Echoes From The Past

By JUDY MAUPIN *- Echoes From the Past
(A Column of historical and genealogical anecdotes, stories and family notes.)
Calloway County, Ky.

Fort Campbell Burials
February 28, 1981
When I was compiling cemetery records in Trigg County, I was surprised at the number of very old burials which had been affected by the impounding of land for the military reservation at Fort Campbell. Since so many of the names are familiar to me and could possibly provide leads to individuals working on family histories, and since the records are not easily accessible, I decided today to list the very oldest burials on the reservations. These are not just in Trigg County, but also in Christian County, Kentucky, and Montgomery and Stewart County, Tennessee.

If these names ring a bell with any reader, I may be able to give more details, as to exact dates of birth and death, which cemetery they are in, and where the cemetery is located. Some of these graves were relocated and some were not.

Holt Thacker, 1784-1857
Mahala Thacker, 1784-1860
Samuel Elam, 1752-1853.
Abraham Hester, 1789-1838.
William R. Thweatt, 1793-1865.
Jesse Gilbert, 1787-1851.
Mary Gilbert, 1789-1877.
Joseph Shemwell, 1783-1838.
Mariam Shemwell, 1788-1858.
Col. Edmund Taylor, 1763-1826.
Betsey Taylor, 1766-1833.
Wiley Smith, 1798-1872.
Sarah Dycus, 1796-1871.
Nancy H. Kendrick, 1798-1868.
Elizabeth Kendrick, 1777-1862.
Mason Stamper, 1798-1847.
Thomas H.O'Neal, 1781-1874.
Priscilla O'Neal, 1791-1870.
I. J. Ana Jordan, 1782-1846.
Alex Brodie, 1794-1865.
John Caudle, 1780-1856.
Delilah Caudle, 1788-1851.
James Clardy, 1786-1846.
Henrietta Clardy, 1794-1867
. Mary Shelby, 1794-1854.
Eliza S. Mallory, 1797-1875.
William Mallory, 1791-1874.
Lucinda Mallory, 1793-1844.
Zilpah Trice, 1794-1860.
James Trice, 1787-1852.
Loriana H. Mallory, 1772-1846.
Stephen Mallory, 1766-1836.
Thomas Thomas, 1784-1819.
Celia Anderson, 1774-1877.
Dr. Kindal Davie, 1798-1831.
Armistead Rogers, 1795-1847.
Thomas Rives, 1790-1870.
Mary B. Rives, 1796-1886.
Sarah B. Pool, 1794-1870.
Nicholas M. Edwards, 1797-1854.
William Davie, 1791-1866.
John Brame, 1781-1819.
Little Brame, 1783-1866.
John Flemming, 1793 1l876.
John Poindexter, 1793-1877.
Elizabeth Poindexter, 1796-1877.
D. C. Wooten,1789-1869.
Frances Wooten, 1795-1864.
D.W. Parrish, 1789-1876.
Mrs. L. T. Parris, 1797-1835
. Mildred Gilmor, 1753. 1826.
Sarah Hunt, 1776-1817.
Nicholas M. Gilmer, 1776-1860
. Penelope Clark, 1759-1824.
Joshua R. Killebrew, 1797-1858
. Daniel Frazer,1776-1854.
Martha Frazer, 1779-1846.
Sarah Edwards, 1783-1853.
Sarah Johnson, 1768-1857.
Charles Johnson, 1779-1850.
Rebecca R. Mills, 1797-1860.
James A. Hancock, 1799-1868.
Abram Long, 1796-1867.
Elizabeth Ransogi,. 1799-1868.
Len H. Johnson, 1797-1873.
James Kendrick, 1801-1847.
Mary W. Johnson, 1803-1841.
Robert Hester, 1805-1854.
Robert Rives, 1803-1885.
William Trahern, 1807-1875.
Arthur Bryant, 1809-1892.
Edward A. Harris, 1807-1867.
Mitchell Tyler, 1804-1881.
James Brodie, 1803-1883.
Mary Brodie, 1802- 1869.
Jane Walker, 1800-1890.
Michael Hartman, 1806-1878.
William Vaughan, 1800-1869
. N.S. Sawyer, 1803-1874.
Elizabeth C. Clardy, 1804-1898
. William P. Hopkins, 1801-1875.
Sarah Rees, 1809- 1889.
Samuel Hester, 1804-1864.
John Scott, 1808-1886.
Tarrus Taylor, 1806-1896.
S.T. Sheppard, 1806-1897.
Reuben M. Smith, 1802-1850.
Sarah C Gold, 1800-1843.
Elizabeth Henry, wife of General Patrick Henry, 1805-1838.
Henry C.Taylor, 1802-1834.
Mary A. Wilkins,1807-1829.

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