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I included the information for those who are researching the people in the "Bend" area.
As you probably know, there are a few other cemeteries in the immediate area, the Jones Cemetery near Barkley Dam, and the old Yates Cemetery near the tracks in the woods.

I am convinced that there are literally dozens of unmarked graves, and many of the people in the list for Chestnut Oak have no markers. I know they are buried there from other members of my family and some of the older folks that lived in and around the Bend of the River.

My Great Uncle, Glenn Allen, dug a number of them in both Chestnut Oak, and Mt. Zion.. He even helped to dig the grave of my Father, Harold Hunter who was his nephew.

I have seen more than one very old photograph of women holding the small coffin of a child while standing in Chestnut Oak and Mt. Zion, which I figured out from the tombstones in the background of the photographs.
I even went to Chestnut Oak once with an enlarged copy of them and found what I am convinced is the place where they stood, to get an idea where the child might be buried.

Other unmarked graves in the cemeteries I were found through Death Certificates for Lyon County.
I am sure that I will find more as I continue my research, and will post updated information with new finds.

I have also been considering a project of my own, to erect a large marker in the old section of the cemetery with the names and dates of those known to be buried at Chestnut Oak, if anyone could figure out a way to fund such a project, please contact me. I agree that it is so important to contribute to this project that Ken and you are working on.
It is a way to remember those who may be forgotten as time passes.
Frank Hunter

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