William Wright's Will

William Wright, nuncupative will, who departed this life at his residence 7 Jan 1841 at night and made in the presence of John Buchanan and Patrick Buchanan.

Property to be sold and debts paid.
To wife, balance of estate after paying debts.
Signed: John Buchanan and Patrick C. Buchanan.
Dated 9 Jan 1841.
Wit: James Marley, John D. Swails.
Proven by oaths of John Buchanan and Patrick C. Buchanan
1 Feb. 1841.

Source: Livingston Co., Ky. Will Books A-B by
Brenda Joyce Jerome

* William Wright married Mary Jane Buchannan.

Livingston Co Ky. Marriages
(Oct 1799-July 1839) Wright, William - Jane Buckhanan
Married 26 Dec 1822 by William Pippin, JP
Register: Liscence issued 23 Dec 1822.

Karyn has a xerox copy of the original entry from the Livingston Co. marriage register.

Their children were :
Milton(1823),Joseph W.(1825),Harrison(1828),
Julianna(1830),Francis Marion(1839),Wm A.(1840).

Livingston Co., Ky. Vital Statistics - Deaths
Jane Wright, white female, 51 yr, 8 Oct. 1856 of congestion of brain,
pts: David & Elizabeth Buchanan, born Georgia, resided on Golconda Road.

The 1850 Livingston Co Ky. census lists:
Wright, Mary (38) TN
Milton (26) farmer TN
Joseph (25) Laborer TN
Harrison (22) TN
Juliana (20) KY
William (17) KY
Francis (9) KY
ancestor of Karyn

according to the death records,
she is dead, but here she is in the 1860 census.
The 1860 Livingston Co. ky. census lists:
Wright, Mary (55)
Juliana (27)
Wm A. (25)
McFall, A.O.P. (12)

The 1870 Livingston Co Ky. census lists:
Wright, M.A. (34) KY farmer
Mary (65) VA housekeeper
Cowser, J. (26) KY labor
Pauline (36) KY housekeeper
James L. (3) KY

The death records indicate that Mary Jane died in 1858,
tho she shows up in the census in 1860, ?????.
Age at death was 51.(or so they say, but then the census records
indicate that possibly she didn't know how old she was)
Karyn's death records book says Mary Jane was born in Va., not Ga.
Her parents were from Petersburg,Va.
Karyn says this has confused her often, but it is a fact that Wm and
Mary Jane married in Livingston Co., Ky.

information submitted by Karyn Dorsey Schronski

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