Revolutionary War Soldiers Who Settled In the Livingston Co, KY area

Brenda Joyce Jerome

These names have been gathered from a variety of sources and the list may not be complete. Those who applied in 1818 applied as indigents.The numbers following the state are pension numbers. Gen. Edward Lacy is probably the best known of the Livingston Veterans. He was born in PA, served from SC and came to KY after the War. He drowned when he fell off his horse into Deer Creek in 1813.

If there is sufficient interest, a file of information concerning each of these individuals can be created on this page. If you have information you wish to share, please contact Pat Oliver at

ALVES, Ashley VA
CAIN, Patrick  SC  S.1185
CLARK, William  SC  S.8610 BLWT36506-166-55
CLINTON, James  SC S.2437
COX, Caleb  NC  S.30950
DAVIS, Snead  GA-NC-SC  S.32205
ELDER, Robert  SC  8405 (Invalid)
ELLINGTON, David M.  VA  R.3288
FIERS, William  VA  S.30414
FORD, Jesse  VA  S.31035
GLASS, James  PA-SC  S.32272
HAWTHORN, James, Lt. Col, SC [4]
HAZLE, Daniel  (Applied 1818)
HICKS, Solomon  SC  S.31128
KIRK, Robert  VA  S.35511  BLWT1214-200
KILGORE, Benjamin  Spartanburg District, SC [1]
LACY, Edward, Gen. SC
LARUE, Peter  VA  (Applied 1818)
LITTLE, William  25631 (Invalid)
McKINNEY, Archibald (Applied 1818)
MATTOCK/MATLOCK, Nathaniel/Martha NC  W.8409
PARMERLY, Epharim  NC  (Applied 1818)
PICKENS, William G.  SC  S.1244
ROBERTSON, David  NC  S.31333
SCOTT, Joshua (ca. 1760/3-1825) [2]
STEWART, William  NC  S.14580  BLWT13892-160-55
SULLENGER, James/Sarah  NC W.27638
TRAVIS, Arthur  SC  S.1262
WALKER, James  NC  S.1265
WEEKS, Job  NJ  S.30777
WEEKS, William  DE  S.31465
WHEELER, John/Susannah NC-VA  W.8999
WILSON, James NC [3]

[1] (This informtion provided by Dolores M. Pringle,

[2] (This information provided by Ben Gantt, Joshua
SCOTT served in the light dragoons under Capt. John REID, Lt. Col. Wade
HAMPTON and Gen. SUMTER during 1781 (per "Roster of South Carolina
Patriots in the American Revolution" by Bobby Gilmer MOSS).  He was
granted a Head Right Land Grant, Certificate #4224, for 200 acres in
that part of Livingston Co. which became Caldwell County 1809).  So far
as we know, he never applied for a Revolutionary War pension as,
apparently, he was never indigent. 

[3] (This information provided by Paula P. Poole, James
Wilson was a native of Caswell County, NC and served as a Captain in
Col. Abraham Shepard's 10th N.C. Regiment.  He fought in the Battles of
Guildford Court House, and Eutaw Springs.  He moved to Livingston County
approx 1811 and died shortly thereafter. His wife, Amelia Burgess
Wilson, was born in Pittslyvania County, Virginia on  1 September 1775;
she married James Wilson in Caswell County North Carolina  on 10
December 1792; and she died in Livingston County, Kentucky on 8
September 1865. They had seven children, all born in Caswell County, NC.

[4] (This information provided by Dee Cross,  Biography of Lt. Col James Hawthorn