John M. Emerson, Sr.

John M. Emerson, Sr. has spent many hours working on his family history and has always been
excited to share pictures or information that he has found or that which was shared with him.
I though it might be nice for people to see a picture and know a little bit about John.
Below is his story in his own words
Peggy Gilkey

John M. Emerson, Sr. Biography

I was born on August 06 1939, in Roseville, Mi.
Went to school in what is now East Pointe, Roseville, Mi.
I graduated from Roseville, High School June 1957, and enlisted in the United States Air Force.

Was discharged in 1961, and married Loretta Jean Morelett, in February 20 1965.
We had three children 1965, 1967, and 1970. all boys.

On May 01, 1982 we had our fourth son, and Loretta, had a heart attack, in child birth, and passed away November 27, 1982.

In November 1982 I found myself with out a wife or mother for my children,
My brother and his wife steped up and raised the new born child, from six months to ten years old.
My niece and nephew raised him from ten to eighteen years old.

My sister-in-law passed away December 1992.
Also in 1992 I elected to retire from A T & T rather than move, to a different city.

In this period at Mt. Clemens High School, a teacher was demanding students know thier
grandparents and great grandparents, with as many pictures as possible, in the 1980's.

I did not know who my grandparents, or thier mothers grandparents, or great grandparents were.

I asked for help, and got it, all four boys received A's on this assignment.
We were able to provide family trees>

Then, I looked for African Americans in Macomb County Michigan, starting at the Mt. Clemens Public Library,
I was rebuffed, upset, I went to the boss of the library the next day.
He took me past the in take desk to information they had and the rest is history.

Took pictures of all African American Churchs in Macomb County, with thier name and address, and put it on VCR tape, then DVD disk.
Also on VCR tape, pictures from the NAACP, NCNW and Interfaith Center For Racial Justice.

I am on the Macomb County Historic Commission, working on African Americans in Macomb County, when
we arrived, why some came back from Canada, after the Civil War, and why Romeo, Michigan, Clinton Township, Mi. and the old south, Why ?
I wrote to the Caldwell County Kentucky Genealogy Soc. They were great to me with information.

My brother passed away December 06, 1999, and I received my mothers album, most pictures had names on the back of them.

I also heard about Kentucky African Americans Griots, and the rest you know.
It all gave me the chance to put the information where it could be found by others searching for
information on their family

John M. Emerson, Sr.

Ky. African American Griots
Caldwell Co., Ky.
Historical Society
Mount Clemens Public Library

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