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By JUDY MAUPIN *- Echoes From the Past
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Calloway County, Ky.

The Lee Family Continues

May 2, 1981
This week I am going to continue the history of the Lee family, as written by Edward Lee.

"Judy (Dwire) Lee came to Kentucky with her husband David Lee sometime between 1815-1820. It is not known for sure if they came from Tennessee or some other of the Southeastern Atlantic states. Opal Miller Smith of Nashville, has a record showing that her maiden name was Dwire. The 1850 census records show that she was 60 years old in 1850, and that she was born in Virginia. This date, and her age in 1850 would tell us that she was born in Virginia in 1789 or 1790.

At the time of the Census in 1850, Judy Lee was living with George W. Lee (her son) and his wife Lucy (Barnett) Lee. They lived on the farm that is now owned by Edward Lee (son of Willie Lee).

Tracing that farm back as far as it is possible to trace it, the record shows the following: Ed Lee, Clarence McDaniel, Claude Parrish, John David and Wash Parrish, Polly Lee (David Lee's daughter), George W. Lee (David Lee's son).

It was deeded to George W. Lee by Johnathan and Matilda Lee (David Lee's children) at their undivided quarter section of the David Lee (deceased) estate. Judy Lee (David's wife) was living on the place at the time it was sold to George W. Lee. Matilda was not married at the time. She later married Thomas Thorn December 13, 1848 in Marshall County. The land was sold to George for $100 (160 acres), on June 30, 1845.

Records from Uncle Emp Parrish's old Bible say that Judy Lee died on September 22, 1851. As far as I know this is a correct date for her death. There is a vague possibility that she may be buried in the Palestine Cemetery. Some old-timers say she was and others say she was buried along with her husband David in the little graveyard near the Kenlake Hotel on Kentucky Lake.

David Lee was born in North Carolina (or Virginia) about 1778, died Feb. 11, 1832. Judith Dwire Lee was born in Virginia 1779-1780, died September 22, 1851.

Their children were: George W. Lee, born in Tennessee 1810, died 1857. Lucy Barnett Lee, his wife was born 1811, died 1894. They were married May 7, 1828; buried at Palestine Cemetery. They had one daughter Mary Jane Lee, who married James Mack Parrish April 6, 1843.

Jonathan Lee was born in Tennessee July, 1812k died February 1876. His son by his first marriage: Jasper Marion Lee, born 1833; married Mary Mathis Aug. 11, 1853 and moved to Missouri. Jonathan Lee's second marriage was to Mary Kennady Aug. 28, 1836. Children: Frances Lee, born 1837, married a Pierce. George W. Lee, born 1839, married Rachel Hale Jan. 21, 1864 and moved to Oklahoma. He served in the Civil War on the southern side. Lucinda Lee, born 1841, married Joe Lovett.

Jonathan Lee's third marriage was to Sarah Hill McDaniel, widow of Rhode McDamel. She had two children: Mary Alvensine McDaniel, born 1841, married Bill MarcUs; and James T. McDaniel, born 1843, died 1916. He married Lydia Oakley, born 1848, died 1928. James was a Civil War veteran, on the southern side.

Jonathan and Sarah Hill had six children. Levi, 1847-1933, married Ellen Johnston (1856-1923) on Jan. 11, 1872. William F. Lee, 1849-1933, married Nancy Jones (1850-1923) on Jan. 24, 1877. John N. Lee, 1851-1936, married Mahala Wyatt (1862-1927) on December 18, 1883. David P. Lee, 1853-1919. He married (1) Martha Lassiter (1855-1880), and (2) Alice Nelson, 1866-1949. Andrew B. Lee, 1856-1939, married Lidia Robb, 1852- 1926. Ellen Lee, 1864-1953, married Decatur Beasley (1862-1925) on Sept. 27,1883."

Next week, we will conclude the Lee family history, this time without an interruption. Possibly I should explain that while trying to intercept a family argument between our German Shepherd and Brandy, our cat,' I was badly bitten in my typing hand, which accounted for my not having a column for the last two weeks. I learn _ Mother cats are extremely protective of their young and don't like to 'have them stepped on by clumsy pups. I also found out that is is better to let the above-mentioned animals settle their own problems. -

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