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Death Certificates For Livingston Co., Ky.

Livingston Co., Ky.
Death Certificates


Vol 5   certificate 2131
Harriett Waddell
place of death: Lola, Livingston, KY
female, white, widowed
(NOTE: next to widowed there is written the name Elbert Waddell,
however according to the marriage license and the 1920 census she married
James B. Waddell)
date of birth blank
age 85 years
occupation: housework
birthplace unknown
parents information is marked unknown
informant: A M Davis
undertaker: A M Davis, Lola, KY
burial Hopewell Cemetery Jan 27, 1933
death date: Jan 26, 1933
cause: believed to be cerebral hypoplex
contributory: could not secure history

Submitted by Deborah Burgess email

Vot. Pct. W. Tiline    Certificate #14515

Rosa Walker
Female, white, single
Born 27 Jun 1882 KY
Died 3 Jun 1924, age 42 yrs, 4 mo, 6 days
Buried Leeper Graveyard 5[?] JUn 1924
Father Rubin Walker born KY
Mother Martha Wilson born KY
Informant Frank Walker of Rt. 1, Tiline, KY
Undertaker R.H. Smith of Tiline, KY

   Certificate # 20465

Charlie WALTON
place of death Lola, Livingston, KY
male white married
born Sep 9, 1860
age 68 yrs 11 mos 21 days
occupation: farmer
birthplace: Ireland
father: George Walton born Ireland
mother: don't know born Ireland
informant: Henry Hutson Tiline, KY (NOTE this is really Henry HUDSON)
date of death: Aug 31, 1930
cause: carcinoma stomach and liver
burial: Dyers Hill Cemetery Sep 1, 1930
undertaker: Joe Wright Hampton, KY

Submitted by Deborah Burgess email

   Certificate # 26237

Mary Jane WALTON
place of death: Hopkinsville, Christian, KY at Western State Hospital
NOTE: I am including this one because she lived in Livingston Co, Ky and is buried in Livingston Co, KY. Her parents were Thomas Hudson and Margaret Josephine Hensley.
Her husband was Charlie Walton.
female, white single
date of birth: unknown, 1870
age 74 years 9 mos 9 days
birthplace: Livingston Co, KY
parents unknown
burial: Groves Chapel Nov 21, 1944
date of death: Nov 20, 1944
cause: broncho-pneumonia due to fractured hip

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   Certificate # 27895

place of death: Lola, Livingston, KY
female white married
spouse: Tobe Watson
date of birth: Sep 15, 1863
age 71 years 17 days
occupation: housewife
born: Indiana
father: John Roberton born Indiana
mother: Elnora Roberton born Indiana
informant: Dewey Watson, Lola, KY
date of death: Oct 1, 1936
cause: carcinoma of liver
duration: 1 yr 6 mos
burial: Pentecostal Cemetery, Lola, Livingston Co, KY

Submitted by Deborah Burgess email

Vot. Pct. Panhandle   Death Vol. 12
Certificate #20421

Louis Watson
Male, white, single, farmer
Born 18 Jun 1891 KY
Died 28 Aug 1912, age 21 yrs
Buried Mud Springs 29 Aug 1912
Father Chris Watson born IL
Mother not listed, born IL
Informant C. Watson of Ledbetter
Undertaker [illegible] of Ledbetter

     Certificate # 22920

Thomas E. Watson
place of death: rural Livingston Co, KY
male, white married
spouse: Francis Watson
age of spouse 76 years
age 71 years 11 mos 12 days
birthplace: KY
occupation: farmer
father: George Watson born Illinois
mother: Lizzie Ferrell born KY
informant: Roy Watson Lola, KY
burial: Lola Cemetery Oct 14, 1943
undertaker: Boyd Salem, KY
date of death: Oct 13, 1943
cause of death: bronchitis

