This Livingston County material is provided by Happy Greer, who transcribed and abstracted it from microfilmed copies of the original Court Order Book. The LDS Film Numbers for the reels she used follow.

LDS Microfilm #318170:
Livingston Co, Ky,
Ct Order Book A (1798-1822)
Ct Order Book B (1803-1807) 

LDS Microfilm #31871:
Livingston Co, Ky,
Ct Order Book C (1807-1808)
Ct Order Book D (1808-1810)
Ct Order Book E (1810-1816)
Ct Order Book F (1816-1822)

Extracts Livingston Co,KY,Court Order Bk.A, 1800:

Wed.,March 26,1800,p.34--
On mo. Charles STEWART, ord that Wm. BIRDSONG, James McNABB,
Jonathan GREER,John POUNDS & John ATCHISON be apptd. to
view & mark nearest & best way for road from Eddy to county
line on direct course to Christian Court house.

On mo. John CALDWELL- Charles STEWART, Joseph REED & David
DAVIDSON are view & mark way for rd. from Eddyville
to Davidsons Mill.

Ord. that the Sheriff advertise the ensuing Election to be
held at Michael PURKELs Senr.

James BELL is permitted to remove 100 acres of his
Certificate No. 2552, land proved in court to be taken
by a prior claim.

John DOBBINS is permitted to remove 50 acres of his Cert. due
to prior claim.

July 22,1800,p.44--
Eddy Creek, Isaac BULLARDS
We whose names are underwritten being summoned by Jesse
FORD sheriff of Lvngstn. Co. to attend at Isaac Bullards,
being first sworn, viewed the lands above and below where
Isaac Bullard proposes his water grist mill & are of opinion
that it will be neither damage nor injury to Commonwealth or
others for Bullard to build the mill;"neither the mansion,
offices,curtalages or gardens of any person will be overflowed
by the said Mill being built and that the health of The neigh-
bors will not be injured,that neither the passage of fish nor
navigation will be hindered. Signed and sealed by
JONES,Edwd. MITCHUSSON,Jonathan GREER. Test. Jesse FORD, S.L.C.
(Sherifff Livgstn Co).
Court gives permission to Bullard to build his mill.

August 26,1800,p.51--
Present at Courthouse this day:Jonathan RAMSEY,William MILES,
William DOBBINS, & Wiley DAVIS,Gentlemen.

Jonathan GREER apptd surveyor of road from this place to
Christian Court house in assistant to David JAMES.

The Report of the viewers of road from MILES ferry to Intersect
the rd. from Eddyville to Smith Land:considered that it be
established as a public road & George SADLER apptd survyr of
the road from the ferry to the Top of Bluff where REED's road
crosses & John FORD from there to where rd. crosses HOGANS
fork of Deer Creek & Martin RANDLEMAN from there to Benjamin
HARDINS & further ord. that William MILES & Jonathan RAMSEY,
Esqrs allot the hands to sd. svyrs.

Nov. 26,1800,p.61--
Pursuant to law court proceeds to make allowances to County
Creditors & Lay the County Levy to wit: pay 8 shillings per
woolf sculp to the following:
David BROWN.

Ord. the County Levy be Seventy five Cents pr. tithable
for the present year.

Extracts, Livingston Co,KY, Court Ord.Bk A,1801

Report of Jury on Condemnation of Robert DOBBINS' mill seat
returned as follows:Eddy Creek:we the underwritten being
summoned by John MERCER Deputy sheriff for Jesse FORD Sheriff
of Lvgstn Co to attend the premises proposed by R. Dobbins
to build a water grist mill and dam on the north side of
[Eddy Creek] agree that it will cause no damage to anyone,
as long as Dobbins keeps a sufficient waste gate open for the
passage of fish in the months of March & April in high [tide]
two hours in each twenty four;also in case the mill dam should
overflow a certain spring on the south side of Eddy Creek the
property of Matthew LYON, then Dobbins shall pay to Lyons ten
dollars for the damage he may sustain by the spring being over-
flowed. Signed & sealed Feb.21,1801 by:Willm. GILKEY, Z.B. HOBERT,
Jesse KUYKENDALL,Jonathan GREER,David JAMES,David KILGORE,Daniel
DOBBINS. Attest by J. MERCER DS for Jesse FORD SLC. Court grants
leave for Dobbins to build his mill under conditions set above and
then to be established a public mill when finished.

