These Trigg County Bible Records are provided by Betty Sellers. 

James Marion Mitchell and Mary Elizabeth Peal
Cadiz, Trigg County, Kentucky

Now in  possession of:                  Mrs Maxie Mitchell
                                        Cadiz, Trigg County, Kentucky
                                        November 1962

James Marion Mitchell and Mary Elizabeth Peal was married August 3rd
1856 in Trigg County Kentucky.  Moved to Mo. in September 1870-- Hickory
 County near Cross Timbers.

Orlando G. Mitchell and Liberty Bell were married March 4, 1888, Benton 
Co, N.C. by Rev. James A. Baldwin.

Adellia Mitchell and James P. Davis married March 22, 1876.

Mary Ellen Mitchell and Alanson F. Doak were married February 22, 1878.

May Tomie Mitchell and George W. Garrison were married August 3, 1899.

Walter M. Mitchell and Dora May Dickinson were married March 1, 1899.

C. Sumner Mitchell and Effie Wineman were married December 28, 1902.

James E. Mitchell and Ida B. Driskill were married November 29, 1911.

Wiley Rowland Mitchell and Irene Matilda Hooker were married December 
17, 1917.

Adda Gladys Mitchell and Fred Voigt were married August 9, 1919.

Robert Mills Mitchell and Emma Huffman were married April 28, 1931.

Lanson Doak Mitchell and Ruby Hall were married August 14, 1923.

Estella Blanche Mitchell and Henry Raymond Dickson were married October 
10, 1925.

Bland Mitchell and Evalene Miller married March 24, 1942.

Rosemary Mitchell and Floyd Ray married September 26, 1942.

Virginia Liberty Voigt and Lt. Robert Wesley Turner married November 29,
 1944.  He was killed at Holtern Germany, March 22, 1945.  She married 
again on September 7, 1946 to Marvin James Roeder, Baltimore, Md.


James M. Mitchell, son of David D and Celia Holly Mitchell was born 
March 13, 1835.

Mary  E. Mitchell, daughter of Stephen F and Marinda Peal was born 
September 8, 1837.

Adella Mitchell, daughter of James M and Mary E. Mitchell was born May 
11, 1857.

Mary E. Mitchell, daughter of James M. and Mary  E. Mitchell was born 
August 5, 1859.

Josiah L. Mitchell son of James M. and Mary E. Mitchell was born May 17,

Icedora Mitchell daughter of James M and Mary E. Mitchell was born 
September 3, 1864.

Arlander G. Mitchell, son of James M. and Mary E. Mitchell was born 
July 4, 1866.

May Thomas Mitchell, daughter of James M. and Mary E. Mitchell was 
born January 21, 1870.

James Edmund Mitchell son of James M. and Mary E. Mitchell was born 
August 16, 1872.

Walter Marion Mitchell, son of James. and Mary E. Mitchell was born 
July 26, 1875.

Cleland  S. Mitchell, son of James and Mary E. Mitchell was born 
March 6, 1878.

Clean  S. Mitchell, son of James M and Mary Mitchell was born March 
12, 1882.

 Births  of O.G. and Liberty Bell Mitchell¹s Children.

Lanson Doak Mitchell born December 12, 1889.

Shirley Abigail Mitchell born September 30, 1891.

Robert Mills Mitchell born October 14, 1892.

Clabone Mitchell born April 23, 1894.
Died at age of 5 weeks.

Wiley Rowland Mitchell born June 9, 1895.

Adda Glady Mitchell born March 30, 1897.

Bland Mitchell born April 28, 1899.

Estella Blanche Mitchell born September 4, 1903.


Josiah L. Mitchell , son of James M. and Mary E. Mitchell departed this
 life September 23, 1864.

Icedora Mitchell , daughter of James M. and Mary E. Mitchell departed 
this life July 4, 1865.

Mary E. Doak,  daughter of J.M. and Mary E. Mitchell departed this life 
January 22, 1880.

Clelan Mitchell departed this life 27th July 1881.

l Sumner Mitchell departed this life September 30t, 1944.  Buried at 
Redlands, California.

Adella Davis, daughter of James M and Mary E. Mitchell departed this 
life December 16, `1903.

James M. Mitchell departed this life March 12, 1909.

Mary E. Mitchell departed this life December 17, 1912.

James Edmund Mitchell departed this life June 16, 1923, buried at 
Atwood, Kansas.

Orlando George Mitchell departed this life Easter Sunday, April 13,
1941.  Buried at Mustang, Oklahoma.

Liberty Bell Mitchell departed this life Thursday, June 4, 1942.  
Buried at Mustang, Oklahoma.

Walter Marion Mitchell departed this life June 10, 1949.  Buried at
 Lander, Wyoming.

May T. Mitchell Garrison died February 22, 1958, Ft Collins, Colorado.

Ida Driskill Mitchell died  December 27, 1917.

Dora May Mitchell died March 29, 1954, Lander, Wyoming.
Mary E. Mitchell's mother was Marinda Storm

This was typed from the records of James Marion Mitchell's Family Bible
 by his Great Grandson, Clyde Mitchell Duckwall Jr., b 14 July 1919,
 Tuttle, Oklahoma.  Home address now 1025 N.W. 19th, Oklahoma City, 
Oklahoma.  Dated November 10, 1962.

Subscribed and sworn before me this 10th day of November 1962.
                        Ruby Main - Notary Republic     June 5, 1963.

Letter to Mrs Neel:
November 10, 1962 in regard to Mitchell Bible from Clyde Mitchell 
Duckwell, Jr.

Dear Mrs Neel:
I took this copy of my great grandfather¹s bible up to the notary 
republic, he thoroughly examined it and the copy I had made before she 
notarized it.  The bible was published in the 1860¹s.  I also have a 
copy of my great great grandfather Stephen E Peel¹s bible published in
 1810 or 1815.  Mrs Maxie Mitchell of Cadiz, Kentucky has the bible. 
 Stephen E Peel was born 11 Jul 1779 in Mortin County, North Carolina.
  The son of Edward Peel and his wife Sara -----.  Stephen Parker Peel 
was born 1 August 1814 in Trigg county.  He drowned 26 August 1838 in 
the Cumberland River.  His wife Miranda Storm died 1 August 1837.  So 
his father Stephen Peal and his wife Mary Hollowell (daughter of Levi 
Hollowell and his wife Zilpha Parker Hollowell took Mary Elizabeth,
 their small daughter born 8 September 1837 and kept her as long as 
Mary Peal lived.  She died 7 September 1853.  Stephen and the little 
granddaughter Mary Elizabeth went to live with his son.  Harvey Peale 
who had married Emmeline Creekmur 17 February 1841.  There they lived 
until Mary Elizabeth married 1 Aug. 1856 to James Marion Mitchell. 
 Stephen died 21 September 1863.  Three of the old Peals died the same
 year.  They were Partney Peal 24 December 1862, Bayley Peal 18 April 
1863, Levi Peal 5 May 1863 all sons of Stephen Peale and his wife Polly
 Hollowell Peale.
                                        Clyde Mitchell Duckwall, Jr.

John Morgan Harrell and Mary Gurlean Crump
Canton Trigg County, Kentucky

Now in possession of:                   John Morgan Harrell
                                        Canton, Trigg County, Kentucky

Bible:                                  National Bible

John Morgan Harrell and Mary  Gurlean Crump were married at Canton,
 Trigg County, Kentucky
 December 23, 1923

Father was born November 18, 1900, Canton, Trigg County, Kentucky.
Mother was born September 16, 1907, Golden Pond, Trigg County, Kentucky.

Issue:          John William Harrell was born May 22, 1929.  
                Married Dorothy Dawn Bishop of Lewistown, Pa.  April 29,
                Dorothy Dawn Bishop was born September 15, 1933.

                Issue:  Mary Linda Harrell              April 6, 1951, Trigg
 County, Kentucky
                        Debra Ann Harrell               November 16, 1954, 
Trigg County, Kentucky.

John Abner Crump, born December 2, 1829  and died in the Spring 1906.
  Buried Furguson Spring.

Mary Ann Virginia Ethridge Crump, October 15, 1844 - September 18, 1898
                Issue: by previous marriages: 
                        Charley Murphey         February 22, 1867 - March 30,
                        Sislie Elizabeth Childers       March 8, 1870

John Abner Crump and Mary Ann Virginia Ethridge Crump.

Issue:          William Shurman Crump           May 15, 1872
                Mose Lemon Crump                September 22, 1874 - March 14, 1902
                James Isiah Crump               March 13, 1877- July 27, 1945
                Mary Ann Greenville Crump       November 25, 1879 - 1903
                John Louis Crump                November 17, 1882 - May 16, 1947
                Eva Vetrus Crump                March 12, 1888

This Crump chart was written by W.S. Crump, Age 85 years        


Aron Hodge Meredith             May 21, 1845 - August 16, 1922

Elizabeth Newton                January 7, 1836 - February 19, 1910

Liza Jane Meredith              January 13, 1870 - April 14, 1876

Nancy Elizabeth Meredith                August 29, 1875 - December 29, 1920

Mary Magdelene Meredith September 18, 1879 - April 1919 


Minnie Elizabeth Crider
Princeton, Caldwell County, Kentucky

Now in possession of:                   Mrs Jack Cride
                                        Princeton, Caldwell County, Kentucky

Wife of William Bradley Randolph                                Samuel Maurice 
Born March 9 in 1873                                    Born July 15 in 1904

William B Randolph                                      Lilia Elizabeth Randolph
 Born November 5 in 1868                                        Born July 1 in 

William Ride Randolph                                   Paul Bradley Randolph
Born November 9 in 1894                                 Born March 23 in 1909

Harry Randolph                                          Mary Kelen Randolph
Born November 21, 1895                                  Born September 3 in 1910

Anna Louise Randolph                                    Alice Rider 
Born July 30 in 1899                                    Born January 1 in 1912

Virginia Mae Randolph                                   Ralph Randolph
Born May 10 in 1901                                     Born November 25 in 1917


William Rider Randolph                                  Lilia Elisabeth Randolph
married Mary Weiss                                      married Ofus Howard

Harry Randolph                                          Margaret Ellen
married Rosa Mary Dowrs                                 married Homer Hayes 

Anna Louise Randolph                                    Samuel Maurice Randolph
married Cullen Blackburn Johnson                                 Margaret Kevil
 and Louise Broadduss

Virginia Mae Randolph                                   Mary Helen
married George Taylor and Willie Wyatt                  married Johnson
 Jack Crider

Alice Rider                                             Ralph Randolph
married James Hemphill Hindman                          married Allison

Levi Dunning and Jennet Carney
Wallonia, Trigg County, Kentucky

Now in possession of:           Mrs Cornelius Bridges
                                Cadiz, Trigg County, Kentucky

Bible:                           Philadelphia:
                                Stereotyped and Published By C. Alexander and
                                Athenian Buildings, Franklin Place


Levi Dunning and Jennet Carney were married February 1817.

