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Amoss Museum Report

The Amoss house will enterain 150 school students on September 8. Tammy Sanders is bringing the students to the Amoss House, Harmony Church and Millwood Cemetery to allow them to see and hear about the county's history and the importance of tobacco in that history. They will also visit the Rex and Theresa Cook farm and learn about the raising of tobacco. We are delighted to have them as guests. The house, however, has suffered some damage recently. When a new water monitoring system was attached by the water company at the street it caused water to be pumped into the house where the water had been cut off. A valve broke and water flooded the bathroom and walls. The floor absorbed the water as did the walls and both will have to be replaced. I will try to recover the cost from the water company.

I have had communication from Dr. David Amoss's grandson, Dudley Amoss, who presently lives in Seattle. Dr. David Amoss had a son Harold. Harold had two sons, Harold and Dudley. It is their intension to come to Princeton for the Night Rider tours and bring family memorabilia with them. They are excited about returning here after many years and seeing their family home. The plans for the two Night Rider tours are complete and the tickets are on sale at Adsmore and Service Plus for the Princeton tour. The Cobb Ride tickets will go on sale on September 18. Both rides should be excellent this year. I want to thank Jim Russell for his help in organizing the rides for the tour. I hope you will support both events.

Sam Koltinsky deserves our thanks for all the continuing work on our downtown. All but two buildings have had the wood removed from the upper windows and the difference is remarkable. The painting continues as does the need for funds. With the removal of the trees the beauty of the buildings has been revealed as has the need for further restoration. The placement of the street lights will begin after next week's Black Patch Festival and should be in place by the middle of October. We are looking forward to the completion of that project with great anticipation.

Gail Cherry
Chairperson Amoss Committee


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