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Death Certificates For Livingston Co., Ky.

Livingston Co., Ky.
Death Certificates


Mo death certificate 28123
Fred Sales
died Morley, Scott, MO
male, white, married
died Oct. 5, 1921
born Dec 24, 1873
age 47 years 9 mos 5 days
born Livingston County, KY
father: Benjamin Sales born TN
mother: Mary Harris born Kentucky
informant: Mary F. Sales Morley, Scott, MO
cause: pulmonary tuberculosis
Dr. J. W. Trister Morley, MO
burial: Morley, Scott, MO Oct 3, 1921

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Iuka, KY    certificate #16341

Wiley Clarnece Sexton
Male, white, widowed, retired railroader
Born 14 Feb 1874 Lyon County
Died 4 July 1943, age 69 yrs, 4 mo, 28 days
Buried Grand Rivers 12 July 1943
Father Dock Sexton
Mother Mary Ellen Doom
Informant Uda Dycus of Iuka, KY
Undertaker W.A. Duke of Iuka, KY

Certificate # 5589   Voting Pct: Iuka

Elizabeth Smith
Female, White, Widowed
DOD: Feb 20, 1923
DOB: Sept 5, 1841
Age: 81y 5m 15d
Occ: housewife
POB: Tn.
Father: Jack Stinnett, Tn
Mother:Dont Know, TN
Informant: Henry Campbell
Address: RR #19, Tiline, Ky.
Dr: T.M. Radcliffe

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volume 31   certificate 15284
John Smith
place of death: Lola, Livingston, KY
male, white, married
spouse: Ida Hudson Smith
date of birth: Jun 11, 186?
age: 65? years, 11 mos
occupation: blacksmith
birthplace: Paducah, KY
father: B ? Smith
mother: no
date of death: May 4, 1929
cause of death: acute indigestion
burial: Dyer Hill Cemetery May 6, 1924
undertaker: J W Wright, Hampton, KY

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   Certificate 31590

place of death: Hampton, Livingston Co, KY
female, white, married
spouse: Lee Thompson
date of birth: Feb 17, 1888
age 46 years 10 mos. 10 days
Occupation: housekeeper
birthplace: Livingston Co, KY
father: Thomas E. Watson born Livingston Co, KY
mother: Elnora Robinson born Crittenden Co, KY
informant: Lee Thompson Hampton, KY
undertaker: W H Franklin, Marion, KY
date of death: Dec 7, 1934
cause: carcinoma of uterus duration: about one year
Burial: Lola, Ky Dec 8, 1934

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   Certificate 15198

James Theodore THOMPSON
place of death: Lola, Livingston, KY
male, white married
occupation: farm labour, farming
birthplace: Livingston Co, KY
name of father: Wm. Thompson born Livingston Co, KY
name of mother: Elsie Kennedy born Livingston Co, KY
informant: Lee Thompson, Lola, KY
date of death: June 6, 1915
cause: heart disease with dropsy duration 3 years
contributory: dropsy duration: 8 mos
burial: Hopewell Cemetery, June 7, 1915

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   Certificate 5452

(Personal note: His name was Leonidas Thompson, nickname Lee)
place of death: Hampton, Livingston, KY
male, white, widower
date of birth: Aug 24, 1875
age 60 years 6 mos 2 days
Occupation: farmer
birthplace: Livingston Co, KY
father: Theodore Thompson born Missouri
NOTE: (father was James Theodore Thompson born KY)
mother: Martha Hensley born KY
(NOTE: mother was born TN)
informant: Mae Coleman, Hampton, KY
date of death: Feb 26, 1936
cause of death: We the jury find the evidence the cause to his death by cutting his own throat
burial: Lola Cemetery Feb 27, 1936

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   Certificate 2179

Martha Caroline THOMPSON
place of death: Lola, Livingston Co, KY
female, white widowed
date of birth: Feb 15, 1845
age 80 years, 10 mos 28 days
occupation: none
place of birth: Monroe County, TN
father: Allen Hensley
mother: Mary Anne Williams
informant: Norah Thompson Foster Lola, KY
date of death: Jan 10, 1926
cause of death: chronic valvular disease mitral and aortic
duration: several years
burial: Hopewell Cemetery, Livingston Co, KY Jan 14, 1926
undertaker: A M Davis, Lola, KY

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Rural Carrsville   certificate #25853

Mary Angeline Thompson
Female, white, widowed
Born 27 Apr 1872 Kentucky
Died 4 Mar 1953, age 80 yrs
Buried Carrsville Cemetery 5 Mar 1953
Father Rufus Campbell
Mother Mandy Edwards
Informant Carlos Thompson
Funeral Director F.M. Boyd Sons, Salem

Vot. Pct. Lola Death   Vol. 12    Certificate #13294

James Robert Tolley
Male, white, married, farmer
Born 19[?] Sep 1870 Livingston County
Died 20 May 1912, age 47 yrs, 8 mo, 19 days
Buried Hopewell 21 May 1912
Father John N. Tolley born Livingston County
Mother ALmeda Champion born Livingston County
Informant J.E. Radcliffe of Lola, KY
Undertaker F.M. Boyd of Carrsville, KY

Viola Towery
MO death Certificate # 9482
born 21 Aug 1878 Livingston Co, KY
died Mar 24, 1915 Lilbourn, New Madrid Co, MO
f w married age 36 y 7 mo 3 days
father Henry Milton Ross born Livingston Co KY
mother Mary Frances Decker born Livingston Co Ky
informant Henry M Ross of Lilbourn, MO
burial Grand Rivers, KY March 26, 1915
COD: mitral insufficiency
in state of MO for three years

Submitted by Deborah Burgess email

Vot. Pct. Hampton    Certificate #6969

Ella L. Trail
Female, white, married to Sidney Trail
Born 31 Aug 1869 Livingston County, KY
Died 21 Feb 1929, age 59 yrs, 5 mo, 21 days
Buried Dycusburg 23 Feb 1929
Father Charlie Ray born Livingston County, KY
Mother Sarah A. Foster born Livingston County, KY
Informant Courtney Ray of Hampton, KY R.R.
Undertaker J.W. Wright and F.M. Boyd, Salem, KY

Salem   certificate #25854

Maude Travis
Female, white, married
Born 4 May 1877 Kentucky
Died 23 May 1953, age 75 yrs
Buried Salem Cemetery 25 May 1953
Father O.T. Hodge
Mother Mary Brasher
Informant Allie Travis
Funeral Director F.M. Boyd Sons, Salem

Vot. Pct. Salem    Certificate #14518

Henry Trimble
Male, black, widowed
Born "don't know" KY
Died 18 Jun 1924, age about 62 yrs
Buried Livingston Cemetery 19 Jun 1924
Parents unknown
Informant Hub Pippen of Salem, KY
Undertaker H.G.[?] Maddux of Salem, KY

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