Icy T.M. Dunning (oldest) daughter of Levi and Jennet Dunning and Harvey
were married May 1841.


Levi Dunning was born the 3rd day of October 1797.

Jennet Moore Carney Dunning wife of Levi Dunning was born on the 24th 
day of November 1803.

Icy T.M. Dunning daughter of Levi and Jennet Dunning was born on the 
24th day of November 1821.

Alexander Dunning son of Levi and Jennet Dunning was born on the 24th 
day of July 1824 - died April 21, 1862.

Carney F. Dunning son of Levi and Jennet Dunning was born on the 15th
 day of March 1826 - died June 1872.

------- Dunning was born on the 16th day of January 1830. -- died in
 June 1873.

Elizabeth E. Dunning, daughter of Levi and Jennet Dunning was born on
the 17th day of December 1831 -.  died November 1862.

Tabitha K. Dunning, daughter of Levi and Jennet Dunning was born on the 
11th day of October 1833.

William L. Dunning, son of Levi and Jennet Dunning was born the 22nd of December 1834?

Fare Elenider Dunning, daughter of Levi and Jennet Dunning was born on 
the 23 December 1836.  Died October 28, 1933.

John J. Dunning, son of Levi and Jennet Dunning was born 17th June 1838.

Levi Sholar Dunning, Jr. son of Levi and Jennet Dunning was born November 29, 1839.

Joseph Tanner Dunning son of Levi and Jennet was born on the 2nd day of February 1844.

Rosena Dunning, daughter of Levi and Jennet Dunning was born 25th Dec. 1817. - Died Sept. 1818.

Jennet A. Dunning was born 4th day of January 1842.

Gabereler H. Dunning, daughter of Levi and Jennet Dunning was born on the 3rd day of April 1846.

Rufus H. Dunning was born November 14th, 1847.

Tabitha K. Dunning died August 1834.

John J. Dunning died January 1839.

Levi Dunning died April 16, 1853.

Jennet M. Dunning died April 3, 1877.
Notes in Levi Dunning Bible

W.L. Dunning married Laura Coy went to Texas.

Fare Ellender Dunning married A.J. (Tom) Martin.

Levi Dunning, Jr. married Henry Shelton (music watcher) daughter of Dr.
 Shelton of La Fayette and Paducah Ky.

Joseph F. Dunning married Jannie McConnell of Harmony Community near Cobb. 
They lived at Princeton had one daughter, married Dr. Eugene Griffith 
lived at Henderson, Kentucky.


Robert Garnett
Trigg County, Kentucky

Now in Possession of:                   Bud Randolph
                                        Trigg County, Kentucky

Bible :                                 Philadelphia by Hogan and Thompson 1839

 Mary Louise Garnett Jul 05 1851
Ophelice Garnett Apr 08 1843
Ricard B Garnett  Jan 19 1849
George W Garnett Dec 09 1846
Amanda Garnett  Nov 05 1848
William H Garnett  Jan 20 1859
Mosco Garnett  Jan 06 1853
Robert B Garnett  Mar 21 1855
Ermma Garnett  Jun 15 1857
Susan Garnett  Dec 25 1855
Laura Garnett  Sep 18 1861
Humas C Garnett  Jun 05 1864

William H Garnett  died Mar 09 1851?

Susan Garnett died July 23 1860

Lucy Ann Garnett mother of William H and Susan E
was born August 15 1823 and died Jun 05 1864
Robert and Lucy Ann married Oct 21 1839

Jiles Richardson Randolph and Mary Louisa Garnett  Oct 09 1862

J.S. Belote and  Ophelia Garnett  ( no date)    

Thomas B. Randolph died December 16, 1888

William Randolph ( no notation)

Miliz McKenzie Randolph born May 19, 1890
Brinkley House and Ann Allen
Linton, Trigg County, Kentucky

Now in Possession of:                   Mrs Arthur Wayne Simmons
                                        Linton, Trigg County, Kentucky
                                        November 23, 1957

Bible:                                  Alexander¹s Stereotype Editor
                                        The New Testament
                                        Lord of our Savior Jesus Christ
                                        183- Philadelphia


Brinkley House and Ann Allen was married the 7th of Aug 1834.

B.M. Allen and T.N. Cullen was married the 4th of Oct 1838

Carroll Dawson and Emmer Graham was married the 2nd of Aug 1885

Nevada Dawson married Oct 07 1903.

George S Allen and Pharaba  Russell Allen was married Dec 15 1803

Algernum S. Dawson and E.J. Graham married Aug 02 1885.

Elbert Carroll Dawson and E.J. Graham married Aug 02 1885.


Daughters of Ell Dawson and  E. J. Dawson born  and died June 20 1886.

Shelly Simmons                  1886            Idar Dawson             Jul 06 1869    Jul 07 1897

Dottie Dawson            Jun 21 1901            Brinkley House          Sep 17 1809

Anna Allen              Oct 24 1812             Elvira America House    May 04 1836

Temperson Nelson Allen  Sep 21 1820             Algemon S Dawson        Mar 27 1830

Elbert Shelly Futrell   Aug 26 1880


Elvira America Dawson the wife of Alge Sidney Dawson and the daughter of Brinkley and Annie House 
Jan 31 1875

Temperance Nelson Allen         Feb 19 1843             Brinkley House          Sep 07 1870

Everett Futrell                 Nov 06 1896


George S. Allen         Oct 03 1776             Pharaba Allen           Oct 10 1786

Polly Allen             Nov 28 1804             James Rupert Allen      May 11 1806

Barnabus M Allen        May 11 1806             Felix A Allen           Aug 11 1810

Anna Allen              ------ 24  1812         Elizabeth Allen         Dec 23 1814

Mursa Allen             Oct 08 1817             Arnold M Allen          Jun 05 1819

Robert Allen            Aug 03 1821             Elbert C Allen          ------ 22 1826

George Washington Allen  Dec 29 1831

Trimble Thomas Lancaster and Julice Jackson Flood
Cadiz (Canton), Trigg County, Kentucky

Now in Possession of:           Lancaster 
                                On old Tyler Farm
                                Trigg County Kentucky
                                November 1958

Trimble Thomas Lancaster  born August 30, 1859 and died Mar 16 1926
married Dec 23 1880
Julice Jackson Flood who was born Aug 09 1862 and died Mar 10 1926
Luther S Lancaster born October 16, 1881 and died Apr 23 1892

Mary J Lancaster was born October 16, 1884

 John Skaggs Lancaster was born Jun 16, 1887 and died Jun 13 188?

 Lilly Agness Lancaster born August 29, 1889
Mattie Armintie Lancaster was born Jul 23 1892 and died Jan 12 1893
Maybell Lancaster was born Jul 23 1895 and died August 05, 195-
Garvie Jefferson Lancaster was born Sep 06 1901
Troy Hendricks was born Jun 24 1899

Troy Henddricks Jr was born Sep 03 1933 and died Sep 15 1933

 Issue of Troy R Hendricks and Garvie Jefferson Lancaster

Margaret Jackson Hendricks      Feb 20 1937             Feb 27 1937

Mary Ann Hendricks              May 11 1938

Kay Lancaster Hendrecks         Dec 07 1940

Kay Lancaster Hendrecks married Sept 01 1955 to Woodrow Dunn.  Issue Arthur Ray Dunn

William Strode Lander and Mary Jane Blakely
Cerulean, Trigg County, Kentucky

Now in possession of:           Paul Pompie Gardner
                                Cerulean, Trigg County, Kentucky

Bible:                          American Bible Society of 1850


John William Strode Lander      Mary P. Bennett                 Nov 05 1848

John William Strode Lander      Mary Jane Blakeley              Aug 12 1851

Paul P. Gardner                 Laura Burgess                   May 01 1917

Minas High Gardner              Ida Wilson Means                Jun 19 1922

M. Shell Hopsin                 Betty A. Lander                 Dec 24 1878

Pompie Lee Gardner              Laura Conda Lander              Sep 07 1884


John W.S. Lander                Mary P. Bennett                 Mary A. Lander
May 05 1830                     Mar 01 1829                     Nov 05 1849

William Isaac Lander            John Robert Lander              Charles Taler Lander
Jan 26 1853                     Dec 25 1854                     Oct 23 1857

Elizabeth Ann Lander            James Walles Lander             Laura Cornelia Lander
May 01 1860                     Feb 04 1863                     Jun 16 1865 - Friday

Mary Jane Blakeley Lander       Paul P. Gardner                 Charles Layton Wade
Sep 20 1824 - Joined Church 1842        Mar 27 1894                     Oct 03 1939 5.a.m.

