Unmarked Graves
Lyon Co., Ky. Cemeteries

The following records were taken from Ky. Vital Records - Death Certificates
and checked against all of the Lyon Co. Cemetery Book.
Stones may have been placed since the books were published.

(Check back often as more records will be added as they are found.)

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Harry Kelley dth cert. # 15219    dth vol 1915  b. 1870   d. June 3, 1915,
race  Black    sex  Male  Ky State Penitentiary   burial Eddyville
Sallie Roe Bertie Kenady  dth cert. # 16021    dth vol 1915  b. 25 yrs.   d. May 8, 1915
race  White    sex  Female  vot. pct. Lamasco   burial Cunningham Cem. (Trigg Co.)
Tony Kilinck  dth cert. # 17719    dth vol 1915  b. 53 yrs. b. Austria - Hungary   d. July 1, 1915
race  White    sex  Male  vot. pct. E. Kuttawa   burial County Cem. (near Eddyville location unknown)
Nancy Kingston  dth cert. # 5356    dth vol 1917  no age listed -- was married   d. Feb. 5, 1917
race  White    sex  Female  vot. pct. Mont    Not Listed
Rhoda Knoth    cert. # 2482   dth vol. 1916    b. 1847   -- d. Jan. 10, 1916
race White  sex   Female vot. pct. W. Kuttawa   burial Knoth Cem.
Infant Male Krone  dth cert. # 23550    dth vol 1918   b. Sept 30, 1918   d. Sept 30, 1918 --stillborn
race  White    sex   Male   vot. pct. W. Kuttawa   burial Dooms Cemt.
Velma Krone  dth cert. # 29698    dth vol 1918   b. July 20, 1917   d. Oct. 18, 1918
race  White    sex   Female   vot. pct. W. Kuttawa   burial Mt. Zion