Caldwell Co. Elementary School
Princeton, Ky.
5th Grade Living & Learning Program Photos

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5th Graders waiting for the program to begin
What a great group of kids !
They were very attentive and were well behaved.

Mugging for the camera

Meriwether Lewis has important news to share

Mike Cherry, Ky. State Rep.enjoying the program

l-r Ken Gilkey, Ky. State Rep. Mike Cherry, Peggy Gilkey

We think this is such a wonderful program for Caldwell Co., Ky. 5th graders.
It is a great deal of work for the principal, teachers and coordinators do this each year for them
They also have field trips to Caldwell's historic places and activities to make history more interesting
We always enjoy seeing the other re-enactors each year and a new group of children
We are honored to have been a part of it for the past three years.
Ken & Peggy Gilkey

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