Caldwell Co. Elementary School
Princeton, Ky.
5th Grade Living & Learning Program Photos

First in the program were Native Americans portrayed by l-r Heather,
Lou and Jaime Chaudoin from Princeton, Ky.
They are of Hopi Indian descent.

William & Elizabeth (Ford) Prince were portrayed by
Ken and Peggy Gilkey of Newburgh, In. Ken is a
member of the Ohio Valley Chapter INSSAR, Evansville
and Peggy belongs to the Gen. John Caldwell Chapter
DAR in Pinceton, Ky. and SAR Ladies Auxillary

Gen. John Caldwell and wife Judith portrayed
by Spencer Brewer, Earlington, Ky. and
Jamica Greenwell of Morton's Gap, Ky.

Rev. Ken Cummins of Princeton, Ky. enjoys a snack
before getting dressed for his part in the program

Rev. Ken Cummins dressed as a
Frontiersman (Daniel Boone era)

Sacagawea (Saka-ga-wea), Shoshone Indian woman
who helped with the Lewis & Clark Expedition,
played by Laurie Moquin and Seaman played
by Soloman.
Laurie and Soloman are from Cadiz, Ky.

Seaman (Soloman) is ready to make his grand
entrance. The 5th Graders enjoyed seeing him.

l-r Meriwether Lewis played by a Jim Bryan,
Henderson, Ky. Jim is a Park Ranger and William Clark

Sacagawea (Laurie Moquin) tells the 5th graders
about her part in the Lewis & Clark Expedition
as Lewis & Clark and the Storyteller listen

Robert Ward of Princeton, Ky. who portrays
a Civil War soldier enjoys a moment before
his part in the program

l-r Miles Ward and Richard Byard
(Civil War soldiers) before the program begins

Zack Cummings before his portrayal of
a Civil War soldier

North & South during the Civil War meet before the eyes
of the 5th graders thanks to Robert Ward, Miles Ward,
Richard Byard and Zack Cummings

Linda Ward, of Princeton, Ky. relaxes before taking part in the program

Linda Ward as Miss Nannie Catlett, first and only woman school supertendent of Caldwell Co., Ky., also owner of the Princeton Twice-A-Week Leader Newspaper asked the narrator for the names of the nightriders that have just left

Mike Cherry, Ky. State Representative
spoke to the children, telling them we
are the Past but they are the Future

Gail Cherry, Princeton, Ky., Mayor and her husband
Mike Cherry, Ky. State Representative were
enjoying the program with some of the parents

Richard P'Pool who is the coordinator for the program
It was hard to catch him still long enough to get a picture

Not Pictured:

Night Riders were played by:
Dwight Meeks, Rick Morgan, Rick Williams,
Mike Stephenson, Charlie Stephenson

Jesse James portrayed by Jim Russell

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