This material is provided by Brenda Joyce Jerome

"The following list of Confederate soldiers is transcribed from
The Twice-A-Week Leader, Princeton, Caldwell County, KY
Friday, 17 August 1928, page 1 under headline of "Muster Roll
of the James Pearce[sic] Company. 

Though the courtesy of Col. S.W. Laker, of this city, the
Leader is in receipt of the following list of Confederate
Soldiers as compiled by Mr. J.E. Smith of Brownswood, Texas:

                Muster Roll of Co C, 3rd Kentucky

James M. Pierce, Capt.             Al McGoodwin, 1st Lieut.
T.W. Rucker, 2nd Lieut.            J.S. Wheeler, 2nd Lieut.
W.H. Carter, 3rd Lieut.            E.L. Bradley, 1st Sgt.
T. McCaine, 2nd Sgt.               W.C. Kinsolving, 2nd Sgt.
J.M. Howard                        W.B. Early
W.H. McCarty                       J.N. English
R.H. Perkins                       Jno. Prince

                      1st Corporal
J.T. Evans

C.C. McGary                         R.J. McCaslin
W.O. Cantrell                       G.G. McGowan
Tom Casey                           Robt. Young
W.H. Evans                          R.C. Purdy
F.M. Moore                          Alfred Beard
G.D. Blick                          Miles Blount
R.J.W. Brandon                      W.C. Burt
J.M. Burnett                        J.W. Burns
J.S. Calhoun                        J.B. Cook
A.G. Darnell                        J.C. Eynot
F.M. Finley                         J.A. Garner
J.J. George                         J.H. Goodwin
W.A. Hart                           Uriah K. Hayes
F.R. Smith                          R.B. Sacry
D.C. Stephens                       J.W. Stone
James Story                         Joseph Swartyell
C.H. Walmigton                      J.H. Walker
J.W. Wash                           W.J. Wash
W.V. Watson                         W.L. Watson

                      ~  ~  ~

                 Muster Roll of Co B, 8th Kentucky

Jabes Bingham, Capt                  J.S. Wall, 1st Lieut.
R.S. P'Pool, 2nd Lieut.	             G.R. White, 1st Sgt.
F.M. Wattims, 2nd Sgt.               H.C. Wolfe, 2nd Sgt.

J.E. Kelley                          J.S. Goodwin
J.A. Jackson                         B.F. Wimberly
W.L. Howard                          Jalrah White
G.M. Wilson                          W.H. Jackson

                        1st Corporal
J.R. Gilroy
J.E. Smith                           J.H. Hamby
J.W. Dunning                         J.I. Harris
A.J. Parsley                         Hampton Wade
S.W. Baker                           Gilbert Franklin

                       *  *  *
Winfrey Bond                         G.W. Barns
J.E. Boyd                            J.A. Brown
H.H. Bryant                          D.A. Burchett
J.W. Garner                          J.W. Chapell
Wm. Claxton                          W.F. Coot
Thomas Cafelard                      W.N. David
J.T. Dunning                         E.C. Faulkner
Jno. Ford                            R.P. Glass
E.C. Goodwin                         W.H. Griffith
J.A. Seph Hart                       R.H. Hayden
J.J. Hill                            J.W. Hollingsworth
N.B. Howell                          I.M. Howell
Miles Howell                         D.H. Howton
B.F. Hutchinson                      J.R. Jackson
N.R. Kennedy                         W.B. Lacy
J.H. Ladd                            R.J. Martin
Robt. Martin                         Thomas Mounts
W.T. Murphy                          Joseph Murphy
R.P. McCalister                      --- McConnell
James McNear                         W.S. Pierce
S.A. Pool                            A.A. Ramey
Thomas Riley                         Samuel Robertson
W.J. Sizemore                        D.W. Sizemore
Wm. R. Smith                         F.R. Smith
Ephrum Southard                      G.S. Southard
J.L. Storm                           C.J. Smartyell
H.H. Thomason                        J.J. Turner
R.P. Turner                          D.S. Holder
W. Howell                            Wm. Howell
C.S. Hooker                          W.B. Howard
W.H. Hollowell                       James O. Hunter
C.H. Johnson                         G.F. Jones
J.R. Kennedy                         O.T. Kennedy
Geo. C. Kennedy                      J.L. Kennedy
J.H. Kent                            F.A. King
S.B. Maukins                         F.S. Martin
U.B. Martin                          R.G. Martin
J.C. Hinin                           J.W. Mitchusson
M.A. Moore                           J. Moore
G.W. Moore                           E.S. Morse
Tim Murphy                           F.E. McGary
R.L. McGoodwin                       J.R. McLin
F.M. Odarnell                        Newton Patrick
Samuel Patton                        E.O. Prince
James Quisenberry                    H. Riley
J.W. Riley                           D.F. Rogers
D.B. Rucker                          Robt. Scarberry
S.W. Sivells                         W.D. Sham
Henry Smiley

Mr. Smith is a former Caldwell countian and is now engaging
in the grocery business at Brownswood, Texas. The Muster
Roll compiled by hm constitutes those from Caldwell and
adjoining counties who were lined up on the side of the South
and who wore the grey in the great conflict between the States
during the Civil War. It is claimed that Messrs. James E.
Smith, Joseph Murphy and S.W. Baker are the only survivors of
the above list."

Brenda Joyce Jerome, CGRS