Ernest Ray Wade                 Jessie Franklin Wade            Chester Eugene Wade
Nov 13 1941                     Sep 17 1943                     Aug 27 1944

Linda Louise McCain             M. Shell Hopsin                 Guy Ethetburt
Feb 05 1852 - 1849              May 05 1852                     Sep 07 1884

P. Lee Gardner                  John Harry Jr Holeman           Paul Jr. Gardner
Aug 02 1863                     Feb 11 1909                     Jan 07 1920

Laura Burges                    Joe Ann Holman                  Frances Hatches Gardner
Apr 11 1900                     May 27 1915                     May 10 1922

Anna Virginia Gardner           Annie Louise Gardner            Maud Stone Gardner
Aug 15 1925                     Aug 15 1928                     Nov 02 1886

Pompie Paul Gardner             Minor Gardner                   Harry H Holeman
Mar 27 1894                     Apr 25 1896                     =====

Maude S. Gardner M.M.           Harry Holeman                   Lucian James Holman
Aug 11 1904                     Sep 15 1881                     May 26 1905

Mary Loucose Holman             Dorothy Marie Gardner
Aug 19 1906                     Nov 25 1929

Lander Cemetery Near Buffalo
Ann Lander farm now Archie L. Hayden Graveyard

Roy Lander              May 03 1886     Aug 16 1886     son of Robert S and Helen Watkins Lander

William David Lander    Dec 13 1818     Nov 05 1878

Anna W. Lander          Sep 19 1827     Jun 29 1901


James Wallis Lander     Mar 08 1863     son of J.W.S. Lander and Mary Jane Lander

Mary Pope Lander        Aug 17 1850     Charles T. Lander               May 04 1889

W.M. Lander             Feb 08 1887     Pompie C. Gardner       Mar 12 1931

Loura C. Gardner        Jul 22 1944     Jessie Franklin Wade    Oct 1944 - grandson of Gardner

John W.S. Lander        Dec 30 1869     Mary Jane Blakeley Lander Sep 30 1876


Leonard Lewis and Polly Simms
Caledonia, Trigg County, Kentucky

Now in Possession of :                  The Hammonds Family
                                        Cadiz, Trigg County, Kentucky

Bible:                                  The Hold Bible - Old and New Testaments 
                                        Translated Out of The Original Tongues
                                        American Bible Society - New York - 1867


Leonard Lewis                           Polly Simms                     March 04, 1819

Leonard Lewis                           Lydia Withers                   Mar 03, 1837

Alexander Hall                          Elizabeth Louis                 June 13, 1852


T.W. Hammond                            Margaret Daniel                 Nov 08 1824
by Robert McCollum in Trigg County Kentucky

E.T. Hammond                            C.S. Wood                       Apr 08 1846

E.T. Hammons                            I.B. Carloss                    Feb 09 1848

John Wesley Hammond                     Bettie F. Averitt                       Dec 05 1872
by R.W. Morehead (Baptist Preacher)


E.T. Hammond            E.J. Hammond            D.W. Hammond            John Wesley
Oct 22 1826             May 13 1831             Mar 15 1833             Aug 22 1841

Thos. Jefferson Hammond  Virginia Hammond       T.W. Hammond            Jemmie C Hammond
Aug 22 1841             Aug 11 1844             Jun 25 1793             Jan 13 1874

Margaret- w/o Daniel    Gordan B Hammond        Thomas Clifton Hammond  Wesley Gasnell Hammond
Mar 07 1800             Feb 08 1877             Jul 12 1880             Sep 04 1889


W.T. Hammond            D.W. Hammond            J.L. Hammond            Virginia Hammond
April 13 1850           Mar 11 1850             Aug 07 1858             Aug 28 1845

Jimmie C Hammond
Jul 17 1876

Alexander Randolph and Malinda Watkins
Cadiz, Trigg County, Kentucky

Now in Possession of:                   Mrs Jack Rider
                                        Princeton, Caldwell County, Kentucky


Alexander Randolph              Malinda Randolph                George B. Randolph
Oct 2, 1800                     Aug 25, 1814                    Sep 06 1833
                                                                s/o Alexander and Malinda

William S. Randolph             Mary Jane Randolph              Martha Ann Randolph
Sep 25 1836                     Mar 21 1839                     Feb 25 1842

Edward S Randolph               David W. Randolph               John Alexander Randolph
Dec 08 1844                     Dec 07 1847                     Mar 16 1851

Thomas Lee Randolph
June 26? 1854


Alexander Randolph              David W. Randolph               Martha Ann Hillman
Jan 27 1865                     Mar 23 1867 - Trigg Co Ky       Jan 26 1877 - Trigg Co Ky

Malinda Randolph                Edward S. Randolph
Jan 02 1878 in Trigg Co Ky      May 21 1878 in Caldwell Co Ky


David Randolph and Mary Cameron
Caledonia, Trigg County, Kentucky

Now in Possession of            James Tuggle
                                Cadiz, Trigg County, Kentucky

Bible:                          Old and New Testament
                                Printed and Published by H.& E Phinney



Thomas Banks Randolph           Oct 07 1867     Sallie May Randolph     Jan 23 1870

Mary D. Randolph                Mar 30 1872     Wm Alexander Randolph   Sep 24 1875

Birdie Randolph                 Jul 10 1878     Wm Jackson Randolph     Mar 02 1895

David Randolph                  Feb 27 1798     Mary Randolph           Oct 24 1802

Wm Jasper McGhee                Nov 11 1811     Emily Eliza McGhee      Dec 23 1841

Davis S McGhee                  Dec 29 1843     Olive Henretta          Nov 25 1845

Jiles R. Randolph                       Mar 08 1837     Jesse Thomas Randolph   Oct 04 1838

Malinda Randolph                Jun       1840  Francis Randolph                Jun 01 1840

Rebecca Randolph                Nov 14 1819     Nancy Randolph          Dec 18 1821

Mary Ann Randolph               May 14 1823     William Randolph        Sep 07 1825

Alexander Randolph              Jul 27 1827     John Randolph           May 09 1829

David Randolph                  Oct 25 1830     Redmond Randolph        Aug 27 1832

James J Randolph                Sep 04 1833     William C Lester                1832


Thomas Banks Randolph                   Mamie E Crute           Mar 04 1890

Mary David Randolph                     L.C. Tuggle             Nov 30 1898
Redmond Randolph Died September 4, 1832 aged 7 days.

Mary Randolph Died April the 21st in the year of our Lord 1846 in the 45th year of her age.

Alexander Randolph Died July 18th in the year of our Lord 1853 aged 28 years, 11 months 18 days.

John Randolph Died March 14th, 1864

David Randolph Died March 13, 1877





Talbot M. Wilson and Sallie B. Smith
Caledonia, Trigg County, Kentucky

Bible:                                  The Holy Bible
                                        Old and New Testaments
                                        Zeigler McCurdy and Co
                                        Philadelphia, Penn  1869


Talbot M. Wilson and Sallie B. Smith were married March, 1879


Smith Randolph Wilson was born Feb 19, 1880

William Fannie Wilson was born August 11, 1881


Subscribers for this Bible
Thomas Banks Randolph                           Good Smith
Thomas Carter paid near Lindsay                 John Smith
Young J. Means paid near Lindsay                        J.S. Donley, Bennetstown
M.S. Crumpler, Newstead                         John Liles, Garretsburg
Joe Wilson near Linday                          Mrs Cypert, Church Hill
B. Wiggins April 2, 75                          Was Wallis
R.A. Wilson, Church Hill                                Joseph Dawson, Roaring Spring
W. Anderson, Near Newstead                      E.A. Carter, Tennetown
 Bertie Randolph                                        Bertye Randolph under place for picture
Ora Crutie under place for picture                      D.E. Randolph picture
Miss Myrtle Thomas                              Fred B. Hillman
Ora Crute Wills


This Chart was compiled by Frances Hale Taylor
Paducah Kentucky

Source of Data

Randolph, Bibles, Federal census records, and cemetery records

Federal Census 1850 - Trigg County, Ky
No. 47 - Dist. 22

David Randolph - age 52, N.C., farmer, value 800

        John    -       male    -       21      =       born Kentucky   -       farmer

        David   -       male    -       19      -       born Kentucky   -       farmer

        James J. -      male    -       17      -       born Kentucky   -
        Jiles R -       male    -       14      -       born Kentucky   -       

        Thomas J        male    -       10      -       born Kentucky   -


 under 10
his stepdaughters;
his own daughter
Jane Randolph (b. 1812
note: she married
1827 Josiah Langley

10  -  16
his own daughter
Ada Eliza Randolph
B. 1810
Note: she married 1831
Robert Wilford

16  -  26
his own daughter, 
Sally Randolph
b. 1804
Note: she married 1822
Bennett J. Wilford

26  -  45
his  second wife
Mrs Nancy Cameron Randolph
whom he married Nov 22 1817 in 
Christian County, Ky.
note: she died 1865
Trigg Co. Ky  

Federal Census 1850 - Trigg County Kentucky

No 26/26
Rebecca Ingram - age 58, born North Carolina
                                Lucy A          - 35, Female, born Kentucky
                                Modus J - 28, Female, born in Miss.

                                David R         - 22, Male, born in Miss

                                Eliza E         - female, born in Kentucky

                                Alex M.         - 15, Male, born in Kentucky

Rebecca Randolph the d/o William Randolph and Ann Banks
Mahala Ingram the son of Marmaduke  and Margaret Ingram
on February 01, 1812 in Caldwell, Co. Kentucky.
Rebecca Randolph        1792            Northampton Co NC       1852    Trigg Co Ky
Mahala Ingram                                                   1844    Trigg Co Ky
Lucy Ann
Matis Jane              1822            Claiborne Co, Miss      
Mary Ann                Oct 18 1839     Trigg Co Ky
David Randolph
Eliza Ellen
Alexander Mahala

Matis Jane Randolph married (1) Nelson (2) Wm Roberts
Mary Ann Randolph married Joel F. Wilson on Oct 18 1829 in Trigg Co, Ky.

