Will of
William Turner (1801)
Charles County, Maryland

Wills:  Will of William Turner (1801): Charles County, Maryland

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In the name of God Amen. I William Turner of Charles County being weak in body but of perfect mind and memory thanks, be to God for the same and calling to mind the uncertainty of this transitory life and knowing that is is is appointed for all men will die make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following; Imprimies I command my soul into the hands of God who gave it to me hoping through the merits and mediations of my Savior and redeemer Jesus Christ to obtain the same again at the general resurrection and my Body to the earth to be buried in a decent and Christian form according to the discretion of my Executor therefore names.  I give and bequeath unto my son William the sum of Fifty Pounds current money, and one cow and calf, with an equal part of the residue of my personal estate. Item.   I give and bequeath unto my son Samuel all my part of a tract of land called
"Turner's Forest" containing one one hundred and sixteen acres, and my part of a tract of land called "Turners Addition" containing sixty one acres, both the said parcels ofland to him and his heirs forever, also my best feather bed and furniture.  Item  I give and bequeath the residue of my estate to be equally divided among my surviving children or their representative to them and their heirs forever.   Lastly I hereby nominate, constitute, appoint and accordingly my son William Turner executor of my last will and testament hereby utterly revoking, annulling and ----every former and other will and done and acknowledged that this is my last will and testament and with this said have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal. on the seventeenth day of December one thousand and Eight hundred and one.
Signed, sealed, published and declared to be the last will and testament of  William
Turner Junior of Charles County in the presence of
at the foot of the aforegoing will it is thus written in Charles County January 1802
then came William Turner executor of William Turner late of Charles County deceased and made oath on the Holy Evangly of Almighty God that the aforegoing instrument of writing is the true last will and testament of said decease that he made to his hand and that he knew of no other

Test.  Humphrey Barnes, Reb. of Wills. Charles co., January 2, 1802.
then came James Waters, Sr. John Kinnick and James Lyon, the three subscribing witnesses to the aforegoing will of William Turner, decd, and made oath on the Holy Evangels of Almighty God that they did see the testator therein named sign and seal this will, that at the time of his so doing he was to the best of their apprehensions of sound and disposing mind, memory and understanding and
that they respectively subscribed their names as witnesses to this will
in the presence of each other.
             Certified by Humphrey Barnes, Reg. of Wills.


         William Turner, son of Edward and Eleanor (Wilson) Turner, was born December 14, 1737, according to date upon a DAR paper. His birth presumably occurred in Charles county, although somehow it was not recorded in the register of Trinity parish.
      By the will of his father in 1773 he received a portion of "Turner's Forest" in Charles County and also several Negroes.
      He married his Cousin, Rhoda Dent, born November 4, 1744, in Charles County, the daughter of Hatch Dent and Anne, his wife.  the marriage occurred on July 1, 1764*
      William Turner named only two sons on his will, but referred to his "surviving children." the following children were taken from a DAR paper.
1. John Turner, born April 21, 1765
2, Wilson Turner, born May 1, 1766
3. Hezekiah Turner, born October 14, 1767
4. Anne Turner, born October 12, 1770 married Shelah Waters.
6. Eleanor Turner, born April 12, 1773
7. William Turner, Born May 1, 1775
8. Joseph Turner, born January 12, 1777
9. Catherine Turner, born May 21, 1779
10. Anne Turner, born September 13, 1781
11. Samuel Turner, Born September 18, 1784

    William Turner executed his last will and testament on November 17, 1801, in the presence of James Waters Sr., John Kinnick and James Lyon.  It was probated in Charles County on January 2, 1802
   The following is a complete abstract: (1) To son William ?50 and personalty.
To son Samuel a portion of "Turner's Forest: containing 116 acres and a portion of "Turner's Addition " of 61 acres.
Residuary estate to "Surviving children" unnamed.
Executor -- son William


   A fly leaf in a book stated that the name of the wife of Hatch Dement and the mother of Rhoda Dent who married William Turner, Was born Anne Chapman. *see,  "Charles County Gentry," by Newman, p. 65 (1) Charles County Wills, Liber Al no. 12, folio 37