Mar. 3, 1801, p. 75--
No. 1 James Y. McNABB is entitled to 250 acres land agreeable
to his location which is now filed & ord. to be recorded in a
book to be kept for that purpose.
No. 2 Soloman BRUNTS,400 acres agreeable to location
No. 3 James HAWTHORN,400 acres
No. 4 Andrew Neel HAWTHORN,400 acres
No. 5 James ARMSTRONG,200 acres

John SWIFT apptd svyr rd from this place to top of ridge
opposite Joel CHARLES,& Wiley DAVIS esqr. allot hands.

The Appraisers of Estate of William LOVE, Dec'd,pray further
time till next court to make return & granted.

Tuesday,July 7,1801, p.97--
At a court cont'd & held for Lvngstn Co, Present: William C.
RODGERS,William MILES,Thomas GIST,Wiley DAVIS,Gentlemen.

No. 83 Jesse FORD  200 acres
No. 84 Jesse ROBERTS 200 acres
No. 85 William DODDS 400 acres
No. 86 William KARR 200 acres
No. 87 Thomas BOND 200 acres
No. 88 David CAMMACK 200a
No. 89 William OWENS 200a
No. 90 William BIRDSONG 200a
No. 91 Richard HAYLE 200a
No. 92 Daniel HAYLE 200a
No. 93 Josiah GREER 200a
No. 94 Nathan HAIL 400a
No. 95 Demcey JERRELL 200a
No. 96 Abraham RUSSELL 200a
No. 97 John ANDERSON 200a
No. 98 James BARNETT 250a
No. 99 Zadok WYATT 400a
No. 100 Saml. C. CLARK 400a
No. 101 William THITFORD 100a
No. 102 George VAUGHN 100a
No. 103 William HARPER 400a
No. 104 Robert HAYS 200a
No. 105 John HAYS 400 a
No. 106 Sarah PARKER 400a
No. 107 William PARKER 300a
No. 108 Joseph GREER 200a
No. 109 Hugh KILGORE 200a
No. 110 Levi DAVIS 100a
No. 111 Jacob DRAKE 400a
No. 112 James LUSK 200a
No. 113 George DAVIDSON 200a
No. 114 Robert CURRY 200
No. 115 Richard DAVIS 200a
No. 116 John HUGHEY 250a
No. 117 Rebekah HUGHEY 100a
No. 118 John HUGHEY 300a
No. 119 John ROSS 300a
No. 120 Alexander ANDERSON 400a
No. 121 Robert COOK 150a
No. 122 Jeremiah MOORE 400a
No. 123 Edward CURRY 200a
No. 124 Michael SON 200a
No. 125 William DAVIS 400a
No. 126 John M. COLLISTER 400a

Tuesday,July 7,1801,p.102--
No. 172 Charles RAMSEY 400acres
No. 173 John ATCHISON 400a
No. 174 John JONES 200a
No. 175 William MILES 200a
No. 176 Joel CHARLES 400a
No. 177 Josiah WATSON 400a
No. 178 Dd. JAMES 400a
No. 179 Jonathan GREER 200a
No. 180 Robert ATCHISON 400a
No. 181 Jesse JONES 400a
No. 182 James GREER 200a
No. 183 Thomas McCABE 100a
No. 184 Edward TALBOTT 148a
No. 185 Elijah TALBOTT 157a
No. 186 Thomas PEALE 200a
No. 187 John PEALE 200a
No. 188 Richard PEALE 200a
No. 189 Thomas SHIELDS 375a
No. 190 Thomas GIST 300a
No. 191 Thomas McCOY 400a
No. 192 John TIER 400a
No. 193 Benjn. DAVIS 200a
No. 194 The heirs of John CALLUM,Dec'd 300a
No. 195 Joseph GREEN 400a
No. 196 George ROBINSON 200a
No. 197 William MITCHUSSON 200a
No. 198 Robert PATTERSON 200a
No. 199 Robert SMITH 200a
No. 200 Jesse KUYKENDOLL 200a
No. 201 George ROBERTSON 100a
No. 202 Alexander MOORE 200a
No. 203 John McCOY 200a
No. 204 Sampson CAUDLE 200a
No. 205 James GREER 200a

Ord. that John COLLETT who was living & said to be bound
to David JAMES remain with Wiley DAVIS until next Court
& that said James his master appear here at next Court
& answer the complaint of said Collett.

