Chestnut Oak Cemetery

(Partial Listing)

Grand Rivers Quadrangle
Turn off Highway 62 at Suwanee onto Highway 810, go to 3 mile marker, turn right on County Road,
travel a short distance to where the road forks bear to the left to the cemetery

Cemetery information and Photos submitted by Frank Hunter.

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These two photographs are views of the cemetery from the SW corner looking up hill toward the
newer section that was donated by A. J. and Ida Chandler Dycus. As you can see, there are a few
markers in the foreground, and the markers become more dense as you move toward the parking area.

All information from the personal research of Frank Hunter.

The Lyon County Cemetery book indicates that the land for the cemetery was donated by A. J. and Ida Dycus, but there are marked burials there that precede their marriage. Some death certificates for people buried there state that the cemetery was the Chandler family burying ground. Examination of the cemetery show that there is an old section beginning at a point furthest away from the current circular parking area that has few markers compared to the amount of graves there, and that the graves near the parking area are for the most part marked and much newer. Many of the markers were obviously erected some time after the burial in the newer section. My own research shows that there were many people of the "Bend of the River" area buried there without markers. This was confirmed by many older residents who remembered and were told as children of many other burials that have no permanent markers. I have been told that these graves were at one time marked by wooden markers or field stones. It would seem that this cemetery has considerably more graves than are listed in the census I submitted, and that it was in use during and some time prior to the Civil War for many of the residents of the "Bend of the River" area aside from the Chandler Family.
Frank Hunter

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