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By JUDY MAUPIN *- Echoes From the Past
(A Column of historical and genealogical anecdotes, stories and family notes.)
Calloway County, Ky.

The Brown Family

September 6, 1980
A few weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised by a visit from two ladies who had come from Ponca City, Oklahoma. They were combining a short vacation with a little genealogical research, trying to find more information on the Brown family. Although I wasn't of much direct help, I did manage to steer them in a couple of directions. Yesterday. I received a very nice letter from one of the women, Paula K. Denson, of 62 Sunny Lane, Ponca City, OK (74601), who suggested that possibly readers of this column might be able to help her. She says:

"Just a note to thank you for taking the time to help me and my mother, Mrs. Carmack. You certainly made our trip more enjoyable. I visited the Trigg County Courthouse after visiting you and found quite a lot about Beverly Brown.

"I already knew that Beverly Brown married Elizabeth Reeder on February 20, 1846. ThIs was either him or his son, although I do 'not know which. Beverly Brown lived in Pope County, Illinois by 1848 or 1849, and I have just found him on the 1850 Arkansas census for Pulaski county.

"In 1850, White County, illinois, Beverly Brown, age 25, was living with John Pattrick and Margaret A. Pat-trick. I am wondering if Margaret A. was his sister. "Along with Beverly Brown in Trigg County, I found him connected with Hardin Brown and James Brown, of Richmond, Virginia.

"On the Denson line, I found that Allan Barnes married Eliza A. Denson on May 14,1849. She must have been an older daughter of James and Permella (Emily) Brown Denson. A brother, John Beverly Benson, married a Naomi Jane Barnes in illinois. There must be a connection.

"We had only a little time, but went to Lyon County Courthouse and I found a will for J.E. Denson, who is the one buried in the Pinnegar Cemetery, in 1888. He mentioned a brother Thomas, who is also buried there; a sister (deceased) Elizabeth Young; a brother John, who had sons Elbert and James.

This J.E. Denson was married to Mrs. ElLza Elliott, and mentions his son James R. Elliott, who received his land after his death. He also left his gun to Alfred Nickell. "When I checked marriages I found between Jan. 5 and Jan. 15, 1863 that Thomas Denson and Rhoda Carlew took out a marriage license, but it was not returned. In the Pinegar cemetery where Thomas is buried, it also lists Rhoda Carlew, 1811-1893. Maybe they did not get married after all!!!

"When I got to Knoxville, I checked the court records for Stewart County, TN and there I found the Densons - and Beverly Brown, in the 1820 census. From what I could make out, Jesse Denson caine to Stewart County and was sheriff about 1808. John Denson was also listed, as well as Nathaniel and Silus. I feel sure that these have some connection with the James Den-son of Trigg County. James' father was supposed to be John Denson and mother Esther. I can find Esther nowhere, only Francis E. Denson, married to a John Denson from Nash County, North Carolina, or Edgecombe County, North Carolina.

"I really need to know who these people were and where they went. I think they scattered through Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky and Arkansas. I certainly would love to pin them down."

Can anyone help Mrs. Denson with her query? She was also interested in the history of the little town of Car-mack, in Lyon County, in what is now Land Between the Lakes. This was her maiden name, and she believes there is a connection with her family.

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