Unmarked Graves
Lyon Co., Ky. Cemeteries

The following records were taken from Ky. Vital Records - Death Certificates
and checked against the Lyon Co. Cemetery Books.
Stones may have been placed since the books were published.

(Check back often as more records will be added as they are found.)

Death Cert. # 30120    Death Volume 1913
Lee Olia Maddox
race   White   sex Female
b. April 14, 1863    d. Nov. 13, 1913
parents E. D. New b. Graves Co., Ky.& Eliza Rich b. Trigg Co., Ky.
informant B. F. Maddox, Kuttawa, Ky.
burial Kuttawa Cemetery, Ky.
note: Erasmus D. New md. Eliza Rich Oct. 17, 1856 Trigg Co., Ky.

Death Cert. #4980   Death Volume 1914
Matthew Armstrong Marquess
race   White  - sex   Male
Sept. 29, 1834 b. Sumner Co., Tenn.- Feb. 22, 1914
parents William Marquess & Lottie Armstrong
informant W. W. Marquess
burial Otter Pond Ky. (Caldwell Co.)
vot. pct. Lamasco

Death Cert. #7988   Death Volume 1914
N. G. Martin, Jr.
race   White  - sex   Male
Mar. 21, 1914 (Stillbirth)
parents N. G. Martin & Lillie Smith
informant N. G. Martin, Eddyville, Ky.
burial Smith Cem. Lyon Co.
vot. pct. East Eddyville

Death Cert. # 16507   Death Volume 1913
Thomas Edgar Martin
race   Black   sex Male
May 22, 1888 Shelby Co., Ky. - June 20, 1913
Parents Louis Martin & Nancy Dixon
cause of death - legal electrocution - Eddyville Penitentiary
body removed to Shelbyville, Ky.
informant Thomas Edgar Martin

Death Cert. # 16508    Death Volume 1913
General May
race   White   sex Male
b. 1872    d. June 27, 1913
parents Andrew May & Catherine Gilbert
informant General May
Ky. State Penitentiary --- cause of death Legal Electrocution
burial Elye, Ky.

Death Cert. # 22422   Death Volume 1913
Tillman McCarty
race   Black   sex Male
1876 -- Aug 8, 1913
Parents -- Dont Know
cause of death - tuberculosis- Eddyville Penitentiary
burial -- Lyon Co., Ky.
informant Clay Smith

Death Cert. #24924   Death Volume 1913
Infant McElroy
race   White  - sex   Male
3 mo. 11dys -- d. Sept 5, 1913
parents --Ollie McElroy & Wood Pritchett
informant --Ollie McElroy, Kuttawa, Ky..
burial --Glenns Chaped .
vot. pct.-- East Kuttawa

Note: from Cem. Book,
James F. McElroy April 14, 1913-- Sept 4, 1913

Death Cert. # 30118    Death Volume 1913
Andrew McElwain
race   Black   sex Male
b. 1871   Nov. 8, 1913
parents -- don't know
informant Clay Smith, Eddyville, Ky.
burial Eddyville, Ky.
note: Eddyville Penitentiary - Tuberculosis

Death Cert. # 17532    Death Volume 1914
William M. McKinley
race   White   sex Male
b. Sept. 1862 Calloway Co..   d. July 11 1914, Caldwell Co.
parents not listed
informant Bentley Piercy, Cadiz, Ky.
vot. pct. Caldwell Co, Harmony # 1
burial Dry Fork, Lyon Co.

Death Cert. #17532   Death Volume 1914
William M. McKinney
race   White  - sex   Male
b. Sept. 1862, Calloway Co.- d. July 11, 1914 Caldwell Co., Ky.
parents none listed
informant Bentley Piercy, Cadiz, Ky.
vot pct Harmony # 1 Caldwell Co.
burial Dry Fork Cemetery, Lyon Co.

Death Cert. #24926   Death Volume 1913
Mrs Carrie Moneymaker
race   White  - sex   Female
b. 1881 -- d. Sept. 8, 1913
parents --unknown
informant --D. P. Tays
burial --Chestnut Oak, Kuttawa. .
vot. pct.-- W. Kuttawa.

Death Cert. #7994   Death Volume 1914
Burley Moss (Morse)
race   Black  - sex   Male
b. 1840 Trigg Co.--d. March 8, 1914
parents Wm. Moss (Morse) & dont know
informant Wm. Moss (Morse), Fredonia, Ky.
burial Walnut Grove, Fredonia
(prob. Crider/Pleasant Green Cem. )
vot. pct. Oak Grove

Death Cert. #7990   Death Volume 1914
Jennie Morse
race   Black  - sex   Female
Mar. 14, 1891--Mar. 8, 1914
parents Tom Morse & Lillie Terry
informant Jake Morse, Crider, Ky.
burial Crider Grave Yard (prob. Crider/Pleasant Green Cem)
vot. pct. Oak Grove