It is with great pleasure that I open the pages of the journal of my great great great grandfather JOHN MABRY who was an early settler of Christian and Trigg County, Kentucky.

These small inscriptions are very hard to read and sometimes no more than a sentence yet recorded by Mr. John Mabry.

John Mabry Book 1833 - Price $1.00 at Cadiz - March 6, 1833.

I give this Book to Francis Allen Mabry - 1834.

Jesse Mabry --- to Orleans 25th Jan'y 1834 and returned the 3rd of March 1834. He died the 17th of March 1834 about 3 o'clock in the morning -- his wife Susan Died April 3d, 1834.

Henry A. Oliver died June the 16th, 1848.

I was Born on Sunday April 10th, 1764 - and am Now this (Sunday) 8th day of April 1838 74 years old.

My Grand Father Francis Mabry on Died on friday April 8th, 1774. My Mother died in October 1800.

John Mabry Senior died the afternoon of April the 7th 1845 about 4 o'clock.

John Mabry died November the 12th 1849.

Benjamin F. Mitchel was bornd on the third of January 1837.

William H. Hindrick died August 18th 1845 at 4 o'clock.

200 acres 3. rate Land on Little River on which I Now Live Entere.d Janury and patented to my wife.
200 acres 2d Rate Land (Beach Bottom?) Enter.d A. Boyd Surveyd and patented to myself on Little River. 400.00
200 acres - Rate on little River Entere.d John Dunklebarger Survey'd & patented to myself 100.00
200 acres 2d Rate Enterd David Young (Rilly's/Billy's Creek) - Surveys and patented to myself (hickory cabbin. 400.00
200 Acres - 3rd Rate Enterd and Surveyd & patented to myself on both sides of Little River 100.00
50 Acres - 3rd Rate Enterd and Surveyd and patented to myself on Mabi-- Creek. 100.00
120 Acres 3d Rate Enterd and Surveyed and patented to myself on Little River. 120.00
12 Acres 2d Rate Entered C. Jariett? Surveyd and patented to myself on Little River 36.00
335 Acres 3d rate on Sugar Creek, Livingston County waters of Cumberland River Surveyd to myself, patented by the register of the land office. 100.00
125 Acres - 5th Rate, Enterd , Surveyd and patented to myself on Ramsey's Creek - Waters of Cumberland 65.00
60 Acres - 3rd Rate for Patsy Mabry - Mabry's Creek 30.00
Valued to $2186 By Mr. Millar in 1834. To whom I give in 4 horses,? 13 head of Cattle valued to $2877 by Sheriff Humphries, Comm. in 1855.
To Mr. Cook in 1843 ------
To Mr. Ellis 1844 5 horse and 10 head cattle
To Mr. Ellis 1663 --- of land --- 10 cattle in 1844 -- given 21st May
1823 - May 12th. I took the Administration of the Estate of Jesse Mabry Dec.d. Solomon W. Barnes and Joseph Bounds - My Securities. Bond $200 Dollars.

19th Rec'd of Thos. Wadlington $6 Dollars on --- and paid him 4 Dollars for Jesse Mabry and took up his note no. for the above mentioned. Note was given by Jesse Mabry to said Wadlington for the --- of a mare + 4 dollars. He still owes us a Ballance of 2 Dollars and 75 cents for the apples we we let him have. -- "pd".

June 9th paid to James Wllace $1.25 for Bands for Carts.

July 16th - Received of Dabney Cunningham $2.00 for Surveying -- 1. Dec.

St--- up a $20 Note from May 2 - William Lander the 22d of July 1834. There have Died 34 persons of the Cholera in Princeton to this date in Betwixt the 21st & 26th of July 1834, Miles Kennedy, his Father and mother all 3 died. Rob Kennedy and his wife are both and cana---.

August 5th paid to W. Cox at Canton $4.37 1/2 cents for 7 Bushels of salt. Wm C. Baker Died August 5th and Wm Battoe the 8th abt 10 o'clock in the evening.

August 30th Settled with Jim McWaters and after settling all to this date and after leting one keep an ax I had borrowed of him; he owes me 4 dollars for surveying . - "Son paid in salt"

Oct 14th - I rec'd of Waymond Casow? $7 - and a note $30 my private account not settled. "Settled March 7, 1835.

29th - brought from Mr. Cox 329 lb of Salt

1835 - Jan 7 - John Hanberry - Malachi Creekmore, Edward M--- myself laid off - William Ethridge's Dower . She paid me $3. Paid Poston and Scott $3.47 - receipt - paid Cr-- and Wilkinson $1.70.

Jany 20th - I give Mr Mayes a Note for $7.50 Due April Next - $2.50 of note is for his acting as attorney for Jesse Mabry Dec.d.

March 30th - Mr. Martin set in to work with us at 8 Dollars per month.

