Cadiz Grade School was a school alone from 1938 when Cadiz High School and the 7th and 8th grades were consolidated with the Trigg County Schools, until 1962 when it was discontinued to join the Trigg County Elementary School.

After World War II more and more school buses were bought to travel more Trigg County roads, so gradually the one and two room schools were consolidated with the Cadiz Grade School.

At first there were five Teachers and a Principal to teach the first six grades. In 1961-62 (which was its last year) there were twenty class room teachers, a music teacher, and a Principal. Some teachers who taught many years in this school were: Grace Hall, Hilda Bndges, Louise Sumner Thomas, Lucille L. Wilson, Vera Sullivan, and others. There were about seventy-five different teachers in this school.

The Principals were: Byron F. Pennebaker, 0. L. Adams, James Lynch, and Fannie Wallace.

When all the Cadiz High School space was used for classrooms an addition was added to each end of the building. After the auditorium was divided into classrooms the Baptists let the school use the Cadiz Baptist Church (which was next door) for assemblies. The one-room frame building, in back, that had been used as the Music Room, was also taken for a regular classroom. When more classrooms were needed the Baptists again came to the rescue and permitted them the use of their Sunday School rooms.

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