Mary Randolph the d/o William Randolph and Ann Banks
Basil George the son of Andrew George
on February 15, 1812 in Caldwell Co Kentucky.
Mary Randolph           1792            Northhampton Co. NC     1843    Sumter Co Ala
Basil George            1790                                    1850    Sumter Co Ala
Joseph Langston         1814                                            Enterprise Miss
Sallie                  1818                                    1865
Thomas Jefferson        
Alexander Banks

Joseph Langston was a physician.
Sallie married Samuel Dorman Murff in 1806.  He died in 1870.
Thomas married Sarah Boyd.
Alexander was Judge of Supreme Bench of Louisiana

                David Randolph the s/o William Randolph and Ann Banks
Mrs Mary (Polly) Cameron Campell
the daughter of William and Nancy Cameron
on January 16, 1819 in Christian Co, Kentucky.

David Randolph          Feb 27 1798     Northampton Co NC       Mar 13 1877     Trigg Co Ky
Mary Cameron Campell    Oct 24 1802     Tenn                    April 21 1816   Trigg Co Ky
A. William              Sep 07 1825     Trigg Co Ky             Jun 05 1862     Russelville Ky
Rebecca                 Nov 14 1819     Trigg Co Ky             
Nancy                   Dec 18 1821     Trigg Co Ky
Mary Ann                May 14 1823
John                    May 09 1829     Trigg Co Ky             Mar 14 1864
David Crockett          Oct 25 1830     Trigg Co Ky                             Trigg Co Ky
Redmond         Aug 27 1832     Trigg Co Ky             Sep 04 1832     Trigg Co Ky
James Jackson           Sep 04 1833     Trigg Co Ky             Mar 27 1916     Trigg Co Ky
Giles Richardson                Mar 08 1837     Trigg Co Ky
Thomas Jessie           Oct 04 1838     Trigg Co Ky
Alexander               Jul 27 1827     Trigg Co Ky     

A. William Randolph married Martha J. Reach d/o C,W. Reach on April 06 1859 in Cadiz, Ky.

Rebecca Randolph married Moses Malone who was born about 1818 in Ky.

Nancy Randolph was married twice - husbands unknown.

Mary Ann Randolph married Allen McGheehee March 1840 in Trigg Co Ky.

John Randolph who was a Methodist Minister married a Miss Gaines.

David Crockett Randolph married Nancy Skinner the d/o George W. Skinner on July 24 1858 in Trigg Co Kentucky.

James Jackson Randolph married Virginia Smith July 11, 1841.

Giles Richardson Randolph who was a Methodist Minister and school 
teacher married Mary Louise Garnett the c/o Robert Garnett who was 
born July 7 1841 on Oct 09 1862 in Trigg Co Ky.

Thomas Jessie Randolph who was a Methodist Minister married Carmazella
 Cosby the d/o Dr. Albert Cosby and Emily Humphry.

Alexander Randolph the s/o William Randolph and Ann Banks
 married Malinda Watkins
the d/o Samuel and Mary Watkins 
on September 06, 1832 in Caldwell Co. Ky

Alexander  Randolph     Oct 02 1800     Northhampton Co NC      Jan 17 1865     Trigg Co Ky
Malinda Watkins         Aug 25 1814                             Jan 02 1878     Trigg Co Ky
George Banks            Sep 06 1833     Trigg Co Ky             Mar 23 1855     Trigg Co Ky
William Samuel          Sep 25 1836     Trigg Co Ky             1905            Princeton,Ky
Mary Jane               May 21 1839     Trigg Co Ky
Martha Ann              Feb 25 1842                             Jan 26 1877     Trigg Co Ky
Edward Samuel           Dec 08 1844     Trigg Co Ky             May 21 1878     Caldwell Co Ky
David William           Dec 07 1847     Trigg Co Ky             Mar 23  1867    Trigg Co Ky
John Alexander          Mar 16 1851     Trigg Co Ky             
Thomas Lee              Jun 26 1854     Trigg Co Ky     

 William Samuel Randolph married Margaret Jenkins April 14 1864 in Trigg Co Ky.

Mary Jane Randolph married Robert Steinbaugh September 19, 1861 in Trigg Co, Ky.                
Martha Ann Randolph marred a Mr Hillman.

Sally Randolph the d/o William Randolph and Ann Banks
married Bennett J. Wilford the s/o Isham Wilford and Winnifred Thomas
September 23, 1822 in Trigg Co. Ky

Sally Randolph          Sep 27 1804     Northhampton Co NC      Oct 22 1867     Trigg Co Ky
Bennet J Wilford                Jun 04 1802     Bertie Co. N.C.         Jun 08 1860     Trigg Co Ky
Anna Eliza              
Robert                  Oct 08 1823     Trigg Co Ky
George H                                                                        Providence,Tenn
Merritt A
Sarah Jane              
Amanda Minerva                                                                  Madisonville,Ky
Isaac Burnett
Dector B

Ann Eliza Randolph married  Nov 08 1842 in Trigg Co Ky.  Uriah Bennett.
  She died at birth of her only child George Leander Burnett.

Robert Randolph married Nancy Manning Oct 03 1823 in Trigg Co, Ky.      

George H Randolph died while guarding salt mines. C.S.A.

Merritt A Randolph married Mrs Mary A. Steinbaugh August 6, 1860.

Sarah Jane Randolph married William H. Wilson Sep 11, 1861 in Trigg Co Ky..

Amanda Minerva Randolph married William T. Darnell Sep 28 1852 in Trigg Co Ky.

Isaac Burnett Randolph married Adeline Roberts.

Elizabeth Randolph (Bettie) married George White.

Winnifred  Randolph burned to death at age of 2.

Decter B Randolph died  in young childhood.             

Ada Eliza Randolph d/o William Randolph and Ann Banks 
married Robert Wilford the s/o Isham Wilford and Winnifred Thomas
on Sep 17 1831 in Trigg Co Kentucky.

Ada Eliza Randolph      1810    Caldwell Co Ky          April 1865              Graves Co Ky
Robert Wilford          1820    Bertie Co N.C.          Feb 08 1846             Trigg Co Ky
Isham Marian    Jul 20 1832     Trigg Co Ky             Oct 29 1896             Mayfield, Ky
Nathaniel Green 1834            Trigg Co Ky             1924                    Mayfield, Ky
James David     1836                                    1862                    Shiloh, Tenn
Robert Jasper   Apr 22 1840     Trigg Co, Ky                                    Graves Co Ky
Malinda Frances 1846            Trigg Co Ky             Feb 14 1927             Columbia, S.C..
Eliza Jane      1838            Trigg Co Ky                                     Graves Co Ky
Mary Emmeline   1842            Trigg Co Ky                                     Graves Co Ky

Isham Marian  Wilford  married Jiney Olivia Perry the d/o Oliver Hazard Perry and Virginia Anderson.
Jiney Olivia Perry was born Jun 09 1840 in Graves Co, Ky and died Feb 22 1886 in Mayfield, Ky.

Nathan Green Wilford married Mrs Clemmie Thompson.  1850 Census living with cousin Robert Wilford.

James David Wilford never married.  Served in the CSA.

Robert Jasper Wilford married Ann Emerson in Graves Co Kentucky.

Malinda Frances Wilford married Henry A. Reaves in 1872 in Graves County, Ky.

Eliza Jane Wilford never married.

Mary Emmeline Wilford never married.

William Randolph the son of Giles Randolph 
married Ann Banks the daughter of Alexander Banks
about 1765 in Virginia.
Wm Randolph     ca 1765         Virginia                        Feb 08 1847             Trigg Co Ky
Ann Banks       1763            Virginia                        1815                    Trigg Co Ky                                     Children
Mary            1792            Northhampton NC 1843                    Trigg Co Ky
Rebecca         1792            Northhampton NC                         Texas
David           Feb 27 1798     Northhampton NC Mar 14 1877             Trigg Co Ky
Alexander       Oct 02 1800     Northhampton NC Mar 14 1877             Trigg Co Ky
Sally           Sep 27 1804     Northhampton NC Oct 22 1867             Trigg Co Ky
Ada Eliza       1810            Caldwell Co Ky          Apr 1865                Graves Co Ky
Jane            1812            Caldwell Co Ky          Sep 18 1896             Taylorville, Ill
Banks                                                   died young                               
Mary Randolph married Basil George the s/o Andrew George Feb 15 1812 in Caldwell Co, Ky.  Basil George was born 1790 and died 1850 in Sumter Co,

Rebecca Randolph married Mahala Ingram  the s/o Marmaduke  and Margaret 
Ingram on Feb 02 1812 in Caldwell Co. Ky.

David Randolph married Mrs Mary Polly Emerson Campbell the daughter of 
William and Nancy Cameron  who was born Oct 24 1802 in Tennesse on Jan 
16 1819 in Christian County Kentucky. David is buried on his farm in 
Trigg Co Ky.  There is no marker.

Alexander Randolph married Malinda Watkins the d/o Samuel and Mary 
Watkins who was born August 25, 1814 in Tennessee on Sep 06 1832 in
 Caldwell Co. Ky.  He is buried in the Redd Cemetery, Trigg Co, Ky.

Sally Randolph married Bennett J. Wilford the son of Isham Wilford and 
Winnifred Thomas who was born on June 04 1802 in Bertie Co. N.C. on 
September 23 1822 in Trigg Co. Ky.  She is buried on the old Ben Wilford 
farm in Trigg Co Ky.

Ada Eliza Randolph married Robert Wilford the son of Isham Wilford and 
Winnifred Thomas who was born in 1810 in  N.C. on Sep 17 1831 in Trigg 
Co Kentucky.  She is buried at Old Liberty Church, Graves Co.

Jane Randolph married Josiah Langley son of John and Patsy Langley on 
September 10, 1827 in Trigg Co, Ky.  Josiah Langley died Oct 27 1855 at 
Taylorville, Ill.  They moved to Christian Co, Ill.

Jane Randolph daughter of William Randolph and Ann Banks
married Josiah Langley son of John and Patsy Langley
on Sep 10 1827 in Trigg Co, Ky.

