Knoxville , Tn 
Dixon, Thomas D  Spec 4    Sequatchie , Tn 
Ferguson, Mark W  Spec 4    Kingsport , Tn 
Foskey, Thomas J  Cpl  22  Clarksville , Tn 
Givens, Gary Lynn  Sgt    Clarksville , Tn 
Godsey, David L  Sgt 1st Class    Clarksville , Tn 
Harden, Benny J  CW3  38  Clarksville , Tn 
Ivy, Herbert Guy  Cpl    Knoxville , Tn 
Jennings, Donny K  Staff Sgt    Clarksville , Tn 
Jones, Joseph A  Sgt    Knoxville , Tn 
King, Robert M  Capt    Clarksville , Tn 
Kosh, John K  1st Lt  27  Clarksville , Tn 
Lane, Randall Alan Spec 4    Clarksville , Tn 
Malone, Jerry W  Staff Sgt    Clarksville , Tn 
McCook, Robert F  1st Sgt    Woodlawn , Tn 
McCormick, J Scott  2nd Lt  24  Bristol , Tn 
Miller, Dirk A  CW2  30  Clarksville , Tn 
Nelson, Steven R  Staff Sgt    Clarksville , Tn 
Pafford, Theodore L  Pfc    Clarksville , Tn 
Rains, Terry L  Capt  29  Clarksville , Tn 
Reynolds, Jessey T  Staff Sgt    Jamestown , Tn 
Roberts, Wilbur Grant Jr  Staff Sgt  28  Clarksville , Tn 
Stevens, Kip L  2nd Lt    Clarksville , Tn 
West, Thomas E  Sgt 1st Class    Clarksville , Tn 
White, Emery S III  Staff Sgt  late 20's  Clarksville , Tn 
Willingham, Richard N  Sgt    Clarksville , Tn 
Wooliver, William L  Sgt    Clarksville , Tn 
Cartwright, Dennis  Pvt 1    Silsbee , Tx 
Cupples, Troy R  Pfc    Porter , Tx 
Gray, Christopher  Spec 4    Alvarado , Tx 
Hardeman, Chester D  Pvt 1    Dallas , Tx 
Hughes, Charles W  Spec 4    Cleburne , Tx 
King, Jerry J  Pfc    Fort Worth , Tx 
McCarty, Joey  1st Lt    Canyon Lake , Tx 
Miller, Richard Dean  Staff Sgt    Tyler , Tx 
Roberts, Bobby E  Spec 4    Fort Worth , Tx 
Wheeler, Frank C  Spec 4    Odell , Tx 
Bowen, Robert  CW3    Wytheville , Va 
Colby, Stephen R  Spec 4    Colonial Beach , Va 
Hansen, William W III  Pfc    Stafford , Va 
Kirby, Thomas James  Staff Sgt    Salem , Va 
Puntanen, Raimo K Jr  Spec 4  20  Chesapeake , Va 
Russell, Ronald C  Pfc    Portsmouth , Va 
Vinson, Wayne  Pfc    Chesapeake , Va 
Kaplin, Robert S  Spec 4    Gig Harbor , Wa 
Lineberry, Donald G  Sgt    Olympia , Wa 
Reed, Melvin W  Pvt    Tacoma , Wa 
Wood, Lawrence A  Staff Sgt    Everett , Wa 
Schultz, Keith Mitchell  Pfc  19  Schofield , Wi 
Abrams, Mark Edward  Pfc    Rhodell , WV 
Gantzer, Kevin A  Sgt  22  Wheeling , WV 
Hileman, Thomas T  Pfc  Fairmont , WV 
Jordan, David A  Pvt 2  21  Winfield , WV 
Mollett, James Albert  Sgt  22  Kermit , WV 
Fitch, David  Spec 4    Washington 
Nartia, Joseph A  Sgt 1st Class    Tumon 
Gonzalez, Roberto  Pfc    Quebradilla 
Ocasio, Francisco Jr  Sgt    Juana Diaz 
I have received information that many of these men were buried in the cemetery that is part of the Shiloh Battlefield. Further information might be obtained by contacting the following:
Shiloh National Military Park
Information Bldg
Shiloh, TN 38376
Shiloh National Military Park
Savannah, TN 38372
Shiloh National Military Park
Headquarters Bldg
Shiloh, TN 38376

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