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Death Certificates For Livingston Co., Ky.

Livingston Co., Ky.
Death Certificates


vot. pct. Iuka   cert. # 29035

Benjamin Hardin Hankins
name of spouse- Cerildy Simms
birthdate of deceased - Dec. 9, 1848
birthplace-Shop Springs, Tennessee
deathdate of deceased- Nov. 7, 1937
name of father- Robert Hankins
Father's birthplace Lynwood, Tennessee
mother's maiden name- Elizabeth Routen
mother's birthplace- Lynwood, Tennessee
informant-W.R. Sharp
burial- Shop Springs, Tennessee- Nov. 9 or 10, 1937
note: death certificate information correction..
father of deceased .. John A. Hankins
father's birthplace .. Wayne Co., North Carolina

submitted by Jeanne Holcomb email

   cert. # 11868

Harvet Wayne Hankins
name of spouse- Pauline Hankins
residence - Birdsville
birth date of deceased - Oct. 31, 1917
birthplace- Kentucky
death date of deceased - May 5, 1943
name of father - Herbert Hankins
father's birthplace Kentucky
mother's maiden name - Roye Love
mother's birthplace Kentucky
informant- Mrs. Wayne Hankins
burial- Duley Bluff Cem. 5/9/43
Salem, Ky.

Submitted by Peggy Gilkey

Vot. Pct Parker's Store    certificate #19367

Andrew Jackson Hardin
Born 6 Aug 1844 Kentucky
Died 24 Aug 1925, age 81 yrs, 18 days
Buried Donakey Cemetery 25 Aug 1925
Male, white, widowed, farmer
Father Samuel Hardin born Tenn.
Mother Peggy Hodge born KY
Informant E.T. Hardin of Salem, KY
Undertaker H.G. Maddux of Salem

Salem, R.R. #1   certificate #25847

Ira Moody Hardin
Male, white, married, cattle farmer
Born 20 Apr 1879 Kentucky
Died 19 Sep 1953, age 74 yrs
Buried Tyners Chapel, Crittenden County
Father William Wallace Hardin
Mother Carrie Parker
Informant Adrain Hardin
Funeral Director F.M. Boy Sons, Salem

Carrsville  certificate #4052

Sarah M. Hardin
Female, white
Born [illegible] KY
Died 15 Jan 1947, age 74 yrs, 4 mo, 18 days
Buried Lola Dem. 16 Jan 1947
Father Pickney Hardin born Kentucky
Mother Elmira Watson born Kentucky
Informant J.C. Belt of Carrsville
Undertaker F.M. Boy Sons of Salem

Carrsville  Certificate #20534

Henry Harmon
White Male Married
Sarah C. Harmon - wife
Date of Birth: 11/7/1845
Age at Death: 88 years, 9 months, 23 days
Birthplace: West Virginia
Father's name: James Harman
Mother's name: Unknown
Informant: James Harmon (son), Carrsville, KY
Burial: Carrsville, KY 8/30/1934
Undertaker: Boyd Bros., Salem, KY
Date of Death: 8/29/1934
Chronic Myocarditis

Submitted by Amanda Julian email

vol 46   certificate 22814

Andrew Thomas Harris
place of death: rural Livingston Co, KY
veteran no
name of spouse: Sarah E. Harris
age of spouse: 57
birthdate of deceased March 4, 1865
age 77 years 7 mos 5 days
birthplace KY
occupation: farmer
father: Weley H. Harris (Note: father was Wesley H. Harris)
birthplace of father: KY
mother: Sallie Ann Riley birthplace: KY
informant: Ules Harris, Salem, KY
burial Pleasant Grove Oct 11, 1942
funeral director: F M Boyd Sons, Salem, KY
residence Rural Livingston Co, KY Salem, Ky
date of death: Oct 10, 1942 cause: cerebral hemorrhage 8 hours
contributory: hypertension
signature: Roy Waddell, MD, Salem, KY Oct 11, 1942

Submitted by Debi Burgess   email

he lived in Livingston Co., Ky. at one time

Mo death certificate 28127

Wesley Hampton Harris
male white widowed
died Oct 22, 1921
date of birth: March 9, 1840
age 81 years 7 mos 13 days
born: Bollinger County, MO
father: Wesley Harris born Wayne Co, KY
mother: Susan Fry born Wayne Co, KY
informant: J. T. Curry
cause of death: cystitis
contributory: enlarged prostate and aeortic regurgitation
signed Dr. C D Harris 10/22/21 Morley, MO
burial: Morley, MO March 23, 1921

Submitted by Debi Burgess   email

at one time he lived in Livingston Co., Ky.

Mo death certificate 43723

John Harvey Hensley
died Nov 3, 1918 Moreland, Scott County, Missouri
date of birth Feb 17, 1851 age 67 years 8 mos. 16 days
born Tennessee
father: Allen Hensley born Nashville, Tennessee
mother: don't know
informant: Will Burns, Benton, MO
cause of death: influenza contributory: carbuncle
burial Morley Cemetery, Morley, Scott County, MO Nov 5, 1918
NOTE: The cemetery is now called The Old Morley Cemetery.
He was actually born Feb 14, 1847 as he was 3 years old on the 1850 census.
Mother's name was Mary Ann Williams born South Carolina

Submitted by Debi Burgess   email

Vot. Pct. Burna [Hampton crossed out]   Certificate #14511

Eliza Hill
Female, white, married
Born 1 Jul 1875 Spencer Co., KY
Died 6 Jun 1924, age 48 yrs, 11 mo, 5 days
Buried Crowley Cemetery 6 Jun 1924
Father John W. Shields born Jefferson County, KY
Mother Mattie Grusby born Spencer County, KY
Informant Geo. Hill of Burna, KY
Undertaker J.W. Wright of Hampton, KY

vot. pct. N. Smithland    cert. # 11406

Norfleet T. Hill
birth date of deceased - August, 1841
Occupation - Farmer
birthplace- Tennessee
death date of deceased - March 11, 1919
name of father - Don't Know
father's birthplace - Tennessee
mother's maiden name - Don't Know
mother's birthplace - Tennesse
informant- E. B. Hill, Cario, Ill.
burial- Lockett Cemetery, Smithland, Ky.

