BURNETT, Henry - C.S.A.
October 1925

Body Moved After Being Buried 59 Years
Remains of Henry C. Burnett To Rest By Side Of Wife Who Died Recently Body Moved On Anniversary of Burial From Old To New Cemetery In Cadiz After resting in the tomb in what is known as the old cemetery in Cadiz for fifty - nine years, the body of Henry C. Burnett, distinguished statesman and lawyer, gallant Confederate soldier and a Confederate Senator, was moved Tuesday, the day being the fifty ninth anniversary of his burial, to East End Cemetery and there buried by the side of the wife, who died a month ago in Paducah at the age of ninety-five past.

The metal casket in which the body was buried was in a perfect state of preservation, and the metal place containing the name and date of birth and death, was also perfect and the inscription was easily read.

The two living children, Mr. Moscoe Burnett, of Paducah, and Mrs. W. B. Pace, of Louisville, had the body moved, and it was done under the direction of the local undertaker, Mr. T. H. Fuqua, and Ben T. White, a nephew.

Judge Henry Burnett, who died in Louisville three years ago, was the oldest son.
The body of a little son, who died some years before the father, was also moved to East End Cemetery.
Mr. Burnett died early on the morning of September 28, 1855.
Mr. Burnett was a member of Congress when the war between the states broke out. He resigned his seat in Congress and entered the Confederate service.

After the war's close he returned to Cadiz and entered the active practice of law. During the cholera epidemic of 1866 he was returning to Cadiz from Hopkinsville, where he had attended court. He was stricken on the road and was taken to the John R. Green home, six miles west of Hopkinsville where he died some hours later.

He was only forty one years of age at the time of his death.