Submitted by Deborah Burgess email

Lola   certificate #6740

W.M. Overton Watson
Male, white, married to Opan Watson, age 28
Pipe Fitter
Born 2 Jun 1917 Kentucky
Died 18 Mar 1947, age 29 yrs, 9 mo, 16 days
Buried Lola Cemetery 19 Mar 1947
Undertaker F.M. Boyd & Sons of Salem

vot. pct. Cumberland Valley   Certificate # 5301

Amos Wilson
male - white - married
birth date of deceased - 1845
age - 66 yrs.
Occupation - has been a farmer but unable to work for 28 yrs.
birthplace-Webster Co., Ky.
death date of deceased - Feb. 27, 1911
name of father - Joe Wilson
father's birthplace - Webster Co., Kentucky
mother's maiden name - Jane Stone
mother's birthplace - Webster Co., Kentucky
informant- Mrs. Lou Watson
burial- Tavaddle ? Buring Ground, Hampton, Ky.

Submitted By Peggy Gilkey

Rural Livingston County    Certificate #5037

Harriett Ann Wilson
Female, white, widow
Born 30 Aug 1859 KY
Died 14 Feb 1944, age 84 yrs, 5 mo, 15 days
Buried Corinth Cemetery 16 Feb 1944
Father Enoch Evans born KY
Mother Allie Adams born KY
Informant Mrs. Sadie Howell of Grand Rivers, KY
Undertaker Dilbeck-Conn of Benton, KY

Lola  certificate #6738

Eddie Wright
Male, white, widowed, farmer
Born 22 Feb 1894 Lola, KY
Died 6 Mar 1947, age 53 yrs, 14 days
Buried Ditney Cemetery 7 Mar 1947
Father Henry Wright born Kentucky
Mother Barbra Manus born Kentucky
Informant Floyd Wright of Lola, KY
Undertaker F.M. Boyd & Sons of Salem, KY

  Certificate #26964

Name: Emma Lou Wright
Female, White, Widowed
DOB: Feb 20,1911 age 78
POB: Grand Rivers,Ky.
POD: Livingston Co Rest Home, Smithland, Ky.
DOD: Sept 11, 1989
Fathers Name: Henry Bloodworth
Mothers Name: Lou Emma Stinnett
Informant: Wilma Dorsey
Undertaker: Harry V. Smith/Smith Funeral Home, Smithland, Ky.
Burial: Paradise Cemetery, Grand Rivers, Ky.

Submitted by Karyn Dorsey Schronski email

Vot. Pct. Sexton's Store    certificate #10821

Mary Z. Wright
Born 13 Sep 1848 Missouri
Died 17 March 1926
Buried Cothran Cemetery 18 March 1926
Female, white, widowed
Father John Ray born KY
Mother unknown
Informant John Wright of Smithland, KY
Undertaker Geo. Gipson of Smithland

Cert # 9827   Voting Pct: Lola

William Henry Wright
Male,White Married to Barbara Manus
Date of Death Apr 2, 1924
Date of Birth July 11, 1860
Age: 63y 8m 21d
Occ: light farming
POB: Livingston Co Ky.
Father: Marion Francis Wright, Ky
Mother: Mollie Gibson Livingston Co Ky.
Informant: Barbara Manus Wright
Address, Lola,Ky.
Cemetery: New Union, Lola, Ky. Apr 3, 1924
Undertaker: A.M. Davis

Submitted by Karyn Dorsey Schronski email

Vot. Pct. Tiline    Certificate #21939

John Edd Wring
Male, white
Born 6 Dec 1866 Trigg County, KY
Died 21 Aug 1932, age 65 yrs, 6 mo, 15 days
Buried Tiners [Tyner's] Chapel 23 Aug 1932
Father Sam H. Wring born Tenn.
Mother Mary Odonald, birthplace unknown
Informant Lara C. Wring of Tiline, KY
Undertaker R.H. Smith of Tiline, KY

Vot. Pct. N. Salem   certificate #31467

John Francis Wyatt
Born 15 Oct 1857 Kentucky
Died 21 Dec 1912, age 55 yrs, 2 mo, 2 days
Buried Marion Cemetery
Male, white, married, farmer
Father John T. Wyatt born Kentucky
Mother Mary Jane Crider born Kentucky
Informant Mrs. John Francis Wyatt (wife)

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