Contrubited by Sandra Anderson
Livingston Co., Ky. Who Makes a Town- Smithland

Livingston Co., Kentucky


While studying the 1860 Livingston County Census, I started to take notice of the occupations of the people who made up Smithland Kentucky and itís surrounding Districts.
I decided to try and make a Directory of Businesses and Occupations.
Not everyone is mentioned here, as there were many other types of jobs like house painters, mates on ships, farmers, etc.
I tried hard to spell the names as they were spelled, so please do not go totally by spelling.
I noticed some interesting facts while putting this together.
In all of 1860 Livingston County Kentucky, only two women claimed occupations and one was a grocer, the other a teacher. There were doctors but no nurses.
All teachers but one, were men.     Sandra


Thomas S. Lackey
John Lewis


E.P. Biggar
James K. Hughey
W. D. Green
William Clemmons

Law Officials

T.J. Davis    Constable
Washington Beverly    Police Judge
Charles Haynes    Town Marshall
T. A. Leeper   Jailer
J.M.Patterson   Deputy Clerk
Charles J. Lyons   Deputy Sheriff


Randolph Noe
B.M. Williams


John G. Payne
J.W. Richman
James E. Hamilton
H.B. Daley
William G. Rose


J. L. Powell   Merchant
James F. Powell    Salesman
Thomas M. Davis    Merchant
Charles B. Davis    Salesman
Amon Price    Salesman
William Easley    Coat Merchant
Thomas Croker    Grocer
R.A. Clopton    Grocer
William Gordon    Grocer
James Zenona    Grocer
John B. Siqnaigo    Grocer
Benjamin Barner    Cashier in Bank
R.C. Western    Engineer
P.M. St. John    Engineer
John Meguiar    Engineer
Wm. C. Shoemaker    Engineer
J.W. Bell    Tailor
F. Bola    Barber
James Caverhill    Baker
Lewis Quetch    Butcher
Frank Egers    Butcher
James Ramage    Butcher
E. Rodman    Shoemaker
J. Branstaller    Shoemaker
A Spinner    Shoemaker
W. J. Jennings    Boarding House
Joshua Jennings    Confectioner
John B. Langenott    Bar Keeper
Alfred A Grazott    Druggist
William M Carson    Druggist
James P. Jobes    Coffee House keeper
John Stephenson    Watch Maker
L.R. Check    Tinner
W.D.Scott    Wagonmaker
William Butterman   Marble Finisher
Henry Staub    Stone Cutter
J.C. Finch    Brick Mason
Levi Johnston    Keeper of Hospital
J. Leffter    Hotel Keeper
William Brashear    Cooper
(cooper, one who made and sold casks, buckets and tubs.)


J.C. Petrie    Methodist Minister

Boat Works

Solomon Littlefield    Steamboat Capt.
John Dunn    Wharf Master
Wm. St. John    Steamboat Engineer
Joshua Throop    Steamboat Capt.
G.W. Burton    Boat Corker
J. L. Warmack    Steamboat Pilot
James B. Carroll    Ship Carpenter
W.A. Lee    Boat Builder
Pleasant Shoemaker    Wharf Watchman
Edward Thomas    Steamboat Pilot
Elijah Carroll    Steamboat Pilot