Submitted by Peggy Gilkey
Vot. Pct. Lola   Certificate #14516

Caroline Hodge
Female, black, widowed
Born 17 Feb 1857 KY
Died 3 May 1924, age 73 yrs, 2 mo, 16 days
Buried Livingston Cemetery 4 May 1924
Father Simon Crawford born KY
Mother ___ Bennett born N.C.
Informant Ollie Hodge of Salem, KY R. 3
Undertaker A.M. Davis of Lola, KY

Grand Rivers    Certificate #7483

Sarah Holder
Female, white, widow
Born 27 Feb 1850 Ill.
Died 5 Mar 1928, age 78 yrs, 7 days
Buried Corenth, Livingston County
Father Frank Sanders born Ill.
Mother Eliza Gooden born KY
Informant Mrs. Will Koone of Grand Rivers
Undertaker C.H. Marshall of Grand Rivers

    Certificate 01933

place of death: near Tiline, Livingston County, KY
Veteran: no
male white married
spouse: Ella Hudson age of spouse about 65
birth: March 19, 1866
age at death: 76 years, 10 months 12 days
birthplace: Livingston County, KY
occupation: farmer
Father: Thomas Hudson born Halifax County, Virginia
Mother: Margaret Hensley born White County, Tennessee
Personal note:
(His mother was Margaret Josephine Hensley. She is listed on most things as Josephine)
informant: Floyd Hudson, Tiline, KY
Burial: Groves Chapel Cemetery Feb 1, 1943
Funeral director: Brandstetter, Smithland KY
Date of Death: Jan 31, 1943
Cause of Death: cerebral hemorrhage due to hypertension

Submitted by Deborah Burgess email

vol 62   certificate 30649

John Hudson
place of death: Lola, Livingston, Ky
male, white, single
date of birth: March 4, 1863
age 73 years, 8 mos, 5 days
occupation: none
father: Tom Hudson birthplace: VA
mother: Josephine Hensley birthplace: Tenn.
informant: Henry Hudson
date of death: Nov 9, 1936
cause: hemflegrar? unreadable
burial: Hopewell Cemetery Nov 10, 1936
undertaker: A M Davis, Lola, Ky

Submitted by Deborah Burgess email

    Certificate #23897

Place of death: Salem, Livingston County, KY
male, white married
Date of birth: May 14, 1863
age 48 years 4 mos 6 days
Occupation: insurance agent
birthplace: Tennessee
father: T B Hudson born TN
mother: Martha Hudson born TN
informant: Jordan Hudson, Paducah, KY
date of death: Sep 20, 1911
cause of death: typhoid fever
contributory: pulmonary tuberculosis    duration 3 years
Burial: Salem, KY Sep 21, 1911

Submitted by Deborah Burgess email

    Certificate 24241

Mary Frances HUDSON
certificate is marked delay
place of death: Tiline, Livingston County, KY
female white married
date of birth: June 24, 1863
age 69 years 3 months
occupation: housewife
birthplace: Crittenden County, KY
father: J. S. Montgomery born Virginia
mother: Celelia W. Wadell born Crittenden County, KY
informant: Henry Hudson, Tiline, KY
date of death: Sep 24, 1932
cause: cancer of liver
burial: blank

Submitted by Deborah Burgess email

   Certificate 29168

Place of Death: Lola, Livingston County, KY
male white married
date of birth: October 22, 1837
age at death 74 years 0 months 20 days
occupation: agriculture
birthplace: Halifax County, Virginia
Father: Ward Hudson born Virginia
Mother: Martha Vaughn born Virginia
informant: J R Vaughn of Lola, KY
Date of death: Nov 9, 1911
cause of death: obstruction of common bile duct duration: 3 mos
contributory: malaria
Burial: Hopewell, Nov 10, 1911

Submitted by Deborah Burgess email

Vot. Pct. Salem   Certificate # 40812

Harrison Hughes
Male, colored, farm laborer, married
Born 12 Aug 1879 KY
Died 10 Nov 1918, age 39 yrs, 2 mo, 28 days
Buried Cumberland Cemetery 11 Nov 1928
Father Chesterfield Hughes born KY
Mother unknown
Informant Lacy Hughes of Salem, KY
Undertaker not listed

Smithland, KY    certificate #19694

Lulu Rappolee Hughes
Female, white, married to Edd F. Hughes
Born 3 Mar 1871 Livingston County
Died 28 Sep 1945, age 74 yrs, 5 mo, 25 days
Buried Rappolee Landing 30 Sep 1945
Father George G. Rappolee born KY
Mother Eliza Brown born MD
Informant Mrs. Wm. G. Saville of Lewisburg, TN
Undertaker Loy Kennedy of Paducah, KY

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