Steven C. Venneri
I am writing concerning one of the victims of the Gander Tragedy, Steven C. Venneri.

His hometown is not listed properly ... it was Gladstone Or. [Newspaper had it as Flagstone, Or. Thank you for this correction. nt]

I knew Steve in grade school and junior high school. He attended a different high school than I did because his father remarried just as he finished 8th grade and moved to nearby Gladstone.

Steve was a friendly and happy kid, best known at McLaughlin Junior High for his extraordinary soprano voice (that disappeared not-so-mysteriously one week in late 8th grade). He was a bit of a peace maker who looked out for his friends and was always respectful of everyone he encountered.

I didn't know him past age 14, so I cannot tell you much about the five years between them and his death ... other than I was shocked and horrified that such a bright, wonderful boy never really got a chance to be the fine man I know he would have become.

Thank you for your time in constructing this memorial website. I still remember ... and we all need to remember how our countries actions in this world come home to roost time and again.

Kathryn Adams

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