Jane Randolph   1812            Caldwell Co Ky          Sep 18 1896             Taylorville, Ill
Josiah Langley                                          Oct 17 1855             Taylorville, Ill
William F       1830            Trigg Co Ky
Malinda R       1836            Ill
Robert P                1832            Ill
Alfred C                1844            Ill
Mary E                          Ill
Amanda J        1838            Ill

Rebecca Randolph married Addison A.W. hammer.
Malinda R. Randolph married Gavin Ralston.
Robert P. Randolph married Irene Clark.
Mary E. Randolph married Gavin R. Adams.
Amanda J Randolph never married.


 Blake and Christian Baker
Cadiz, Trigg County, Ky

In possession of                        The Trigg County Baker Family
                                Cadiz, Trigg County, Kentucky

Bible:                          The New Testament of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Blake Baker, born in 1763, is buried in the Baker grave yard in Trigg,
 Land grant in Christian Co. Ky.  Dec 12, 1799-200 acres on Cumberland 
River, from Jillson¹s land grants book 17, page 384, at the line in 
Christian County.  In 1809 Caldwell County was formed from Christian,
 and the Blake Baker farm in Caldwell later in Trigg will made while he 
lived in Caldwell County.  Apr 1820 Blake Baker willed to wife 
Christiana Children: Thomas L, Blake, Polly, Gregory, Christiana,
 Freezie, Brother John.  Wit. James Bowland.  One name was too dim to
 read. Ex. wife Christiana.  John A. Phelp.

The first son Thomas L. married Malinda E. Cunningham daughter of 
William and Nancy Carr Cunningham.

Blake Baker born 1763 is buried in the Baker grave yard in Trigg Co, Ky.
  Land Grant in Christian Co. Ky. Dec 12, 1799.

This was copied ³as written².

Miles Hollowell of Perquiman Co. N.C. 
and Anna Smithwick  of
Parkervsville, Trigg County, Kentucky

Bible:                          Maureen Carpenter Brown
                                Aiken , South Carolina
                                February 16, 1963

Copied from original record - second record - first clipped from Bible to accompany affidavits.

Mary L. Hollowell daughter of Miles and Ann Hollowell departed this 
life August the 18th, 1865 between 5 and 6 o¹clock in the evening.

Irvin Hollowell died April 22nd, 1871.

Whitby Hollowell was borned  January 16, 1793.

Irvin Hollowell was borned July, 4 1796.        .

 Noah  Hollowell was borned September 27, 1798.

Sovereign Hollowell was born March 7, 1801.

Julyann Hollowell was born Aug 13?, 1820.

Penelope Hollowell was borned July 31, 1804.

Lucretia Hollowell was borned september 20, 1806.

Sally Hollowell was born date as Irwin Hollowell.

Eliza Hollowell was born January 20, 1809.

Mary Hollowell was born  ? 11th 1812.

Addeline Hollowell was born 27th ?, 1819.
Addeline Hollowell departed this life Nov the 20th 1851.

Lot Hollowell was born March 7, 1817.

Miles Hollowell was married to Ann Smithwick on March 27, 1792.

Lucy (Sally) Hollowell the daughter of Miles Hollowell and Ann 
married James McGough  February 16, 1812.

Whitby Hollowell the son of Miles and Ann Hollowell was married to 
Margaret  Larkins October 5, 1813.

Penelope Hollowell daughter of Miles and Ann Hollowell was married to 
William Larkins October 19, 1819.

Mary Ann Hollowell wife of Irvin was borned Feb 7, 1802
and departed this life the 21 May, 1863 age
61 years 3 months and 20 days.

Isaac P. Hollowell was born March 19, 1852 and died June the 18th 1896.

Whitby Hollowell the son of Miles Hollowell and Ann his fie
departed this life October the 4th , 4 o¹clock in the morning,  1822

Mary Smithwick the mother of Ann Hollowell departed
this life November the 20, 1809.

Julyann Hollowell daughter of Miles Hollowell and Ann his wife
departed this life the 26th day of October 1823.

Miles Hollowell father of the above departed this life the
6th day of February 1843 at 9 o¹clock in the evening being
82 years and 2 days old.

Ann Hollowell mother of the above departed this life October the 7th 1846 at 1 o¹clock in the evening.



Our Grandmother Duvalls was Miss Elizabeth Henry Withers before her 
marriage to our Grandfather Colmore Duvalls.  She was born in Gallatin 
Tennessee.  Her father was Hugh Henry Withers and was also born in 
Sumner County Tennesse in or near the town of Gallatin.  His mother was Katie Henry before her marriage and was one of the early pioneers from
 Virginia, her first husband¹s name was Porter and was tomahawked and 
scalped by the indians before her eyes near their fort in Sumner County 
Tenn, afterwards she married our great great grandfather Hugh Withers.,
 same name as the son that was our grandmother¹s father.  Kaie Henry 
came of the old Virginia Henry family and was blood relation to the 
noted orator and statesman Patrick Henry .   Our great grandmother 
Withers was thrice married before her marriage.  She first married a man 
named Avant, who died in the war of 1812 leaving her with three little 
girls, named our great Aunt Lenoa Belle, Mary Reasons and Martha.  Hugh 
H. Withers was at that time a soldier in General Jacksons Army and was 
in the famous battle of New Orleans.  He returned to Tennessee and later 
married the widow Avant, who was then only 20 years old.  The first 
child born after she married our great grandfather was Elizabeth H.
 Withers our great grandmother Duvalls.  Other Withers children were ---
- Smith and Minerva who died .  The  Withers boys were named, John, 
Pitt, James and Thomas.  Our Duvalls grandparents were marred in 
Clarksville August 13, 1834.  Their first child was named Belvedere.
  Our grandmother Duvalls (Elizabeth Withers) and our father¹s 
grandmother Kenner (Martha Avant) were half sisters.

(Aunt Sis wrote this for Charles Duvalls)

Maureen Carpenter Brown
P.O. Box 107
Aiken, South Carolina
August 23, 1960

Levi Hollowell born before 1735 married Zilpha Parker 
the daughter of Jonathan Parker
Their children were:
Miles Hollowell Feb 04 1760     Perquiman Co, N C       Feb 06 1843             Trigg Co Ky
Lelah Hollowell
Nancy Hollowell
John Hollowell
Ashley Hollowell
Mary Hollowell  1781            Martin, N.C.            Sep 07 1853             Trigg Co Ky

Miles Hollowell s/o Levi Hollowell and Zilpha Parker
born Feb 04 1760 in Perquiman, N.C.
Ann Smithwick d/o John and Mary Smithwick
on Mar 271792

There children were:
Whitby  Jan 14 1793     Martin, N C             Oct 04 1822     Ky                       
Irvin   Feb 04 1796     Martin, N.C.            Apr 22 1876     Lamasco, Trigg Co, Ky
Sally   Feb 04 1796     Martin, N.C.            
Noah    Apr 27 1798     Martin, N.C.            Nov 30 1872
Soverign        Jul 31 1804     Martin, N C             
Penelope        Jul 31 1804     Martin, N C
Lucretia        Sep 20 1806
Eliza Ann       Jun 20 1809     N.C.
Mary L  Jun 11 1812     Trigg Co Ky             Aug 18 1865     Ky
Adaline Sep 24 1814     Trigg Co Ky             Nov 20 1850
 July Ann       Aug 13 1820     Trigg Co Ky             Oct 18 1823     Ky

Whitby married Margaret Larkins Oct 05 1813 in Kentucky.
Irvin married Mary Ann Parker Oct 29 1829 
Sally married James McHugh
No marriage recorded for Noah
Soverign married Nancy Brandon  Jul 26 1831
Penelope married William Larkin Oct 19 1819.
No marriage recorded for Lucretia
Eliza Ann married John L. Brandon Sep 16 1834
No marriage recorded for Mary L
Adaline married Willis Dearing Mar 26 1846.
Lott Hollowell married Elizabeth Kenady Nov 18 1843, Trigg Co, Ky.
No marriage recorded for July Ann.

Mary  Smithwick the mother of Ann Smithwick  Hollowell  wife of Miles Hollowell was born 1773 and died November 20, 1809 in Martin, N.C.

Irvin Hollowell the s/o Miles Hollowell and Ann Smithwick
who was born Feb 04, 1796 in Martin, N.C.
Mary Ann Parker the d/o Robert T and Millie Parker
 who was born Feb 07 1802 and died May 27, 1863 in Parkersville, Trigg Co, Ky
Oct 29 1829.

 Their children were:

Isaac   Mar 29 1832             Ky              Jun 18 1896
Irwin S.        Mar 19 3838             Caldwell Co Ky  Jul 18 1906     Lamasco, Trigg, Ky

No marriage listed for Robert
Isaac married Lucy Slaughter
Dr Irwin Smithwick Hollowell married Elizabeth Frances Garnett Sep 10 1864.
Susan Hollowell
William Hollowell

Robert T. Parker was born Jan 12 1775 and died 8 Dec 1838 in Parkersville, Trigg Co, Ky
he married
They were the parents of Mary Ann Parker
the wife of
Irvin Hollowell
Mary Ann        Feb 07 1802                             May 27 1863     Parkersville, Trigg, Ky.

Dr Irwin Smithwick Hollowell  the s/o Irvin and Mary Hollowell
Elizabeth Frances Garnett the d/o Jeptha Garnett and Maranda Henderson
who was born Mar 20 1849 and died 18 Jul 1925 in Lamasco, Trigg Co, Ky
on Sep 10, 1864

Their children were:

Isaac Thos      May 19 1867             Ky              Jun 1950
Anna M  May 19 1869             Ky              1951
Elmer Edwin     Nov 1872                Ky              Sep 1952
Jeptha J        1873                    Ky              Jul 1930
Chas. Edw.      Mar 27 1875             Ky              Sep 1903
Mary Susan      1877                    Ky              Feb 1926        Ky
Martha A        1879                    Ky
Catherine E     Jun 05 1882             Ky              Sep 12 1956     Ky
Yancey S        May 19 1884             Ky              Mar 1940        Ky
Cecil R 1886                    Ky              
Miles R Jul 13 188              Ky              Feb 1938        Ky
Iva Stella      Mar 23 1891             Ky              Feb 19 1977
Irvin G Nov 1891                Ky              Apr 07 1957     Ky

Isaac Thomas Hollowell married Malia Leneave.
Anna Maranda Hollowell married Bud Bell.
Elmer Edwin Hollowell married Josie Craven.
Jeptha Jonathan Hollowell married Minnie Crow.
Charles Edward Hollowell married Lysetta Gray.
Mary Susan Hollowell married Charles Rorark.?
Martha Amaryllia Hollowell married Jim Vinson.
Catherine Elizabeth Hollowell married James Cummins.
Yancey Smithwick Hollowell married Nona Blackburn.
Cecil Randolph Hollowell married Alice Hyde.
No marriages recorded for Miles Emmett Hollowell.
Iva Stella Hollowell married Ferdinand Carpenter Nov 29 1909.
Irvin Garnett Hollowell married a Crow.

