Unmarked Graves
Lyon Co., Ky. Cemeteries

The following records were taken from Ky. Vital Records - Death Certificates
and checked against all of the Lyon Co. Cemetery Book.
Stones may have been placed since the books were published.

(Check back often as more records will be added as they are found.)

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Wilburn Early   dth cert. # 8685   dth vol 1917  1 yr.  1 mo.   d. March 21, 1917
race  Black    sex  Male  vot. pct. Eddyville    burial: Eddyville
Hervey Edmonds  dth cert. # 16240    dth vol 1918   age abt. 22   d. June 24, 1918
race  Black    sex   Male  vot. pct. Livingston Co.   burial Mt. Pleasant (Lyon Co., Ky.)
Lizzie Edmonds  dth cert. # 2161    dth vol 1917  age 42 yrs.   d. Jan. 1, 1917
race  Black    sex  Female  vot. pct. W. Kuttawa    Kuttawa, Ky.
Patsy Edmonds   Livingston Co. dth cert. # 20994    dth vol 1918   abt. 84 years old   d. Aug 6, 1918
race  Black    sex   Female   vot. pct. Grand Rivers  burial Mt. Pleasant, Lyon Co. (LBL)
John Elliott  dth cert. # 12111    dth vol 1916  b. 1856   d. April 28, 1916
race  Black    sex  Male  Ky. State Penitentiary  burial Eddyville, Ky.
note: death natural causes -- normal residence Henderson, Ky.

Sallie Greenville Etheridge  dth cert. # 30952    dth vol 1915   b. March 1, 1840   d. Dec. 29, 1915
race  White    sex   Female   vot. pct. # 2.  burial none listed--died at the poor house