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Death Certificates For Livingston Co., Ky.

Livingston Co., Ky.
Death Certificates


vot. pct. Carrsville, Ky.  cert. # 31018

Josie L. Ferrell
Female - white - widowed
Spouse's name- J. B. Ferrell
birth date of deceased - June 28, 1836
Occupation - Housewife
birthplace - Alabama
death date of deceased - Dec. 13, 1938
name of father - Isac Falkner
father's birthplace - Don't Know
mother's maiden name - Susan Wagner
mother's birthplace - Don't Know
informant- Nellie C. Ferrell, Carrsville, Ky.
burial- Carrsville

Submitted by Peggy Gilkey

Vot. Pct. Lola    Death Vol. 12   Certificate #15512

Mrs. Louella Foley
Female, white, married
howese wife and telephone exchange operator & milliner
Born 20 Jul 1865 Liv. Co., KY
Died 4 Jun 1912, age 46 yrs, 10 mo, 14 days
Buried Robertson Cemetery 5 Jun 1912
Father James Ford Clemens born Liv. Co., KY
Mother Louisa E. Robertson born Liv. Co., KY
Informant Wm. C. Davis, MD of Lola, KY
Undertaker W.M. Davis of Lola, KY

Vot. Pct. S. Salem    Death Vol. 12
Certificate #20417

Mary Lee Fort
Female, white, single
Born 8 May 1912 Kentucky
Died 19 Aug 1912, age 3 mo
Buried Salem Cemetery 20 Aug 1912
Father R.L. Fort born IL
Mother May Eberle born KY
Informant R.L. Fort of Salem, KY
Undertaker Moore & Carter of Salem, KY

    Cert# 26717

Russell Tolley Foster
Place of Death: Lola, Livingston County, KY
male white married birth May 8, 1876 death Nov 19, 1940
spouse: Nora Foster age of spouse 59
age of deceased 64 years 6 months 11 days
birthplace Livingston County, KY
occupation farming
father: Gabriel Tolbert Foster
birthplace of father: Livingston County, KY
mother: Elizabeth Tolley birthplace: Livingston County, KY
informant: Cleo Croft address: Lola, KY
burial: Pentecostal Cemetery Nov 20, 1940
Cause of death: pulmonary tuberculosis duration 2 years

Submitted by Deborah Burgess email

Vot. Pct. S. Smithland    certificate #10820

Louisa Bohannon Fox
Born 19 Dec 1847 Kentucky
Died 17 Apr 1926, 78 yrs, 3 mo, 28 days
Buried Robertson Cemetery 18 Apr 1926
Female, white, widow
Father Lewis Bohannon born Kentucky
Mother Elizabeth Hurley born Missouri
Informant Charley Fox of Paducah, KY
Undertaker Branstetter Bros. of Smithland

Vot. Pct. Carrsville Certificate #12365

Mary Cathrine Fuller
Female, white, widowed
Born 18 Oct 1849[?] Crittenden County
Died 25 Apr 1924, age 75 yrs, 6 mo, 7 days
Buried Union Cemetery 26 Apr 1924
Father James Threlkeld born Crittenden, Ky
Mother Mary Hamby born Crittenden, Ky
Informant Mrs. Col Barnes of Carrsville, Ky
Undertaker F.M. Boyd of Carrsville

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