Jeptha Garnett married  Maranda Henderson  the d/o Bennett and Catherine Henderson
on Oct 25, 1842.  They were the parents of
Elizabeth Frances Garnett the wife of
Irwin Smithwick Hollowell.

Their Children were:
Elizabeth F     Mar 20 1849                             Jul 18 1925     Lamasco, Trigg, Ky
Thomas H.

Elizabeth Frances Garnett married Irwin Smithwick Hollowell Sep 10 1864.
Catherine Garnett married Jim White.
No marriage listed for Sudie Garnett.
No marriage listed for James Garnett.
No marriage listed for Thomas Hollowell Garnett
Lucy Garnett married Tyron Smith.

Maranda Henderson Garnett is buried in the Henderson family cemetery.
  Family cemetery  just about abolished .  Stones broken and buried. 
 Located behind Henderson old home place.

Bennett Henderson who was born Nov 9 1795 and Died Mar 16 1865 
married a lady named Catherine.
They were the parents of Maranda Henderson who married
Jeptha Garnett

A. Mr Avant married a Mrs Trice  who was born about 1792.
Avant was in the war of 1812.  He was killed in the War of 1812 leaving
his wife a widow at age 20 with three daughters.

Their children were:
Martha          1812                            Nov 01 1883             Todd Co Ky

No marriage or information for Lenoa Avant.
No marriage or information for Mary Avant.
Martha Avant married Andrew Jackson Kenner.

The Widow Avant (Trice)  then married Hugh Henry Withers
the s/o Hugh Withers and Kate Henry

Their children were:
Elizabeth Henry Dec 09 1814     Sumner, Tn      April 13, 1885          Trigg, Ky

Elizabeth Henry Withers married Colmore Duvall Aug 13 1834 in Clarksville, Tn.

Andrew Jackson Kenner who died Jan 15, 1884, in Fairview, Todd Co
married Martha Avant, the d/o of Avant and Miss Trice.

Their children were:
Mary Louise             Aug 18 1849                     Jun 30 1868             Christian, Ky
Unknown         Apr 06 1846                     Mar 18 1863
R.I.                    Aug 18 184-                     June ---

Mary Louise Kenner married Luther Rawlins Carpenter Mar 06 1856.

Coleman Duvall who was born Aug 9, 1810 in Clarksville, Tn and died 
February 10, 1886 in Trig Co, Ky married Elizabeth Henry Withers, the 
d/o Hugh Henry Withers and Mrs. Avant
Aug 14, 1834 in Clarksville, Tenn.
Their Children were:
Amazon          Nov 27 1840                     Mar 24 1843
Josiah          Jan 21 1846                     Dec 07 1858
Elizabeth Cliddy        Jul 28 1853                     Dec 10 1858
Emma            Apr 01 1857                     Dec 13 1912             Trigg, Ky
Columbia Elizabeth      1844            Ky              
Isabella                Jun 24 1848     Ky              Feb 28 1900
Pitt                    Nov 22 1850

No information on Belvedere
No information on Amazon who died young.
No information on Josiah who died at age 12.
No information on Elizabeth Cliddy who died at age 5.
Emma Duvall married William Newton Carpenter Jun 12, 1881.
Columbia Elizabeth Duvall married Erastus R. Nichols Feb 18 1869.
Australia Duvall married James R. Ramey Oct 18, 1860.
No information on Isabella.
Pitt Duvall married Sarah Ann Smith April 23, 1873.

Luther Rawlin Carpenter who was born Jun 2 1836 and died Dec 28 1894 in
 Earlington, Todd Co, Ky married Mary Louise Kenner the d/o Andrew 
Jackson Kenner and Martha Avant.
Their Children were:

Wm Newton               Jan 27 1860     Todd Co, Ky     Nov 16 1916             Trigg, Ky
Susan B         Jan 22 1867
Thos Redford    
Cora Bettie
Jeff Davis              Dec 14 1861                     Dec 14 1861
Mattie Bell             June 14 186-

William Newton Carpenter married Emma Duvall January 12, 1881

William Newton Carpenter the s/o Luther Rawlins Carpenter and Mary 
Louise Kenner  who was born Jun 27 1860, Fairview Todd Co, Ky and died 
Nov 16 1916, Trigg Co, Ky
Emma Duvall the d/o Colmore Duvall and Elizabeth Henry Withers
Their children were:
Elizabeth               May 13 1882
Luther          Oct 20 1883
Walter          Feb 27 1885
Mary Louis              Jan 21 1887
Columbia Duvall Mar 27 1891
Eugene          Sep 08 1885
Ferdinand               Feb 25 1887             Trigg, Ky       Feb 20 1929     McCracken,Ky
Ovid Jerome             Oct 24 1902
Australia Evangeline    Oct 24 1902             Trigg, Ky

Elizabeth Carpenter married Charles Wilson.
Luther Carpenter married a lady named Lulu.
Walter Carpenter married Emilou Duvall.
Mary Louise Carpenter married Ebb Henderson.
Columbia Duvall Carpenter married Earl Henderson.
No marriage listed for Eugene Carpenter.
No marriage listed for Arthur Carpenter.
Ferdinand Carpenter married Iva Stella Hollowell.
No marriage listed for Ovid Jerome Carpenter.
Australia Evangeline Carpenter married Henry Jackson Bannister.

Ferdinand Carpenter the s/o William Newton Carpenter and Emma Duvall
  who was born Feb 25, 1887 in Trigg Co, Ky and died Feb 20 1929, in 
McCracken Co, Ky married Iva Stella Hollowell the d/o Irwin Smithwick 
Hollowell and Elizabeth Frances Garnett who was born Mar 23, 1891 in 
Lyon Co and died Feb 19 1977 on November 29 1909.
Their children were:
Nell Louise             Oct 15 1910             Trigg Co, Ky
Emma Francis    Apr 07 1914             Trigg Co, Ky
Irwin           Mar 04 1918             Trigg Co, Ky
Ferdie Maureen  Jan 19 1921             Trigg Co, Ky

Nell Louise Carpenter married Claude B. Terrell.
Emma Francis Carpenter married Eugene Thomas Fleming at Paducah, 
McCracken Co, Ky.
Irwin Carpenter married Beatrice Ozment.
Ferdie Maureen Carpenter married Richard A. Brown.



In the name of God Amen I, Levi Hollowell, of Martin County, in the 
State of North Carolina, being in a declining state of bodily health but 
of sound perfect mind and memory and understanding, praise be and 
forgive to Almighty God to make and ordain this my present last will and
 testament in me and soon following, that is to say, first and mainly I 
commit my soul into the hand of the Almighty God hoping through the 
merits, death and pafsion (Passion) of my Savior Jesus Christ to have 
found and free forgiveness of all my sins and to inherit everlasting 
life and my body I commit to earth to be decently buried at directions 
of my executors herein named as touching the disposition of all such 
temporal estate as it hath pleased Almighty God to bestow upon me I give
 and discharge there as followeth:

First I will that my debts and funeral charges shall be paid and discharged.

Item - - I give unto my wife, Ziphy, 1/3rd of the land where, I now lie 
during her life or widowhood and afterwards to descend and belong to my son John.

Item --I give unto my daughter Mary one feathered bed and furniture, one 
cow and calf, one spinning wheel, one tub and pail, one chest, three 
pewter plates, one small pot.

Item -- I give unto my daughter Ashley ten shillings.

Item -- I give unto my daughter Lelah ten shillings.

Item -- I give unto my son Miles ten shillings.

Item -- I give unto my daughter ? ten shillings.

Item -- I give unto my daughter Nancy ten shillings.

Item -- I give, devise and bequeath unto my son John the land and
 plantation where I now live bounded by lines as followeth:  Beginning 
at a pine, agreed corner between Levi Hollowell and Thomas Reddick,
 thence running along agreed line of marked trees between Levi Hollowell 
and Thomas Reddick to a pine agreed corner between Miles Hollowell and 
John Hollowell, thence turning agreed line of marked trees betwist Miles
  Hollowell and John Hollowell to the mouth of a branch thence up the 
said branch to a sassafras and pine wood stump, thence across a sige to 
persimmon tree standing in the branch next to where I now live, thence 
up the said branch to a maple stand in the mouth of a small branch and 
thence up the said branch a line of marked trees the Jesse Cherry¹s
 line, thence running Jesse Cherry¹s line to John Stewart¹s line, thence 
to John Stewart¹s line to the beginning.  I give the above tract of land
 to my son John, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns
 forever.  Also I give him one horse by the name of Princess, two cows
 and calves and a heifer possession and their increase and all my copper
 tools and my carpenter tools, one sheep, and all the rest and residue
 of my goods and chattels and household stuff whatever not willed I give
 unto my wife Zilphey during her natural life or widowhood and
 afterwards to descend is to belong to my son John Hollowell.

I do constitute and appoint my wife Zilphy Hollowell and my son John
 Hollowell full and sole  executors of this my last will and testament.

I do invoke and disannul and make void all other wills and testaments 
and with this to be my last will and testament.

Witness whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal this 4th day of March, 1796.

Sealed, published and declared in the presence of.

