Echoes From The Past

By JUDY MAUPIN *- Echoes From the Past
(A Column of historical and genealogical anecdotes, stories and family notes.)
Calloway County, Ky.

Nathan and Charity Futrell Continued
John Futrell and family and Winborn Futrell and family migrated to the land between the rivers soon after Nathan Futrell left Donaldson Creek. John Futrell settled a few miles north of Nathan Futrell near Pleasant Hill Church. He was a member of Pleasant Hill Church, an outstanding citizen, took interest in civic activities, and reared a large family. He was a farmer all his life. He died at his home in 1873, aged 93 years old.

Winborn Futrell also settled near Pleasant Hill Church, not far from the place where John Futrell settled. He was a charter member of Pleasant Hill church, which was organized in 1842. He was active in all church and community affairs and served in the War of 1812 under Captain Williams' Company, Kentucky Militia as a private. According to Perrin's historical accounts, Winborn Futrell was with General Jackson during the Battle of New Orleans.

Winborn Futrell reared a large family and died at his home in 1860, aged 69 years. The United States Government gave a bronze plaque to Roger Futrell; this plaque has been placed in the Futrell Memorial at East End Cemetery, Cadiz, Kentucky.

The plaque reads:

"Winborne Futrell, Kentucky Private, Captain Williams' Company, Kentucky Militia, born 1791, died 1860."

Hansel Futrell married Jane Rogers. He moved from Donaldson Creek to Dry Creek, near where Linton, Kentucky, is today. He was the father of five sons and about 1850 he owned a large farm and several slaves. He died about 1860. -

William Shadrach Futrell and his wife Sarah Lassiter Futrell died In 1816, soon after settling on Donaldson Creek. They were buried on their farmS near their home. Only two of the Futrells who came from North Carolina in 1799 remained on Donaldson Creek. They were farmers and lived there until their deaths.

The descendants of this brave pioneer family are scattered far and wide, from the Atlantic ocean to the Pacific, and from Canada to Mexico. These descendants owe a great debt to their ancestors who braved the perils of the long journey westward and spent their lives establishing homes, farms, churches, schools and roads that have added so much to our lives.

This great number of descendants are engaged in all types of industry, farming, mechanical, factory, office work, teachers, doctors, lawyers, ministers and many other walks of life.

May we always strive to uphold their ideals of home, family, and government, no matter where we live or work."

Written by Hazel Shaw, great great granddaughter of Nathan and Charity Futrell.

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