     the last will and Testament of William Turner, of Charles county, Maryland, was dated 17 November 1801 and probated on January 2, 1802.
    The inventory and appraisement of his personal estate were made March 30, 1802, and filed by his executor, William Turner, on February 8, 1803.
     the valuation of his personalty amounted to ?388/14/-, plus the following:
Cash found in the house.........?10-/3/11
Received from John Forges....   1/16/9
Crop of tobacco 1st quality......  16/5/6.
Crop of tobacco 2nd quality.......8/12/6
Crop of tobacco 2nd quality.......2//19/-
Received from Negro Jenney.....1/-/-
Received from Zephaniah Waters..6
Total assets?434//18/11.
     Among the personalty were four Negro slaves; wearing apparel of the deceased 4; 3 beds and furniture: 1 gold ring $5.00; 2 Prayer books; 1 bible; 1 book of Meditation; and other old books.
Ref: Charles co., Inventories, Liber 1797-1802, folio 471, Hall of Records, Annapolis,Maryland.
A second inventory was made on July 1, 1802, with an appraisement of $53.18
Ref: Charles Co., Inventories, Liber 1719-1892, folio 526 Hall of Records, Annapolis
    The first and final account was filed at the Orphans Court for Charles county on January 8, 1803, by William turner, the executor.
After all fees and indebtedness were paid, a balance of ?394/8/8 remained for the unnamed heirs, pe r"Balance to be disposed of agreeably to the Deceased's will."
Peter Dent and Samuel Waters were sureties for the Executor, William Turner.
Ref: Charles Co. administration Accounts, Liber 1978-1806, folio 268, Hall of Records, Annapolis.
      At a  court held in Charles county, Maryland, on January 10, 1803, the following was recorded, which proved that a Daughter of William Turner married Shelah Waters.
                 Charles County January 10th 1803. Then recd of William Turner Executor of William Turner of Edward late of County aforesaid deceased, the sum of Forty seven pounds five shillings and six pence five fourteenth it being in full my proportion of said decd Estate willed me by decd. Given under my hand the day and year above written.
Test:  Edward turner
St.                                                          (Signed)
Shelah Waters
Ref: Charles co. Court Proceedings. Liber 1803-1806, folio 219, Hall of
Records, Annapolis
    At the same session of the Orphans Court receipts of the following were likewise given to William Turner, the executor:
19 November 1802......John Turner
19 November...............Wilson Turner
10 January 1803..........Hezekiah Turner
Young Kent, Text by Harry Wright Newman

List of children on my family page is according to these records.
Copied from an old record found in Lebanon, Md., at home of Aquilla
Turner November 12, 1909

James Turner,   Father of William Turner
William Turner, father of Samuel Turner
Samuel Turner, father of Henry Turner
W. W. Turner,   father of D. E. Turner
D. E. Turner, father of Fred Henry Turner

Seven generations
Ancestors on the Dent line; Hatch Dent, Sr., Father of Rhoda Dent who married William Turner.
Annie Dent who married Samuel Turner was the mother of Henry Turner.
Rhoda Dent and Anne Dent were of different families
Rhoda Dent was daughter of Hatch Dent and Anne,family not known. (now year. 2000 known to be Anne Chapman)
Rhoda Dent had sister, Anne Dent, who married Thomas Swan, Jan 11, 1757/8
I think the above is correct. Statesville, N. C.  October 25, 1922 W. W. Turner
Photo by J. P. Turner, M.D. for W. W. Turner, 10-27-22
Source: Charles Co. Gentry,

William Turner, B. 14 Dec 1737; D; ca 1801; B 1 Jul 1764 D/O Hatch Dent and Anne (?Chapman (FH); he inherited St. Vincent of 50 acres in Charles co., slave and child's part of estate from will of his
father; Willian and Rhoda wit. will of Margaret Montgomery in Charles Co. in 1773 (MCW XVI.35)
Children from Trinity Parish and DAR papers (FH): (on his fathers page Edward Turner is states
that he got Turners Forest and that his brother  Samuel got St. Vincent properties)
do not know which is really right????)
List of children and dates are from page 189 of early Families of Southern Maryland, Volume VII
John Turner, B. 13 Apr 1765 Trinity parish; D. 24 Oct 1838
Following children from family history:
Wilson Turner, B. 1 May 1766; B Mary ___; Dau  Chloe m. rowan Co., NC.
Hezekiah Turner, B. 23 Oct 1767; he may have ml. 31 Dec. 1794 Eleanor Turner
Edward Turner, B. 10 Mar 1769
Anna Turner, B. 12 Oct 1770; m Shelah Waters
Eleanor Turner B. 12 Apr 1773
William Turner, B. 1 may 1775; inherited 50 and personalty from will of his father; he was ex. of the
state (SS Wills AL#12/37 HWN)
Joseph Turner, B. 12 Jan 1777
Catherine Turner B. 31 May 1781
Annie Turner B. 13 Sep 1782
Samuel Turner, B. 18 Sep 1784; inherited 116 acres to Turner's Forest and 61 acres of Turner's Addition (SS Wills AL#12.37 HWN)
Records showing the settlement of this estate which mentions, John, Wilson, and Hezekiah Turner as well as Shelah Waters who married a D/O William can be found in the Archives of Maryland in Annapolis

Maryland patriots during Revolution

    I do sware I do not hold myself bound to yield any Allegiance or obedience to the King Of Great Britain his heirs or Successors and that I will be true and faithful to the State of maryland and will to the utmost of my power support maintain and defend the Freedom and independence thereof and the Government as now established against all open enemies and secret and traterous Conspiraces and will use my utmost to disclose and make known to the Governor or some one of the Judges or Justices thereof all Tresasons or Treaterous Consperaces attempts or Combinations against this State or the Government therof which may come to my knowledge. So Help me God.

(signed) Hatch Dent*

(sighed) William Turner*

I do hereby certify that the above is a true and correct abstract from The original Oaths of  Allegiance taken in Charles County, state of maryland, in or about March 1778, and recorded in Charles County Court Records, Liber X, floioas 1641 -651, a copy of which appears in Hodges'Unpulbished maryland Records, DAR Library, Washington, and the original documents at the hall of Records, Annapolis.

(Signed) Harry Wright Newman, Genealogist.

*Hatch Dent subscribed to the Oath before Magistrate John Parnham.
* William Turner subscribed to the Oath before Magistrate Joshua Sanders, of Newport Towne

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©  Phyllis Turner
Pendleton, SC  29670

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