Jesse Cherry Durant
Daniel Cherry                           // Levi Hollowell

Found in the office of the Clerk of Court for Martin County, N.C. in Will Book 1, page 415.

Hezakiah B. Watkins and Diannah Wade
Cerulean, Trigg County, Kentucky

Now in possession of:                   Mrs Tommy Watkins
Mt Zion Methodist Church Community
Cerulean, Trigg Co, Ky

Hezakiah B. Watkins             born    Nov 01                  marred          Dianna Wade
Dianna Wade                     born    Nov 27 1807
John R Watkins                  born    Jun 01 1828,    married         Mildred Husk
Samuel J. Watkins               born    Jan 22, 1830,   married         Martha Boyd
Euphemia E?, Watkins            born    Jun 19 1831     married                 Bourne.
Judith Ann Watkins              born    Oct 25, 1832.
Martha J. Watkins               born    Mar12, 1834,    married         Plemons 
Hezakiah T. Watkins             born    Sep 12, 1835,   married         Mary E. Boyd
Charles J. Watkins              born    May 27, 1837    married         Menarva Bourne
Mary C. Watkins                 born    Nov 27, 1840
Wiley S. ?. Watkins             born    June 5, 1840    Died in the Confederate Army at Hoptown.
George W. Watkins               born    Mar 11 1842     married         Lucretia Brandon
Francis W. Watkins              born    Mar 11, 1842    Died in the Confederate Army in Miss.
Susan V. Watkins                        born    April 04, 1841  married                 Taylor
Jesse M. Watkins                        born    May 03, 1847    married                 Mollie Bourne
Sarah C. Watkins                        born    May 10 1849     married         Burton
Caroline E. Watkins             born    Oct 15 1851     died            at 20 yrs of age

Marshall Sanders and wife Sarah
Wallonia, Trigg County, Kentucky

Now in Possession of:                   Sanders Family in Wallonia
                                        Wallonia, Trigg Co, Kentucky

Bible                                   1827

Marshall Sanders and Sarah Sanders, bought April 16, 1837.

Louis Sanders was married to Viola Sanders, February 17, 1891.

Marvin Rudolph Sanders was born December 11, 1891.

Clarence Murl Sanders was born January 23, 1895.

This Bible went through the Civil War.

W.D. Sanders and Sally Mitchell
Trigg County, Kentucky

Bible:                                  The Holy Bible
                                        Old and New Testament

                                        Translated out of The Original Tongues
                                        Stereotyped for the American Bible Society by D & G Bruce
                                        Printer D. Fonshaw, New York, 1829

W.D. Sanders
June 17, 1839 - June 26 1917
Sally Mitchell
December 29, 1857.

Mary Jane Sanders               born    Oct 08 1858
Christifer Columbus Sanders     born    Mar 16 1861     died    June 09 1862
John James Sanders              born    Jun 10 1863
Allie Sanders           born    May 31, 1865
William Thomas Sanders  born    Feb 09 1868
Levi Lexie Florence Sanders     born    May 21870
Viola Dell Sanders              born    Feb 07 1872
Jordon Stuart Sanders           born    Jan 19 1874     died    Mar 19 1876
Infant Sanders          born    Mar 14, 1876    and     died
Ophelia Sanders         born    Nov 09 1879     died    Dec 07 1882
Zona Lee Sanders                born    Oct 02 1882


 Mollie Sanders                 married                 Hop Bridges             Dec 06, 1883
J.J. Sanders                    married                 Amelia A. Spradley      Sep 06 1885


Clarence Murrall Sanders        Route 2, Cobb, Trigg Co, Ky     Discharge from WWI      Aug 31, 1917

John W. Caldwell and Lucinda Young
Cadiz, Trigg County, Kentucky

Now in Possession of:                           Mrs Thomas Briles
                                                Paducah, McCracken, Ky

John D. Caldwell son of John and Elizabeth P. Caldwell 
was married to Lucinda M. Young 
age 16 the first day of Aprile the Daughter of William Young and Elizabeth Young
this 16th day of  --- 1837.

John D. Caldwell son of John and Elizabeth P. Caldwell was married to 
Mary Jane Bearden daughter of Rasmus and Dicy Bearden this the 13th day
 of November 1852.

John W. Caldwell was married to Mrs Lou----- Hines

J W Caldwell of John and Le------ Caldwell was married to Betty Rudolph
 daughter of Elijah  Rudolph

John W. Caldwell son of John and Elizabeth P. Caldwell was born January the 27th 1820.

Lucinda M. Caldwell daughter of William and Elizabeth Young was born 
April the 1st, 1822.

Elizabeth P. Caldwell was born Oct the 13th, 1847 and died June 22 1925.

John W. Caldwell was born July the 25th, 1849.

Christopher T. Caldwell was born November 13, 1851?

Mary J. Caldwell was born November  8, 1835.

Joseph Erasmus? Caldwell was born August the 2nd, 1856.

Sarah E. Caldwell was born November 12, 1859.

Verginia B. Caldwell was born May 24th, 1862.

Phenis A. Caldwell was born June the 6th, 1864.

---- Caldwell was born Sept 3rd 1868
(Salle is marked out and Mary wrote in)

Mary Caldwell was born Sept 3rd, 1868

Mallie Bourland Caldwell was born August the 29th 1871.

Lucinda M. Caldwell died March 22, 1852

Christerphur T. Caldwell died March 7th 1852

Joseph Erasmus Caldwell died October 17th, 1857.

Aunt Mary Caldwell died December the 29th, 1857.

Verginia Bell Caldwell died August 17th, 1868.

(Sallie marked out) Mary Caldwell died Oct 25th, 1868.

Jane Caldwell died the 23rd day of April 1874 
daughter of  R.Trig Bearden?

John W. Caldwell son of John & Elizabeth V Caldwell
died the 31st day of Feb 187-.

Sarah C. Overstreet  died March 02, 1881

Mallie Bourland Caldwell died Feb 09 1898.

Sarah Ellen Caldwell Overstreet was the wife of James Daniel Overstreet
son of Elesha Overstreet, one daughter Mary Lou Pace.

John W. Overstreet son of James P. and Emily Overstreet was
married  ---- 25th 1864 to Elizabeth P. Caldwell
Daughter of John and  Lucinda Caldwell
Lucinda M. Caldwell died March 22, 1852.

 John W. Overstreet was born August 26, 1844.   Elithebeth P. Overstreet
 was borned October 15, 1847.
Anna Overstreet was borne September 22, 1866    William P. Overstreet 
was borne December 10th, 1867.

Charley Clinton Overstreet was born Dec 29, 1870.       Robert Otie 
Overstreet was borne September 22, 1873.

James P. Overstreet was married to Emily Smith  J.W. Overstreet was married to Elizabeth T. Caldwell
December 24, 1839.                              December the 25th, 1864.

Baker S. Overstreet was married to Lucinda.             Sarah E. Overstreet was married to  William Davis
Young October 14, 1869.                                 November 30, 1869.

Reuben Overstreet was married to Elizabeth              Baker S. Overstreet was married to Ida Hines
TurK? Feb 15 1872.                              Oct 27 1872.

Mary Lucinda Overstreet was married to          A.W. Overstreet was married to Minnie M. Elliot
Alford C. Fisher November 20, 1883.             December 4, 1884.

Hell-- C. Overstreet was married W.A. Powell,   D----J. Overstreet married to Hugh M Saunders
May 13, 1886.                                   April 18, 1888.

James P. Overstreet was borned December         Emily Overstreet  was borned April 23, 1821.
December 27th, 1820.

Sarah Elizabeth Overstreet was borned July              John William Overstreet was borned August
the 1st 1842.                                   the 26th, 1844.

James Thomas Overstreet was borned              Reuben S. Overstreet was borned September
February 9th, 1847.                             September 11th, 1849.

Baker S. Overstreet was borned January          Mary Lucinda Overstreet was borned October
the 7th 1852.                                   17th, 1854.

Emily Florence Overstreet was borned            Lissie Jane Thadonia Overstreet was borned 
December the 2nd 1856.                          March 1, 1859.

Hetta C. Overstreet was borned March            Malinda L. Overstreet was borned February 11
the 26th, 1861.                                 1853.

Alfonza W. Overstreet was borned                        James O. Burroughs? was borned June 17 1861.
September 11th 1868.

Ettie Florence Davis was borned July            Sarah Elizabeth Davis was borned June 20, 1875.
20th 1871.

James Thomas Overstreet Dide May                Malinda Lu--- Overstreet Died Oct 13\4, 1870.
the 28th 1848.

Sarah Elizabeth Davis dide June 27th 1873.              Orie/? Florence Overstreet died August 6th, 1886.

Toy Willard Overstreet died May 3rd 1887.               Emily Overstreet died Feb 1, 1892.

James P. Overstreet died April 17, 1896.                J.O. Burroughs died Aug 29, 1919.

John W. Overstreet died Oct 11, 1919.           Elizabeth Caldwell Overstreet wife of John W.
                                                Overstreet Died June 22, 1925.