1835 April 5th - Rec'd of Joseph Bounds 3.25 on Note No. 15 as a Credit to the estate of Jesse Mabry Dec'd.

1835 April 18th - Recd of Blake Baker on Note No. 9 - $9.12 1/2.

1835 July 18th - Recd of David d. Mitchell $3.37 1/2 on his Note No. 14.

1835 - August 31 - Recd of Isaac Wright $10.

1835 -- 25 - Recd of Rebecca Mitchell $2.50

1835 - Oct 22 - Rec'd of John H. Priscott 3.00

Thomas C. Kilikin died August the 17th 1861.

1836 - Jany 5th - Survey'd 18 acres of Land for Jos. Hobert to be Conveyd to Isaac Mabry. Isaac and me settled all our a/c to the date -- we are even.

1836 - Feb 2d - I deposited int he hands of Blake Baker a note for $12.83 on James Cooke. John H. Precott his securty - (No. 10).

-- 11th - finished gathering corn - abt 15 Cart Loads in -- River field.

1836 - Apr 1 - Mr. Edwin Noel owes me $2. for Surveying.

Apr 1st - William Vinson $3. for Surveying -- pd.

Apr 28th - Began to plant Corn in the orchard.

June 1st We planted y---- Below the orchard.

June 23d Rec'd Sar--- Grasty $12.50.

July 25th - A good Rain and 22d finished plowing.

1836 - July - Anthony Gatewood owes me for Surveying $6.00.
Edwin Noel Jun. - paid 1.40.
J. J. Dyer, Reubin Linn and John O --- paid $4.00.
Joseph Bounds and Allen started to --- August 11th 1836 and returned the 28th.

March 4, 1837 - I bought of John Hill at Cadiz 20# of Coffee for $4.0. I left $2.50 with Mr. Carson for W. S. Williamson it being for the Milemal Harbinger for 1837 and the preachers companion.

Apr 20th - Begun to plant corn in the field next to the River.

May 2nd - Planted Cotton = 3rd - began to plant Corn in the orchard. - 5th - planted sweet potatoes.

Rec'd 8th of May - 25lb of Coffee of Mr. Carson $5.00. and a Bottle of Spirits of Turpentine

15th - planted on the sillside below the orchard.

Began planting the Bottom part -- 20th Rec'd of Edward Thompson $36.00 Dollars of my pension - Same day paid Baker Carson $5.88.

June 9th - Began to plant the New Ground Cornn - 17th got 25# Coffee at Cadiz at 20. cts.

July 1st - a great Rain - 3d Rec'd of Anthony Gatewood $2.00

James Mitchell set in to work with for 12 months from the first day of Jan'y 1837 for one fourth of the old ground corn and half The New ground corn. He quit work the 20th Oct. he argued to give him part of the New ground Corn for the loss of time, which is more than two month. - he helped us to Clear 6 acres of New Ground and from the best calculation it would make about 20 Barrells. -- We gathered Nov and Dec. and got but 2 cart Loads. - - -

Nov 30 - I rec'd Edward Thompson $10 of my pension. - $26.00 still due -- Same date Recd of Frazer 25# of Sugar at 12 1/2 cents # - of Mr. Fisher 15 # of Coffee at .20. I rec'd of Edward Thomas the above $26.00 Dec 11, 1837.

Dec 30th - I let John Mabry have 4 Dollars in (spice?) Jan'y 6th, 1838 - I let him have 6 Bushels of Apples - $3.00

Jan'y 12, 1838 - Rec'd of W. Miller at Cadiz 30# of Coffee at .20 # - 30# Sugar at 12 1/2 # = $9.75.

March 6th - Rec'd of A.B. Dyer 50 # of Coffee at $2.00 - 50# of Sugar - $5.50 = $14.50 for which I am to pay to Benjamin Mitchell. I paid Benjamin Mitchell $5.00.

March 12th, 1838 at Cadiz (County Court) I settled with Mr. Thomas Merrick in full of all our accounts, me for whiskey, tob. and me for him for Surveying, ploting . We are now even. I also remited my acct vs Mr. Wade for $4.00. I got from Mr. Merrick some tob. seec same time.

April 11th - Rec'd of I. E. (?) Thompson $10.00. I let Benja. Mitchell have said $10 same day., - it being what I owed for sugar and coffee above mentioned.

April 28th - John Mabry June 2. - gave me a mortgage on his personal estate (acknowledged in the clerks office same day) and his Notes for 206 Dollars and 40 cents. I rec'd of I. E. Thompson $10 in a "Ky" Bill $5.00 in Silver as part of my pension same day.

May 8th & 9th, 1838 - We planted the field over the Creek in Cotton on the 12th and 14th we planted the field next to the River.

May29th &30th Planted the New ground.

Oct 1st - Rec'd $10 Dollars of my pension. - 26 still due - Same day I bought of Esquire Frazier 20 # Coffee at 18 3/4 cents per pound. 11th - Rec'd of John McWaters, lb 5.46 in Salt at Rock Castle. He owe's me for surveying -- a/c page 23.