On mo. Samuel C. CLARK for a water saw mill on his lands
on the Eddy Creek ord. that a writ of Adquaddamnum
issue directed to the Sheriff commanding him to summons
12 fit persons of his bailiwick to attend on the premises
on the 22nd day of the present month to condemn those lands
for the purpose.

David DAVIDSON came into court & ent. bond with Alexander
BRUSTER,John STAPLETON,James IVEY & John POUND, sureties,
$900 bond, and Davidson apptd Collector of the County
Levy for the present year.

Wed.,Aug.5,1801,p.114,115--Members of Jury to view lands for
proposed water saw mill to be built on Eddy Creek by
Samuel CLARK. Viewed lands for mill near Dry Fork of the
Eddy Creek and approved it: William MITCHUSSON,David
GREER,J. MERCER,Z.B. HOBERT. Signed & sealed in presence of
David DAVIDSON Sheriff Livingston Co.
Court confirmed the report of jury & allowed Clark to build.

No. 216 Robert GALLOWAY 200a
No. 217 John FERGISON 200a
No. 218 James IVEY 200a
No. 219 Grason METLOCK 200a

Ord. that SON be apptd survyr of road from FERRILLs to
Trade water.

Ord. that Daniel HAYLE Sr. be apptd svyr of the road in
room of John FORD & Capn. John Edward LACEY in room of

Tues.,Oct. 6,1801,p.223--
No. 228 John McCLAIN 250a
No. 229 Christopher GRIFFITH 100a
No. 230 John LEWIS 200a
No. 231 Hugh LEWIS Jr. 400a
No. 232 Aaron GREER 150a
No. 233 John VAUGHAN 100a

Ord. that George SADLER be exonerated from paying county
Levy on himself--and one Slave on account of infirmity.

Ord. that Sheriff be allowed 2 mos. longer to collect
County Levy.

Ord. that John MILES be permitted to remove his Certifi-
cate for 200 acres of land, proof made in court that
land was taken by prior Claim.

No. 234 Robert COOK 200a

Ord. that William BALDWIN be exonerated from paying poll
Tax on account of Infirmity.

No. 235 Charles MILLER 200 acres
No. 236 John COMMACK 300a

Tuesday,Oct.6,1801,p.224 (note p.223 & 224 were mis-
numbered in the original record, s/b123 & 124)--

No. 237 James N. GREER 200 acres
No. 238 Joseph VAUGHN 200a
No. 239 John GREER 150a

James McNABB wishing to build water grist mill on a
large spring running into Cumberland River,ord.that
writ of adquaddamnum issue directed to Sheriff & ord.
Shff. summon jury of 12 persons of his bailiwick to
attend the premises in question on 16th day of this
present month to condemn the land for that purpose.

James IVEY came into court & took the oath of Jailor of
this County & is apptd. accordingly

Ord. Orphans of Josiah YOUNG dec'd be allowed to keep
one half of the crop made by them & William DANIEL.

James IVEY ent'd into bond & security & is permitted to
Keep Tavern at his own house one year from today.

Ord. Robert WOOD be permitted to remove his Certificate of
158 acres of land,proof being made to court the land was
taken by prior claim.

Court adjourned. Wm. MILES.

Tues. Nov.3,1801,p.130--
Court proceeds to make the allowances to the County
Creditors and lay the County Levy for the present year:
The following were paid for Wolf "Sculps"--
John McCOY, John DODD, Arthur WILLIAMS,William WOOTEN,
Pleasant AXLEY, Joseph JENKINS,John McELMURRY,James
GREER,John CONWAY,David FORD,Benjamin JONES,Josiah
For Surveyors Books furnished the court,pay: William C. RODGERS.
To William B. BLACKBURN as Comlths. atty for present term,

Monday,Dec. 7,1801,p.137--
Ord. Isaac GREER be exonerated from paying pole Tax for the
year 1800.

No. 284 William PURKINS 400 acres

Absent, Thomas GIST & James McNABB gentln.

