Written by Jimmy Phillips
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Toni, My Always and Forever

To my Darling Toni so beautiful too me,
I write you this poem that describes what I see!

A gentle breeze from Heaven, helped guide us together,
But no one ever thought it would last forever!

She swept me off my feet with her beautiful eyes,
All I could do was to sit there in awe, and try not to cry!

Who could have known what Gods plan was for us,
He made my life like heaven, with my Toni, shes so precious!

Tonis face always glows with her bright smile every day,
And she comforts me with her warm and friendly ways!

Smiley is what she is called by some of her close friends,
But to me shes my soul-mate until the very end!

Shes not hard to please, and never likes to scorn,
But one thing shes always liked, was her *beautiful corn!

Weve had lots of good times and the laughs have been many,
But without Toni there I would not have had any!

I dont know why I was so blessed by her giving me her love,
But I do know one thing, an Angel like her only comes from above!

She is my companion, my wife, my best friend and lover,
And I will love her no matter what, like there is no other!

Since I met Toni she has always been so friendly and sweet,
And if I die tomorrow, I will know my life was complete.

Because of her Im a better person as long as were together,
That is why I will simply love and adore her,"Always & Forever!

Jimmy Phillips
* The part about the corn is a long running joke between Toni & I