One lot of Bacon 80# at 10 cents per pound.
8 feet of Cherry plank .
Cash on hand $14.50

"signed" William Arick
Thomas Martin
William Cunningham

John Mabry, Administrator of Jesse Mabry Dec'd.


Agreeable to Advertisement, Sold the property of Jesse Mabry Dec'd on the 21st day of June 1834. viz:
John A. Prescott - one ax  1.31
Benjamin Mitchell 3 plainers, 1 whitstone 3.12 1/2
Dabney Cunningham - 1 lot of plainers 2.06 1/4
David C. Mitchell - Drawing knife, 1 whitstone & hatchet 1.12
Benjamin Mitchell - 1 tin antique saw .87 1/2
Lewis Mabry - 1 man's saddle 7.62 1/2
John Mabry - six chairs 3.75
John Mabry - drawing chains and hammer 1.75
Benjamin Mitchell - 1 skillet and lid 1.00
Satchell Grasty - 1 oven lid 1.12 1/2
Isaac Wright - 1 pot and hooks 2.06 1/2
John Mabry - 1 washing tub and bucket 1.12 1/2
Benjamin Mitchell - 1 church and tray .62 1/2
Benjamin Mitchell - 1 sifter .50
John Mabry - 1 bucket .50
John Mabry - 1 lot of earthenware 2.25
John Mabry - 1 case knive, forks and knife box 1.56 1/4
David Mitchell - 1 razor .25
David Mitchell - 7 yards of ja-- 7.12 1/2
Martha Mabry - 1 Bed quilt 1.25
Martha Mabry - 1 quilt 1.00
James Cook - 1 quilt 1.50
John Mabry - 1 quilt (for Nancy) 5.00
Franklin A. G. Noel - 1 Table Cloth and pillow slip .56
Blake Baker - 1 feather bed, 2 pillows & 2 sheets 8.00 1/2
Alexander Cunningham - 1 chest 4.31
Ma--rine Cunningham - 1 table 3.25
David C. Mitchell - 1 fiddle 1.00
Joseph Bounds - 1 Cotton wheel & cards 3.25
John H. Prescott - 1 boat cable 1.62
Isaac Wright - 1 Bedstead & Cord 1.56
Alexander Cunningham - 1 filly 15.25
To John M. Grasty - cay--- .50
Total 70.43
A true copy of the foregoing was returned to September Court the 8th of September 1834.
List of Notes - Due To the Estate
David C. Mitchell and Blake Baker  1.62 1/2
Andrew Cunningham & Dabney Cunningham  1.00
Dabney Cunningham and Andrew Cunningham 2.06 1/2
Isaac Wright and Anderson Gee  14.07 1/2
Alex Cunningham and Mickens Cunningham 19.56 1/4
David Mitchell Jun. and David D. Mitchell  7.37 1/2
Benja. Mitchell and Thomas Martin  illegible
Lewis Mabry and Meacim Cunningham  7.62 1/2
Blake Baker and Thos.? Grasty 9.12 1/2
James Cook and John H. Prescott  12.68 1/4
F. G. Noel and Mickins Cunningham  .56 1/4
John H. Prescott and James Cook 2.93 1/4
Mickins Cunningham and David D. Mitchell 3.25
David D. Mitchell and Mickins Cunningham  3.37 1/2
Joseph Bounds and William Betto  3.25
Wimberly Thomas and Aaron Stallings  7.00
Rebecca Mitchell and Thomas Mitchell 2.50
Total 106.58
No. 7 - Given to Benjamin Mitchell in payment of an acct he had against Jesse Mabry of $17.10. The account Jesse had against him for sugar and cofee is $7.69. The note above $6.10 = 13.79 - Cunningham's Note 3.25. No. 13 makes $17.04 - settled Jan'y 31st 1835.
March 10, 1835 - I settled with Benjamin Mitchell his account against Jesse Mabry Dec'd of $5.56 1/4 it being his part for the ferry flatt. I let hve a note of $7.37 1/2 on David Mitchell - No. 6 the Balance Due on said note is $4.12 1/2. I also let him have a note on Andrew Cunningham No. 2 of one dollar.
Settled Doctor Jefferson. I let him have Note No. 1 1.62, Note No. 3 - 2.06 1/2, his account 22 leaves a balance of one dollar - 25th.

In the Name of God Amen - - -
I John Mabry Senior of Trigg County and State of Kentucky Being Sound of mind and mimory, and knowing that is is opointed for all men once to die: Do hereby make and ordain this my last will and Testamint as follows (to wit) My will and and desire is that my Lands be divided off in the following manner (towit)

I wish my beloved son John Mabry to have the two hundred acre tract of land on which he now lives marked G. and as said tract contains about 250 acres.