Ord. Court adjourn till tomorrow 10 o'clock. James LUSK.

Tues,Dec 8,1801,p.137--
Present:Thomas GIST,James LUSK,Joseph REED,Wiley DAVIS,

Ord. that Edward LACEY Guardian of the Inf. Orphans of
Josiah YOUNG,Dec'd be permitted to bind two of said orphans
to John WARE to wit: JOHN [YOUNG]& UNSEY [YOUNG]
under such conditions as the law requires..said WARE
learning the boy the blacksmith trade & also be permitted
to bind another one named STEPHEN [YOUNG] to Robert
WOODSIDES on his learning him the hatters trade.

Extracts Livingston Co,KY,Court Order Bk.A, 1802:
Extracts Livingston Co,KY,Court Order Bk.A,1802:

Monday The 6th Day of September 1802, p.185--
No. 481 John C. LOWRY   400 acres
No. 482 Edmund RODGERS  200

The last will and Testament of Benjamin KILGORE Deceased was
presented in Court and proven by the Oaths of William GILKEY
Z.B. HOBERT and Jonathan GREER three Subscribing witnesses
Thereto and Ordered to be recorded.

The report of the Viewers of the road from Michael PURKEL's?
Old place to MILLERS Ware house was this day returned and its
the opinion of the Court that the same be established a pub-
lick road and That John STORY be appointed Surveyor of Said
road and Joseph REED esqr allot the hands.

No. 482 Bartlett WOOLEMS? 200
No. 483 Absalom WOOLEMS   200
No. 484 Samuel ELDER      400

Jane KILGORE Executrix of the last will and Testament of Benja-
min Kilgore Deceased Came into Court and entered into bond with
Robert SCOTT, Z. B. HOBERT, and John HOLLAND her Securitys in
the penalty of five thousand Dollars Conditioned as the law
directs and took the necessary Oath.

The report of the Viewers of the road from Eddyville to Christian
County line was returned and confirmed and as a publick road.
Likewise the report of the Viewers of the road from Eddyville to
Clarksville was returned and it's the opinion of the court...

p. 186--
On Motion of Jesse KEYKENDOLL Ordered that he be permitted to
remove his Certificate of 200 Acres of land Satisfactory proof
being made to the court that it was taken by a prior Claim.

Ordered that Jonathan GREER and David JAMES be exonerated from
being Surveyor of the road to Christian.

John SCOTT came into court and entered into bond and to[ok]
the necessary Oath and is apptd. Constable and allotted The
bounds of Captn JONES (or JAMES?) and SHELBYs Companys.

Solomon PURKINS came into court and made proof to the court that
his right ear was bitt off.

Ord. that William MITCHUSSON be apptd. to allot The hands for
John TEER Surveyor of the road from William PRINCEs to the
Christian line.

Ord. That David SHELBY be apptd. Surveyor of The road from
Eddyville to the county line on the clarksville road and
James McNABB esqr allotts the hands.

Ord. that John SHELBY be apptd. Surveyor of the road from
Eddyville to the County line on McWATERS road and James McNABB
allott the hands below the fork and John MERCER above.

No. 485 David DAVIDSON     200
No. 486 Stephen KUYKENDOLL 400

Monday The 6th Day of December 1802, p. 198--
No. 527 Robert GALLOWAY 200 Acr Adn.
No. 528 Andrew FORBIS   200

Demcy JERRELL Came into Court and relinquished his Certificate
of 200 Acres to The Commonwealth.

No. 529 Demcy JERRELL   400
No. 530 Francis DODDS   200
No. 531 Griffin LONG    400?

Jonathan GREER came into court and ent'd. into bond and Security
in the penalty of five hundred Dollars Conditioned as the law
directs and took the necessary Oath and is apptd. Constable.

No. 532 William FRENCH   400
No. 533 Hugh S. COUGHRAN 400

On mo. of William C. RODGERS Assignee of George BERWICK?, Ord.
that he be permitted to remove his Certificate for 200 Acres
of land No. 4365 Satisfactory proof being made to the court
that it was taken by a prior Claim.

