Hollis Wade Carr
Born July 22, 1919
son of: Faynanda "Fay" and Eva Lena Calhoun Carr

Hollis served one tour of duty in the US Army
as a carpenter and member of clean up crew
in the invasion of the Marshall Islands and held
rank of Supply Sergeant.

Hollis was stationed at Ft. Benjamin Harris, Indiana.
Tour of duty includes the Eastern Seaboard and the Western Pacific Islands-Hawaii, Marshall and Marianna  

hollis wade carr, veteran, of world war II, was awarded the bronze star and eight other medals of honor for his participation in the invasion of japancese-held south pacific islands more than 58 years ago.

ceremony was held in cadiz with michael paper, u.s. rep. ed whitfield's assistant, in charge of presentation of honor awards to hollis in february 2002


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