I give to Peggy Bounds forty acres off said tract bounded as follows (towit)Beginning on bank of Little River at a Beech ash and Spanish Oak near the mouth of a Gully and running thence No. 26 degrees w. 186 poles to two elms and red bud on said gully, (the meadows of said gully to be the line betwixt said Peggy Bound and said John Mabry)Conveince continued 52 poles further in all 238 poles to a white oak in the barkine of the original 200 acres survey and next to Anna Mitchell's land, thence with said line S. 15 deg w. 60 poles to a hickory sugar tree and large popler the corner of the said 200 acres survey, thence S. 26 deg E 150 poles to three Beeches marked WK on the bank of Little River thence up the meadows of said River S. 7 deg E 54 poles to the Beginning.

I wish my beloved son Lewis Mabry to have a 120 acre tract marked A, and a part of a 200 acre tract (what is on the North side of the River, on which I now live, Beginning at a Double Linn and Sugar Tree on the Bank of the River on the upper side of the mouth of the Creek, Thence No. 55 deg E. passing a large Cherry tree standing about 26 yards southwardly of the grave yard to a stake in the old liner including what is called the Big field .

I give to my Beloved Son Francis Allen Mabry the remainder of the tract of land on which I now live including the houses, plantation orchard marked B, also a 200 acres tract marked D and a 50 acre tract marked #, also a 12 acre tract marked C, the 200 acre tract marked F. I have given 100 acres of it to my beloved daughter Betsy Mitchell, since lost, the rest of said tracts - bottom of page missing.

Thomas Mitchell the children of my Beloved Daughter Polly Mitchell dec'd., if they live to come of age, or the survivor of them -- and as my Beloved Son Jesse Mabry is dead, I wish his daughter Elizabeth Mabry to have sixty acres of the said 200 acre tract called the hickory cabbin tract, adjoining the lands of Mr. Carson and Whitney and that the rest of said tract be equilly divided bitwixt my beloved daughter Nancy Mabry and Beloved Granddaughters Narcissa Mabry -- My other sons ( to wit) 335 acres on Sugar Creek sold to Mr. Jones in Livingston County, I wish to be sold. --- and the 125 acre tract on Ramseys and Lick Creeks, if I do not sell it.

I give to my son Allen., all the farming utensils I wish son allen to have them and keep them on the plantation for himself and the use of his Mother, to whom I leave the plantation and stock of horses; cattle, hogs, and sheet etc. for her use and benefit during her natural life or widowhoood, dividing them amongst the children as she shall think best, reserving to herself, during her life aplenty for her own support.

There is a piece of land containing about 25 acres adjoining the land I give to Betsy Mitchell; it lies on Little River including the bluff opposite the Fish trap, and is marked 25 in the Connection? and I want my son Allen to have it.

There is a tract on the south side of the river that I sold to Isaac Wright ( this is done) to be conveyed to him by a special deed (done) agreeable to my bond to him.

The crops cut saw, tenant saw, cart wheel, grindstone and plow, I want Jon Allen to have them , two axes and two horses, also my book cases, Campbells New Testament, Buck-- Dictionary. Said John to have big Bible and Browns Dictionary of the Bible and pit saw.

The surveying instruments had better be kept as they might be of some use to the family if not sell them. There is two sets ( I have sold both sets since) of which one had better be sold they want mending. The Smith tools, some of the family had best keep them at least as long as their mother lives as I wish every thing kept on the plantation that will be of use to her while she lives or during her widowhood.. and my will and difine is, that the lands that I have given to my children, they are not to sell nor dispose of the same until after they are thirty five years of age, and as for my wife I want her to have plenty of anything to support upon as long as she lives, and as the place she lives on will belong to my son Allen, I want him to work it for her support and hiw own.

I want all the children to see thast she is supported as witness my hand and seal this 23d day of July 1834.

Jno. Mabrey Sn.

Codical or explaination of my will . It is express will and desire the lands that I have given to my children, that, they are expessly prohibited from selling the same until after they are thirty five years of age, and as to the lands that I have given to my grand children, I wish them restricted in the same way, and for the good of my children and grand children ( as I think) my will desire is that they do not inter marry with any of the Starnes or Curtis families, and if they do, that then and in that case the lands that I have given them (They shall never sell or dispose of in any way, best I leave it to the --- children.

The chart of land that I now live on --
The following is a connection of my land on Little River where everyone may see his part at a view. 1834.

Over Little River, and what of it and the 12 acre tract marked C will contain 30 or 40 acres, perhaps I may sell it, if not I want Jon allen to have it. The letters A,B,C, on the foregoing are marked on the patents and on the platts in the connection of my Land in my day book. In which every one may plainly see his part plainly laid down.

And I do hereby declare this to be my last will and testment and I do hereby utterly revoke and disannull all former wills and testaments, by me here to fore made and that this and none other be considered my last will and testment, as witness my hand and seal this 7th day of October 1835.