Jane KILGORE Executrix of the last will and Testament of
Benjamin Kilgore Decd Came into Court and ent'd. into bond with
Z.B. HOBERT, Robert SCOTT and John HOLLAND her Securities in
the penalty of five Thousand Dollars Conditioned as the Law
directs &c.

Ord. that William BIRDSONG, James GREER,Junr?, Jonathan GREER
being first Sworn before a Magistrate do appraise [Benjn.
Kilgore estate]

Extracts Livingston Co,KY,Court Order Bk.A, 1803:

Extracts Livingston Co,KY,Court Order Bk.A,1803--

Monday The 7th day of March 1803, page 205--
No. 570 Joseph BROWN    200

Ord. That all the people directed by law to work on roads that
lives within four miles of MILLERs road be appointed to work
on the Same.

On Motion of Robert WOOD and he having made Sufficient proof to
the Court Ordered that a Certificate be granted him to The
treasurer for the appropriation of the money he has paid for
his head right (sic) land to other lands.

Present James LUSK and Jesse FORD Gentn.

No. 571 David SHELBY    400

On Mo. of Benjamin KEVIL ord. that he be permitted to remove his
begining and Location from John GORDONs Corner to the Corner of
his own tract.

Jane KILGORE Executrix of the estate of Benjamin Kilgore Dec'd
Returned an apprase bill and inventory of the same into Court
in the following words Towit,
we whose names are underwritten being appointed by the county
Court of Livingston at their December Term 1802 have according-
ly met at the house Benjamin Kilgore Deceased on the 5th Day of
March 1803 being duly sworn as the law directs to appraise the
goods and Chattles rights and Credits, Benjn Kilgore deceased
do make and return the following inventory and Appraisment,

42 head of hogs--       70
21 head of Cattle--     92
1 horse--               40
2 Beds and furniture--  43
1 lott of Crockery Ware- 9 - 50 Cents
(continued on page 206)
1 Trunk--       @        2 --
1 Chest--       @        1 - 50 Cents
1 Lott of Pewter@        9 --
1 Lott of Castings@     19 - 50
6 Augurs--      @        3 - 33
1 Lott of Plantation
        Iron Tools--    28 --
1 pair of Stilliards(sic)3 --
1 Big Wheel and Coffee
        mill--           2 --
1 Mans Saddle--          3 --
1 Grind Stone--          2 --
1 Looking glass--        1 --

Hugh KILGORE Dr.[Debit]}
To the estate of Benjn.}42 - 75
Kilgore DeceasedTo Cash}

1 Bond on Hugh Kilgore }
and William Kilgore for}
paying of The state    }
fees on land estimated }
                       467   58
The above is a true Statement of all the goods and Chattles
Rights and Credits of Benjamin Kilgore Deceased as was Shown
to us by Jane Kilgore Administratrix of the Estate given under
Our hands and Seals
                David JAMES (seal)  Jonathan GREER (seal)
                James GREER (seal)  William BIRDSONG (seal)

Ordered that James GREENSTREET  Allen GREENSTREET and Michael
CAMPBELL do view and mark a way for a road from SHAWs mill to
Tradewater by CAMPBELLs mill and make Report Thereof To our
Next Court

Mon., March 7, 1803, page 208--
On motion of Robert KIRK ord that he be permitted to Keep a
ferry across the Ohio at the Mouth of Hurricain Creek on his
giving bond and Security to keep a good boat and Sufficient
hands agreeable to Law.

No. 572 Benjamin VAUGHAN  100

Ord. that Spear COFFIELD  Elisha REESE  John GASKINS John
McELMURRY do mark a way for a road from James RITHCEYs to
the mouth of Hurricain and make report thereof.

No. 573 Wilson RODGERS  200
No. 574 Lewis PYBURN    200 (or 400?)
No. 575 Joseph GREER    200 (or 400?)

Jesse GREER Came into Court and entd. into bond with [blank
space where names of securities should be written] his securitys
in the penalty of fifteen hundred Conditioned as the law
directs and took the necessary Oath Administrator of Josiah
GREER Decd--whereupon its Ordered that he obtain letters of
administration on the estate of said Josiah GREER Decd.

No. 576 John MATOX      200 Acs. Adn.
No. 577 Gideon DAVIS    400 -

Ordered That Epharim (sic) HILL Senr and Epharim HILL Junr
be exonerated from paying poll tax on account of Infirmity.

