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Death Certificates For Livingston Co., Ky.

Livingston Co., Ky.
Death Certificates


Certificate # 7488 Phoenix, AZ

Maggie E. Key
Female, White, Widowed
Born, Feb. 27, 1890 Crittenden Co., Ky.
Died: Dec. 28, 1955 age. 65 years.
Buried: Double Butte Cemetery, Phoenix., AZ.
Mother: Emaline Crider Pickering, born Crittenden Co., Ky.
Father: Christopher C. Pickering, born Crittenden Co., Ky.
Informant: A.C. Key Jr. ( Son)
Undertaker: Edwin S. Widmer, Phoenix, AZ.

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Vot. Pct. Carrsville    Certificate #07390

J.L. King
Male, white, single, farm work
Born 17 Dec 1851 Crittenden
Died 14 Mar 1933, age 81 yrs, 2 mo, 17 days
Buried King Cemetery 15 Mar 1933
Father Levi King born Vermont
Mother Mary E. Hicklin born Golconda, Ill.
Informant Mrs. T.J. Chittenden of Carrsville, KY
Undertaker F.M. Boyd & Sons of Salem, KY

Vot. Pct. Birdsville    certificate #19936

Louvana Isabell Kirk
Born 5 Apr 1872 KY
Died 26 Jul 1925, age 53 yrs, 3 mo, 21 days
Burial place not listed
Female, white, married
Father J.S. Montgomery born VA
Mother Selata Waddell born VA
Informant J.M. Montgomery of Smithland
Undertaker not listed

Rural Hampton   certificate #25849

Lema May Love
Female, white, married
Born 24 Jun 1914 Kentucky
Died 1 Jan 1953, age 38 yrs
Buried Hampton Cemetery
Father John Dickerson
Mother Agnes Stewart
Informant Calvin Love
Funeral Director F.M. Boyd Sons, Salem

Vot. Pct. Carrsville   Death Vol. 12    Certificate #13296

Frances Rebecca Lowey
Female, white, married
Born 30 Sep 1839 Hopkins County, KY
Died 4 May 1912, age 72 yrs, 7 mo, 4 days
Buried Carrsville, KY 5 May 1912
Father Johhn Lamson[?] born "State of Tenn" [Penn?]
Mother ___ Hill birthplace unknown
Informant [illegible] Lowey of Carrsville, KY
Undertaker F.M. Boyd of Carrsville

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