Jno. Mabry Sen.

And I would further observe that whereas Children are sometimes displeased and try to overset their fathers will, in which case, if any of my children should enter into a law suit to over set my will, that then in that case, I wish them to have only the half of what I have given them, and the otheer half be divided among the rest of the children.

I wish Elizabeth Mabry (daughter of John Mabry Dec.d) to be bound to some decent person until she is of age and learn to sew and read.

Date above. - Jno. Mabry Sen.
I have given Martha Mabry --
60 acres of Land and Peggy Bounds 40 acres already and 60 acres= 100.

I left a copy in substance of the forgoing in the hands of Mr. Spotwood Wilkinson at Cadiz November the 9th, 1844 in order to be recorded after my death.

My wife Died on May 1st, 1841 - It seems hardly worth while to say anything about the provision made for her in this will or any other, and it seems to be useless to record the platts of survey as laid down at page 13 of this book.

On the 1st and 2d day of Nov. 1809 - Jesse Mabry was like to die with a bad swelling on his thigh. We lanced it, and he recovered in a few days. Praised be God.
May 6, 1834  The Estate of Jesse Mabry Dec'd to John Mabry Sen.
April 7, 1835 Paid Doctor Jefferson for attendance on Jessee Mabry 2.50
April 7, 1835 Paid John M. Grasty on an Exc.n as per Resp. "A: marked 2.82
May 19, 1835 Paid a Note of $4.10 to Thomas Wadlington for said Jesse Mabry it being for the season of mare 4.00
March 25, 1835 Paid Thomas Martin for said Jesse Mabry "x" as per recept. his taxes for 1834.
November 23, 1833 Paid Isaac Burnam as per order from W. Balentine 1.50
--- 18, 1845 Paid Isaac Burnam for making Jesse's Coffin 4.00
January 23, 1833 Sent $1.50 when starting to New Orleans 1.50
June 20, 1833 To his note to his mother 17.00
June 20, 1833 To Mathew Mayes Att. 2.50
Jan 22, 1834 To 50 chickens at 12 1/2 cents to be paid in sugar and at what they ware fetch at Orleans 6.25
March 7, 1835 Paid of his note to Wyman Crow 5.62
----- also his account to same 2.13
1834 to his funeral expenses for said Dec.d
to "ditto: for his wife
To John M. Grasty as cryer to the sale Jun 21, 1834 .50
To my own expense ----- as administrator
To Thomas Marton as N. Re. No. 12 2.50
Paid william Cannon Clerk No. 13 3.52 1/2
same -- No. 14 1.18
1834 By 32# of Coffee at 14 1/2 cents per # 4.64
18334 By 49# of Sugar at 8 cents per # 3.92
April 5, 1835 Rec'd of Joseph Bounds on a note No. 15  3.25
April 18, 1835 Rec'd of Blake Baker on a Note nO. 9 9.12 1/2
April 18, 1835 Rec'd of Martha Mabry for 2 bed quilts  2.25
April 18, 1835 To half that the cow was sold for to Rebecca Mitchell Aug 2, 1834 2.50
I have paid the debts of Jesse Mabry Dec'd as follows:
To Benjamin Mitchell on an acct. No. 6 22.60
To David Mitchell on same - No. 7 6.75
To Doctor Jefferson on same - No. 8,  22.00
To Joseph Bounds on note No. 9 7.60
Thomas Martin - Rec. No. 10 4.25
Amount 63.22
To Lewis Mabry on his acct No. 11 9.00
The whole amount of the estate of Jesse Mabry Dec'd.

Cash on hand when he died 14.50
Amount of Sale June 21st, 1834 113.50
Amount of Sale August 2, 1834 5.00
Whole Amount 133.00
I settled the forgoing account with the commissioners November 2d, 1835 and I had overpaid the amount of assets in my hands $12.59 which still due me.
Nov. 10, 1838 - Rec'd of J. E. Thompson $26. of my pension also 25# of coffee for $5 -- of Esq. Frazier.

1838 - 20 cart loads of corn of the River field and 5 same from the new gound = 25 in all - finished and gathering Jan 5, 1839.

April 1, 1839 - Rec'd amount pd $1.50 and $1.00 - B. Baker all for surveying.

April 6, 1839 planted sweet potatoes 370 hills. - rec'd 77# of coffee from Wilkinsona at Cadiz for $13.09 - 50 # sugar of E. Francis for $5.00. Taken $20 of my pension at this time.

April 16, 1839 - Planted Corn

April 17, 1839 - Planted Corn

April 20, 1839 - planted the field over the creek

April 28, 1839 - We let John Mabry have 60# salt.

May 4, 1839 - A considerable frost without much hurt. It had been dry for some time - about 20th plenty of Rain on the 4th of May on 11th was a great killing frost.

May 13, 1839 - We planted the new ground.