No. 578 John FERRILL      200
No. 579 Allen GREENSTREET 300

Monday, June 6th,1803,page 221--
...of four years and Ten months from this date during which
Term the said apprentice shall faithfully and Lawfully serve
his master..his Commands at any Time and place  Obey both
night or day  he Shall not waste or destroy his masters goods
nor see any other do the Same without giving notice thereof
he shall not lend or sell his masters property without his Con-
sent nor contract debts of any kind   he shall [not] commit forni-
cation nor Contract Matrimony during his apprenticeship  he
shall in all cases behave himself in a becoming manner and
then at the expiration of four years and Ten months the said
John REED Shall furnish said apprentice with a new Suit of
Cloathes besides his common wearing apparel  Ten Dollars in
Cash and a horse bridle and Saddle worth Sixty five Dollars
also the said master during the Term above mentioned Shall
Teach or Cause to be taught the said prentice to read rite
and Cypher as far as the rule of three and furnish meat
drink lodging washing and Cloathing Suitable to an apprentice
In Confirmation of which and for the true performance thereto
the parties bind themselves to each Other Interchangeable
Setting their hands and Seals This Sixth day of June Eighteen
hundred and Three
                        JOHN REED (seal)
                  ALEXANDER  X  LEMAR (seal)

MondayThe 6th Day of June 1803, p.221(continued)--
An appraise (sic) of the Estate of JOSIAH GREER Deceased re-
turned in the following words,Towit,
A bill of Articles of Josiah Greer Decd.

To 3 Cows & Calves      @       30 Dols.
To 9 head of hogs       @       14
To One Iron Grey horse  @       60
page 223 (sic)
(NOTE: the appraisal of Josiah Greer's estate was continued
on a page numbered 223--which immediately followed the page
numbered 221)
To 1 Mare and Colt      @       80 Dollars
To 1 Bay horse          @      100
To 1 Shovel Plow        @        3
To 1 Bar Shear plow     @        6
To 1 Cross Cut Saw      @        3
To two Bells            @        1 - 25 Cents
To 3 Axes               @        6
To 1 Mack? and two hows @        4
To 1 pair of Spoon Mols @        4
To two hand Saws        @        4
To 1 hand Ax            @        2
To 1 foot Adds          @        1 - 50
To 3 plains and beadin?
        plain           @        5 - 25
To 1 frow               @        1 - 25
To 1 Grutten plain
        and 4 Gimblets  @        1
To 4 Turning Chisels    @        1 - 50
To 2 Turning Gouges     @          - 75
To 1 pair of pipit Irons@          - 50
To 4 paring Chissels    @        1
To 6 Augurs             @        2 - 50
To 1 Drawing Knife      @        1
To 1 Coopers Adds Round
        Shave & Cross?  @        1
To 1 Claw hammer Nippen?
        Compas          @          - 75
To 1 Saddle & Bridle    @        6
To 1 pair of double
       trees & Clevices @        2
To plow gears Plow bridle@       2
To 1 Grin Stone         @        1
To 1 Kittle             @        6
To 1 pott & Skillet     @        3 - 50
To 1 Dutch Oven and two
     pair hooks         @        4
To 1 Rifle gun          @        7
To 1 Log Chain          @        5
To 3 Dishes and
     6 plates           @        7
(page 224)
To 5 Basons             @        6 Dollars
To 2 Tin Cittles 5 Tin
        Cups            @        1 - 25 Cents
To a Cop. Coffee Pott 1
        Bottle          @        2 - 25
To 3 Pigins             @        1
To 1 Fat Tub            @          - 50
To 3 Knives 5 forks and
        box             @        1
To 1 Trunk              @        2
To 1 Case and Razors    @        3
To 7 Books              @        2 - 50
To 1 Bed Stead          @        3
To 1 Bed and furniture  @       10
To 1 Bed and furniture  @        5
To 1 Powdering Tubb     @          - 75
To 6 Chairs             @        3
To a Alk Skin and Bear
        Skin            @        1 - 50
The whole amount               412 - - - (sic)

Appraised by Thomas HAWKINS, David SHELBY, James FOWLER
This 27th May 1803
        An one quantity of hogs running at large Testified
by me David SHELBY
I do hereby Certify the above appraisers were first Sworn
before me                       James McNABB J.P.