Anna Overstreet died  on Sept 22, 1866.                 Charley Clinton Overstreet died May 6, 1871

Elizabeth P. Overstreet wife of  John W.                William P. Overstreet died March 18, 1935.
Overstreet died June 11, 1925

Reuben S. Overstreet died Oct 6, 1900.          Hattie Qurk Overstreet died July 9, 1932.------------------

George W. Kirk
Alice Armstrong
 Linton, Trigg County, Kentucky

Now in Possession of:                   George Washington Kirk, Jr
                                        Paducah, McCracken County, Ky
                                        January 19, 1963

George W. Kirk and Alice Armstrong
were solemnly united by me in the bonds of
Holy Matrimony
at Laura Furnace on the 28th day of January in the year of our Lord
One Thousand Eighteen hundred and seventy-four conformably to the
Ordinance of God and the Laws of the State

In Presence of
Mag Woolridge                                   Dennis House
Henry Scaggs                                    S---- Woods

George Kirk                             1855            Jan 21 1874     Sept 29 1900
Alice Armstrong Kirk    Trigg Co Ky     1858            Jan 21 1874     Nov 29 1943
William? I Kirk                         Jan 2 1875                      Aug 05 1906
D. Kirk                                 Feb 13, 1877                    May 1883
M. Jane Kirk                            Feb 01 1878                     Oct 09 1878
G. Rowery Kirk                          Jul 03 1879                     May 15 1883
W. Garfield Kirk                                April 3 1880
G.C. Hesters    ?                       May 28 1882                     May 18 1883
G.W. Kirk               Linton, Ky      Mar 02, 1884
Nancy Kirk              Kuttawa Ky      Oct 2 1885                      Apr 1 1886
Roxie Kirk              Kuttawa KY      June 04 1887
Prudie Kirk             Kuttawa  Ky     Dec 15 1888
L.A. Kirk               Kuttawa Ky      May 25 1890
Carrie Kirk             Kuttawa Ky      Nov 03 1891
Virgie Kirk             Paducah Ky      Jan 1 1893
Emma Kirk               Paducah Ky      Apr 15 1895                     Sep 21 1896
Robie Kirk              Paducah  Ky     Nov
Lula Mae Dixon          Paducah Ky      1904                            Jun 20 1928
George Roberson?        Paducah         Jun 12 1926

Marshall Wallis and Janie May Freeman
Trigg County, Kentucky

Now in Possession of:                   Photocopy Mrs. William Sellers           

Bible:                                  Holy Bible


May (Freeman) Wallace  was born May 1st, 1873 at Kokomo, Indiana

Marshall Wallis was born May 24th 1870 at Cadiz, Ky

David Irvin Wallis was born May 10th 1892 at Cadiz, Kentucky

Ettie Lee Wallis was born August 27, 1894 at Cadiz, Kentucky

Jessie Franklin Wallis was born August 19th 1897 at Cadiz, Kentucky

Baby Wallis born and died November 9th, 1899 at Cadiz, Kentucky

William Cecil Wallis was born March 10, 1901 in Cadiz, Kentucky

Bessie Lue Wallis was born May 29th 1903 in Cadiz, Kentucky

John Marshall Wallis was born January 27, 1906 in Cadiz, Kentucky

Luther Herman Wallis was born January 11th 1909 in Cadiz, Kentucky

Loyd Wiston Wallis was born January 25th, 1911 in Cadiz, Kentucky

Jessie Lee Wallis was born January 15th, 1920 in Evansville, Ind.

Catherine Marie Wallis was born July 29th, 1921 in Evansville, Ind

Edith May Stampfli was born March 3, 1922 in Evansville, Ind.


Irvin W. Wallis was born August 04, 1834

Sarah A. Wallis was born April 3, 1842.

Walter Wallis was born July 23, 1866.

Marshall Wallis was born May 24, 1870

Lila Wallis was born February 24, 1873

Claudie Wallis was born July 18, 1875

Sammy Wallis was born October 1, 1878


Sarahann Rosietillie Freeman Timmons died Oct 26th 1916.

Nancy L. Edwards was born December 29, 1810 and died December 6, 1880.

Niece Wallis died October 15, 1910

Irvin W. Wallis died October 12, 1910

Sarah A. Wallis died March 11, 1910

Claudie Wallis Freeman died April 17, 1902.

Sammy Wallis died at Montgomery July 10, 1879.

Janie May Wallis died May 3, 1947.


Irvin W. Wallis and Sarah A. Edwards were married February 9, 1865.

John L. Freeman and Claudie Wallis were married November 22, 1891.

Marshall Wallis and May Freeman were married October 12, 1891.

George W. Goodwin and Lila Wallis were married August 12, 1892.

Walter Wallis and Elizabeth Parker were married March 1, 1900.

Tandy Sons and Willy Wallis were married May ---.


Mary Elisabeth Freeman was born Oct 23, 1868.

John Lindsay Freeman was born August 1st, 1870.

Janie May Freeman was born May 1st 1873.

William Oto Freeman was born February 12, 1876.

Sarahann Rosietille Freeman was born October 26, 1878.

Errea Myrtle Freeman was born February 25th, 1882.

Marvin Freeman was born September 26th, 1887.

Ernest Erl Freeman was born March 11, 1888.

Nancy Freeman was born July 4, 1847.

David Freeman was born Jan 11, 1849.


Betty Jane Freeman
Evansville, Indiana

Now in Possession of:                   Mrs William H. Sellers
                                        Mt. Vernon, Indiana
                                        May 1995

Bible:                                  The Inspirational Bible
                                        Published by John A. Dickson Publishing Co.
                                        Chicago, Ill.

William Thomas Freeman was born February 6, 1910 in Cadiz Kentucky

Hazel Lurline Faughn was born January 7, 1916 in Cadiz, Kentucky

William Thomas Freeman and Hazel Lurline Faughn were married September 15, 1935
in Trigg County, Kentucky.


Betty Jane Freeman was born March 25, 1937 in Cadiz, Trigg County, Kentucky.

Betty Jane Freeman and William Henry Sellers were married June 20, 1953 I
in Evansville, Ind.


 John Lindsay Freeman married Claudie Wallis  Nov 22, 1891.
their children were:
Sam Wilford             1894            Trigg Co Ky     1975            Evansville, Ind.
Lucy Lu         Jun 19 1900     Trigg Co Ky     Apr 8, 1926     Trigg Co Ky

Sam Wilford Freeman married Grace Marie Page Nov 28 1917, Evansville, Indiana.

Lucy Lu Freeman married William T. Ladd Sep 21 1916 in Trigg Co, Ky.

Sara Florence Allen married Allison Boyd
s/o Permetus Boyd and Martha Bounds
their children were:
John W          Dec 1887        Trigg Co Ky
Clarence G              May 01 1896     Trigg Co Ky     Oct 1975                Louisville, Ky
Hattie          1901            Trigg Co K
Allison Boyd was born Sep 13 1865 in Trigg Co Ky and died March 5, 1904 in Trigg Co, Ky.

John W. Boyd married Mary Roberts  August 1906 in Metropolis, Ill.

Clarence G. Boyd married Florence Routen.

Hattie Boyd married Will Weller

John Lindsay Freeman married Sara Florence Allen
their children were:

 Robert David   Sep 13 1908     Trigg Co Ky     Jun 19 1969     Calvert City, Ky
William Thomas  Feb 06 1910     Trigg Co Ky     May 5, 1964     Evansville, In

Robert David Freeman married Ruby Allen the d/o James Lee and Mollie Greenwood Allen
in November 1929 in Trigg Co, Kentucky.

William Thomas Freeman married Hazel Lurline Faughn Sep 15, 1935 in  Trigg Co, Ky.


John Lindsay Freeman was born Aug 1, 1870 in Kokomo, Indiana. and died Mar 29, 1913.

Sara Florence Allen was born Jan 1, 1867 in Trigg Co, Ky and died Feb 10, 1919.


James Benjamin Faughn  the s/o John Dennis Faughn and Martha Mitchell
Martha Ann Faughn the d/o John H Faughn and Mildred Litchfield
on Oct 13, 1894 in Lyon Co, Kentucky.

James Benjamin Faughn was born Dec 23, 1872 in Lyon Co. Ky. and died Feb 04 1951 in Trigg Co. Ky

Martha Ann  Faughn was born Oct 10, 1877 at Lamasco, in Lyon Co. Ky and died  Sep18, 1961 .   

Their children were:
Adolphus Franklin       May 24 1895     Trigg Co Ky     Sep 22 1974     Cadiz, Ky
Mattie Mildred  Apr 19 1896     Trigg Co Ky     Feb 2 1935      Trigg Co Ky
Ada F           May 1897        Trigg Co Ky     1914/1918       Trigg Co Ky
Mary Elizabeth  Feb 14 1899     Trigg Co Ky     1964            Princeton, Ky
Francis Marion  Jan 25 1902     Trigg Co Ky     Dec 24 1943     Trigg Co Ky
Eliza Ann               Dec 13 1903     Trigg Co Ky     Oct 1 1974      Trigg Co Ky
Letha Alves             Feb 10 1907     Trigg Co Ky
Alpha Lou               Sep 19 1908     Lyon Co Ky      May 4, 1952     Evansville, Ind
Zan Benjamin    Oct 25 1911     Trigg Co Ky     Jan 16 1976     Trigg Co Ky
Robert Faughn   5 Jul 1913      Trigg Co Ky     July 1913       Trigg Co Ky
Alfred Archibald        Jul 5 1910      Trigg Co Ky     
Hazel Lurline.  Jan 07 1916     Trigg Co Ky     May 28, 1970    Evansville, In
Mamie Evelyn    Jan 17 1920     Trigg Co Ky     Aug 30 1927     Trigg Co Ky
Unnamed Infant                  Trigg Co Ky                     Trigg Co Ky


Adolphus Franklin Faughn married Beulah Lois Mitchell Nov 21, 1931 in Trigg Co. Ky.

Adolphus Franklin Faughn married Mary Hall

Mattie Mildred Faughn married Willie E. Burnham   in Trigg Co, Ky

Mattie Mildred Faughn married Robert Porter Gillespie

Ada F. Faughn married Homer Reddick Oct 15, 1914 in Trigg Co Ky..

Mary Elizabeth Faughn married William Luther Morris Jan 15, 1919 in Trigg Co.

Francis Marion Faughn married Bessie Henry.

Eliza Ann Faughn married John Edmond Malone Jun 6, 1923 at Hurricane, Trigg Co, Ky.

Letha Alves Faughn married Loyd Raymond Allen Apr 18, 1925 in Trigg Co, Ky.

Alpha Lou Faughn married Omer Louis Cain Dec 13, 1925 in Trigg Co, Ky.

Alfred A. Faughn married Beulah C. Wood Jun 14, 1943.

Alfred A Faughn married Pearl Calhoun June 7, 1981

Hazel Lurline Faughn married William Thomas Freeman Sep 15, 1935 in Trigg Co, Ky.