June 7, 1839 - Finished planting corn - replanted June 9th.

June 10, 1839 - Rec'd $16. the balance of my pension.

Aug 15, 1839 - Mrs Arick died.

Sept 2, 1839 - Aurora appeared - It rained 5th.

Oct 6, 1839 - Molly Curtis died at 7 o'clock in the evening.

Nov 4, 1839 - Rec'd of pension $10 - of J. E. Thompson

Nov 13, 1839 Rec'd of David Mitchell ---- 662# - 13.24
I took his note for ---- to be paid in sugar.
Dec 16, 1839 - Rec'd of I. S.? Thompson $6.00 -- 20 yet due. I left with W. L. Wilkinson $2.50 for the Christian Baptist - Paid Back since.

Dec 16, 1839- We finished gather corn 24 or 5 cart loads in all this year.

Jan 26, 1840 - Rec'd $20 of -- Thompson for ---- --- bought 11# of coffee and --- of sugar.

Jan 29, 1840 - I let David Mitchell have $1.25 which makes $20 for sugar and coffee. 100# of Coffee 133 # sugar.

Feb 8, 1840 - Paid David Mann? for making 1548 rack $1.50 pd

Feb 7, 1840 - Major Wall and Joshua Cates have died within a few days past Feb 7, 1840.

Gildin Died Feb 22, 1840.

James Kennedy died Mar 25, 1840.

William Huske died April 26, 1840.

May 2, 1840 - Rec'd of the clerk, J. E. Thompson $6.00 of my pension. - paid Mr. Carson 37 ct, W. Will 25 ct, all tht I owe them.

May 18, 1840 - finished planting the new ground corn and on the 21st planted the hill side next (to) the orchard.

July 6, 1840 - Rec'd of J. E. Thompson $30, it being the balance of my pension due to this date.

July 17, 1840 - James Thompson and James Coleman died about this time.

September 2, 1840 - Bought 373 ? of salt at Rock Castle of m--- and ---- for 5.59 cts.

Sept 29, 1840 - Sold 335 acres of land on Sugar Creek in Livingston, County to William D. Jones for $100 due the first day of January 1842 - a quit claim deed. Mr. Eddington wrote said deed. - the said land lies on Sugar Creek in Livingston County about six miles from Smithland.

Oct 26, 1840 - I rec'd $36 dollars, it being part of my pension due this 4th of September last.

November 26, 1840 - I let Kinchin Battoe have my surveying instrument for 40 dollars - he paid me 9 dol. in Silver - I took his note for 31 Dol. due the first day of March next- his father James Battoe security.

Dec 21, 1840 - I bought one Bar'l of Salt, 316 ... I give Isaac an order on James Bannister for $5. He paid for said salt and took a bar'l for himself. 206 ---- Rec'd of John Mabry for one bar'l salt 316 25 of $2.94. Rec'd Paymt - Marshall and Bradley by Samuel McWaters.

Aurben Dyer died Dec. 27 1840 about 9 o'clock in the evening.

Jan 7, 1841 - Rec'd of John Mabry 11 1/4 # sugar.

Jan 18, 1841 - Rec'd $2.50 of Mr. Wilkinson that I had left in his hands to pay the Christian Baptist.

Feb 4, 1841 - - finished giting our corn 11 cart load from the New ground - 12 or 13 from the hillside next the orchard.

Jan 31, 1841 - A Considerable Earth quake felt here. This ought to have been noticed sooner.

Feb 24, 1841 - Rec'd of Robert Baker 20# of sugar for $2.00 by nancy - I Rec'd 8# before for which I did not pay.

March 29, 1841 - I acknowledge the quit claim deed for 335 acres of land on Sugar Creek in Livingston to James Jones, before one ----/

Cornelius Mitchell died -- "rest illegible"

April 26, 1841 - I finished planting the New ground - 142 hills long --12780 hills - 1250 hills at 5 feet distance.

April 4, 1841 - Harrison died April 4, 1841 at half past 12 in the morning - after being president one month.

April 23, 1841 - planted sweet potatoes about 800 hills. I have rec'd of my pension 25 dollars to this date. 11 dols. still due - paid since.

May 27, 1841 - finished planting corn.

June 10, 1841 - I dated a letter to C. S. Morehead at Frankfort.

June 21, 1841 - Rec'd of Robert Baker 75 # of Coffee 8.81 - & 100# sugar at 7- 7 -. Thus 75 lb Coffee 11 3/4 8-81 - 100 # sugar.- 1.75 = $17.56 totall.

July 22, 1841 - pd Jake Cameron 4 dol's for my wife's coffin and sent him 2.68 cts besides.

Aug 13, 1841 - got my gun repaid'd by J. Cameron for 75 cts and a new lock - $2.

Sept 11, 1841 - Aaron Stallons was killed by the fall of a log in repairing his house in the evening.

