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By JUDY MAUPIN *- Echoes From the Past
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Calloway County, Ky.

History of Brown's Grove Concluded

October 24, 1981
This is the last of the history of Brown's Grove as written by Billy Singleton and sent to me by Mr. Taz Rogers. I have had many comments on this short history. If other readers have similar writings that they think will be of general interest, I will be glad to include them.

"E. W. Howard, Miller. One, of the principal enterprises of Brown's Grove is the milling concern of Mr. E. W. Howard. He is also one of the prominent farmers of this community. This mill is operated with a 10-horse power gasoline engine, and the work done consists of corn grinding, crushing corn in the ear, manufacturing meal, Graham flour, all of which is equal to, if not superior, to the work done by larger mills. This business was established in 1907, and the capacity of the mill is now taxed to its utmost in order to keep up with the demands of its many customers.

"Mr. Howard was born in Graves County August 14, 1866, and is the son of Wm. H. and Mrs. Emily B. Howard, deceased, who raised a family of 13 children - seven boys and, six girls. Their parents were members of the Christian church. Every child is a member of the Christian church and every one of the 13 have married members of the same church.

"Until 17 years of age he remained on the farm, after which he threshed wheat and followed the carpenter's trade until 1893, when he was married and returned to the farm. His wife, before marriage, was Miss Susie Ol4ham, whom he marriei Jan.. Z2, 1893. They have three children - Clara G., Mary E. and Nelle C. Luco Wren, a boy, died at an early age.

"Mrs. Howard is one ot the most industrious women of the county. She looks after several fine cows, and markets, on the average, 3500 pounds of butter each year. This amount, however, is not furnished altogether by their cows. The neighbors furnished a part of it, which she in turn transfers to market. Such women as Mrs. Howard are helpmeets who really help.

"Smith & Singleton, Blacksmiths and Mifiers. Here is located the firm of Smith & Singleton, who understand everything connected with the work, and when a job leaves their place you can just bet your bottom dollar that the job is done right. They have machinery for doing everything desired; they are horseshoers and mechanics, and do all kinds of wood work, painting, automobile repairing, etc. besides operating a mill. From the numerous tools on band, this place resembles a foundry more than it does a blacksmith shop. Messers Smith & Singleton are not only experts in their line, but are clever, high-toned, honorable gentlemen. "L.V. Chariton, Merchant. The above named gentlemen established business at Brown's Grove in March of the present year (1912). The stock carried consists of dry goods, groceries, confections, etc. and Brown's oncluded is neatly displayed in a frame building which measures 20 x 40 feet.

"Mr. Chariton was born in Graves County June 1, 1885, and is a son of E.N. and Mrs. Jane Chariton, both living. About five years ago he was married to Miss Ruby Turn-bow, who died in June, 1911. Mr. Chariton is a young man, full of energy and progressiveness and deserves a share of the peoples' patronage. He will give you good values, honest weights and low prices. The stock has been well selected and was bought at unusually close prices. Mr. Charlton is polite and courteous to all who enter his store and makes everyone who calls feel at home.

"Brown's Grove is connected with the outside world by three splendid telephone companies. "The streets of Brown's Grove have recently been graveled and put in first-class condition.The people of this section are enterprising and believe in doing things. "Let everybody boost Brown's Grove and we'll hold our reputation as being the best business point anywhere."

It is plain to see that Mr. Singleton was an enthusiastic citizen of his community. It's a shame that more people have not composed similar descriptions fo their home towns. They were undoubtedly well-received at the time, but now that some sixty years have passed, they become items of historical interest.

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