Todd Martice Jennings

Sgt Todd Martice Jennings was born in Yonkers, New York January 31, 1965 Yonkers General Hospital. He graduated from Yonkers High School June 1983. Was in the delayed entry program. He was a corpal in the R.O.T.C. The author of three poems: Lucifer Directive, A Love of my own, and If You Only Knew. He was buried in Arlington cemetary March 4th, 1986, Section 60. His survivors are his mother, three sisters, neices, nephews and a host of friends.

Todd's mother said: "My son was on that fatal flight. The site has him listed as a spec.4. Even though he was just 20 years old when the incident occured he was a Sgt."
Ms. Sydney Delores Jennings


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