Oct 6, 1841 - Lent to Cap'n Whitney The Christian Preacher.

Jan 4, 1842 - Started to Hopkinsville on the Stage from Cadiz. $1.75 Hopkinsville stay'd till Thursday - 5 days at 75 cts.

Jan 9, 1842 - illegible

Jan 15, 1842 - Capt. Hiram Whitney was found dead in his bed early in the morning. - he had complained of bad heart for sometime before.

Jan 26, 1842 - Mr. Siddy? Gatewood died of consumption complaint supposed to be a hereditary complaint.

Jan --. 1842 - William Murray died.

Jan 29, 1842 - John Braboy has cut 10 trees and is ---- 5000 staves amt. 11.25 ct.

May 20, 1842 - Planted the fiield over the creek. We had planted the new ground before.

Apr 5, 1842 - at the Circuit Court I put into the hands of Livingston Lindsey a note on William D. Jones for one hundred dollars due the first day of Jan 7, 1842 - of which the following is a copy. -
Rec'd of John Mabry one noe on William D. Jones for the sum of one hundred dollars bearing date teh 29th of September 1840 and due on or before the first day of January 1842 which I am to sue upon and collect April 5, 1842. Lev Lindsay - F. C. Sharpe was present.

June 6, 1842 - Thompson has not paid me any part of my pension to this date - he owes me 36 dollars. He paid the whole July 4, 1842. $36 - I paid Robert Baker for 80 pounds of Cofee 120 of sugar - rec'd July amt $18.00 - 4th July and 22. pd.

July 26, 1842 - Paid John McLean $2

Aug 24, 1842 - William D. Jones left left my house. I let him have the Register, deed to me for 335 acres of Land on Sugar Creek in Livingston County and several other papers and ("Asseation' time at Mount Pleasant)

Aug 29, 1842 - I took out a warrant for John Brayboy for $11.25 cts.

Oct 8, 1842 - Rec'd of Mr. Brown 62 lb. of beef at 62.cts per pound.

Oct 22, 1842 - bought three -ays of William Wanford of 20. -- per price.

Oct 29, 1842 - Rec'd of J. E. Thompson $20 of my pension.

Dec 16, 1842 - In: Braboy for $11.25 - I took his note due 29th of Jan'y next.

The 4th Sunday in each month is our meeting day at Cadiz.

Jan 2, 1843 - Thomas M. Bounds and myself went to William B. Curtis he was not at home he has partly cleared about a acre of gound on this side of the river on the bent.

Jan 4, 1843 - We wend to see William B. Curtis again, he persisted in holding pension under a Bond from James Cunningham. The bent on the North side of River of which he was to give said Cunningham 3 Dollars per acre and that said Cunningham was to make a general warrant dead. I forewarned him trespassing on said land any more. Thomas M. Bounds present.

Mar 24, 1843 - Isaac left here.

Apr 22, 1843 - I put a note for $11.25 cts into the hands of Solomon W. Barnes Esqr. on John Braboy to be put ino the hands of a constable for collection ( the schoolmaster present) Wade.

1843 Hezekiah Morton's 1000 acres Survey on Cumberland River Begins at a white oak and burr oak on the bank of Cumberland River, Lower Corner to Joseph Blackwell one thousand acre survey No. 88 - runing down the River binding thru on No. 26 W. 92 poles No. 34 W 87 poles 570 N. to two post oaks then South 30 E. 327 poles to a poplar and dogwood thereon West 570 poles beyon Blackwell corner an with his line to the beggining.

The above are the Notes of a 1000 acre tract of land on the Cumberland River purchased by John H. Prescott of Boyd from the Deed Book in the Clerks office in Cadiz, May 5, 1843.

May 10, 1843 - Rec'd of Silas Alexander 100 pounds of sugar 63 pounds of Coffee amt 12.52 cents for which I gave him an order on J. E. Thompson.

May 19, 20, 1843 - Planted part of the new ground field about 3 acres.

June 5, 1843 - planted part of the new ground field about 3 acres.

Jul 6, 1843 - bought of W. Avins one 5 gallon jugg - 1 dollar pd - him -. I have rec'd of my pension for this year as follows to wit. Rec'd of Silas Alexander 100 # sugr by the hand of James E. Thompson and also 63# of coffee amt 12.52 cts as above and 8 dollars = $20.52. Amt at this date July 6, 1843 Balance due me is $16. -- since paid.

Aug 8, 1843 - Rec'd James E. Thompson $15.50 cents to which is the bal. due on this date.

Aug 26, 1843 - Rec'd of John Brayboy 1 dol. and on the 28th 1 dol. 2. in all --

Sep 9, 1843 - I paid Samuel Wade 6 dol. my ---- to him school articles. I sent to him 2 day.

Nov 11, 1843 - W. Whitney died about 5 o'cloc this evening.

