It's GraveYard Cleaning time and the word is being past that the first Saturday all our family and yours will be meeting at the GraveYard to clean the cemetery and take care of the graves of our loved ones.

It just might be to see that the "special" rock that marks the babies grave is still in place - or trim the little tree that mark's Grandpap's resting place or plant a "start" from a special flower that Mama loved.

It might be time to set the stone we have patiently waited to set for baby sister. We all will work - and drag brush - fill in the graves - make a little special cross - or fix a little fence. Then we'll spread our dinner and talk about our loved one's and remember when - - -

William Ashford Mitchell and Elizabeth Loyd Oliver
Oliver Graveyard - early 1940's
Trigg County, Ky
WILLIAM ASHFORD MITCHELL- the grandfather of Linda Mitchell Fox and his mother in law ELIZABETH LOYD OLIVER - the Great Grandmother of Janie McKinney Downs and Linda Mitchell Fox.

William Ashford Mitchell's wife - CLELLIE PEARL OLIVER died in 1926.

David Crockett and Martha Elizabeth Tooke Mitchell

William Ashford Mitchell is on the right holding his grandson William Newton Mitchell.

Oliver Cemetery 1940

Grafton Bee Oliver Mitchell, William Newton Mitchell and Edd McKinney.

Sara Elizabeth Loyd Oliver
at the grave of her son

THE KYGENWEB HOMEPAGE wishes to express our thanks to Linda Fox and Janie McKinney Downs in sharing their memories and pictures of an annual affair of Grave Yard Cleaning at the Oliver Cemetery in Trigg County. Come join us in a past memory - too hard to forget!

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