Nov 14, 1843 - Rec'd 36 1/2 dol. of my pension it is all that is due at this time.

Jan 8, 1844 - I paid Isaac 4 dol. for 200 # of pork.

Hugh McWaters died Feb 27, 1844 aout 9 o'clock in the morning.

Mrs. Barnes wife of Joseph Barnes died Oct 6, 1844.

Balaam Ezell died about Oct 4, 1844.

May 7, 1844 - We began to plant corn May 4th and 7th - planting new ground field.

May 8, 1844 - planted sweet potatoes and Mexican cotton.

May 21, 1844 - We bought at Hwy? corner 40# of Cofee and 51 of Sugar for $9 dol.

July 6, 1844 - Rec'd of J. E. Thompson $36.50 of my pension to this date.

Nov 7, 1844 - I was summon to Canton to have my deposition taken vs K. A. McGaukin? for ---- for Malpr--ance in offiice of said M. Caukhin in the court which it appears in taking illegal fees. See the deposition of him to be taken on the 9th of Nov 1844 before Esq. Surrey?, George Grace pd me $1.50 and conveyed to me to the mouth of little River by W. Jo'n Huggins.

1845 - Rent of Joseph Bounds - 80# Coffee 7 75 # Sugar for $11 dollars.

The fear of the Lord is to hate Evil
Now Whilst In my heart
By this winning word
my conscience can apart
I truly love the Lord
I cannot head the path of sin
I long for the holiness within.

Yes holiness of heart
I would more largely share
I mourn with inward smart
the Evil that are there
I hate my thought because they are vain.
I would every sin abstain.

I hate this wretched pride
These covetous desires
I'd have them crucified
for God my heart requires
Jesus do thou these fo- ----
Make me more sincere and true.

I live alone to thee
I love to obey thy word
Well pleased that thou shared be
my Saviour and my Lord
To thee I now religon my heart
renew it Lord in every part.


Annie Mabry Dide February the 21 1897
Francis Y. Mabry Dide October the 9, 1899
John W. Mabry Siennre Dide, August the 27 1899
Nancy Mabry Dide November the 26 1899
Rebecca E. Mc Gill Died May the 27 1906.
Francis A. Mabry was bornd May the 2 - 1813.
Rebecca H. Mabry was bornd August the 16th 1821 and was married to F. A. Mabry June the 15 - 1843 and died August the 5 - 1863.
John W. Mabry was bornd April the 6th 1844.
Yeatman S. Mabry was born September the 23 - 1845.
Mary J. Mabry was bornd March the 5th - 1847.
Henry T.? Mabry was bornd the 24th Mar 1849.
Zachariah W. Mabry was bornd January the 27th. - 1851.
Martha Ann Mabry was bornd May the 31, 1853.
Rebecca E. Mabry was bornd Oct the 27th 1857.
Sarah E. Mabry was bornd April the 27th, 1858.
Mandy L. Mabry was bornd March the 31., 1860.
Henry F/T? Mabry Died Nov the 13th 1864.
Frances A. Mabry was bornd May the 2, 1813, Died March the 20th 1866.
Martha Ann Mabry was bornd May the 31, 1853. Died December the 20th, 1866.
Rebecca H. Mabry was bornd August the 16th, 1821 and died August the 5th, 1863.
Henry F. Mabry dide November the 13. 1864.
Francis Allen Mabry is the Great Grand Father and Rebecca H. Mabry is the great Grand Mother of Nerdya Shanks Wilson dtr of Ida Jane Mabry, Grand dtr of above. - Wrote 1957.
Crittenden County, Ky. Father was taken sick on Thirsday night 15th 1866 this the 20th day of the month he is mighty bad yet rote by -J.W. Mabry.

Died March the 20, 1866 - by Y. S. Mabry
Yeatman S. Mabry was married to A. Elizabeth Farmer on January the 31 1869. Yeatman S. Mabry was Bornd September the 23, 1845. A Elizabeth Mabry was bornd June the 5, 1850.
Francis Yeatman Mabry was bornd August the 8th 1870.
Richard Zachariah Mabry was bornd July the ? 1873 And Died October the 10 1873.
Rebecca Ann Mabry Was Bornd September the 21. 1874.
Ida Jane Mabry was Bornd January the 29 1877.
John Thomas Mabry was bornd January the 5th 1880.
Edward Oscar Mabry was Born March the 4th 1883.
George Burnett Smith was bornd June the 28th 1878.
Charley Palmer Smith was bornd February the 2th, 1881.
Francis Yeatman Smith was born November the 26, 1883.
William Edward Smith was born November the 25, 1886.
Richard Colvin Smith was born february the 14th 1889.
Geore May Smith was Bornd December the 17th 1891.
Jesse Wise Smith was Born July the 3, 1895.
Annie R. Watson was Bornd June the 20, 1856.

"I hope that some one of my family will take cair of this old book."

Y.S. Mabry


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