No. 638 Stephen DAVIS    400 Acrs
No. 639 Isaac CRUSE      400
No. 640 Joshua ALEXANDER 200
No. 641 Thomas STANFORD  400
No. 642 Charles McGEE    300?
No. 643 Thomas BECK      400
No. 644 Mary YOUNG       400
No. 645 Jeremiah BELL    400
No. 646 Jonathan BOSWELL 100
No. 647 Charles JONES    200

Page 238, Livingston County,KY,Court Order Book A,1803:
(NOTE: the county clerk inadvertantly wrote the year as 1805)

"Tuesday the 5th Day July 1805" [s/b 1803], p.238--
No. 720 Micajah REEDER  200 in Adn.
No. 721 John ANDERSON   200 in Adn.

On motion of Joseph COLVILLE ordered that he be permitted to
Keep Tavern at his own house in the Town of Kirksville? one
year from the date hereof he having entered into bond with
M. M. GOOCH his security in the penalty of 100L. Conditioned
as the law directs.

Charles MILLER appelee vs. John POUNDS appelant} This day
came the parties and by consent the appeal is withdrawn by
the appelee.

On Motion of Alexander BRUSTER Ordered That the sheriff of
this County do deliver to him fifty one pounds Sixteen Shillings
in notes that is in his hands for Collection belonging to the
Estate of John GIBSON dec'd. it Appearing to the court that
The said BRUSTER is Justly entitled to that sum out of said

On Motion of James IVEY Ordered that he be permitted to Keep
Tavern at his own house in Eddyville one year from the date
hereof he having entered into bond and Security Agreeable to
Law for that purpose.

On Motion of William GUTHRIE Ordered that he be permitted to
Keep Tavewrn in the house of James IVEY one year from the
date hereof he having entered into bond and security Agreeable
to Law for that purpose and having Obtained the leave of so
doing from said IVEY.

Ordered That Court Adjourn Till Court in Course.
                                Wiley DAVIS

October the 3rd 1803, page 246--
...Penalty of Sixteen hundred dollars whereupon Certificate
is granted her to administer on goods Chattles and Credits
of said William SIMPSON Decd.
(NOTE: "Benjamin" was crossed through and "William" written
above it)

Ordered That David SHAW, William LAUGHLIN, Jesse MARGRAVES and
Alexander STEVENSON or any three of them being first Sworn be-
fore a magistrate do appraise The Estate of William SIMPSON
Decd. in Current money and make return thereof to our next Court.

(NOTE: The following inventory runs from p. 246-248. I have
compressed the list, using the purchaser's name once only)

An Inventory of the sale of Josiah GREER Deceased was Exhibited
in court and ordered to be recorded to wit
July the 1st 1803 a bill of sail of Josiah GREER property Decd
Jesse GREER, Cattle $7,1 pott $2.37 1/2,1 Skillet $1,1 bed $14.25,
        1 Alk Skin .25,1 Razor Cais $3.37 1/2, Haims & Traces.75,
        1 Iron Wedge .87 1/2, 1 plow $3.12 1/2, 1 Barrell .25,
        1 Bell & Collar 75 Cents, 1 Bed $3, to Hogs $15, 1 Bay
        mare and colt $83, to 1 Trunk $3.62 1/2, 1 Cog .12 1/2
Ruth GREER, 1 Oven $3, 5 basons $5,3 Dishes $3.75,6 plates $4.75,
        2 Cittles .25, Knives & forks .37 1/2,3 pails $1,
        1 Tub $1
Isaac GREER, Turning Tools $2, 1 hand Axe $1,1 Frow .50,
        To Working tools $7.25
Aaron GREER 1 Bell .75 Cents
Jonathan GREER, to flax $4
James GREER, 1 Book .25
Zebulon B. HOBERT, 3 Chairs $1.50,1 Bedstead $3.75
David SHELBY, 3 Chairs $1.50,1 Box .37 1/2,spoon Mould $3,
        1 Cow and calf $12.50
Johnston MARCHBANKS, 1 Coffee pott $3
Shadrach JENKINS, 1 Gun $7
Jacob BRADBURY 1 Mattock $2.25,1 Mattock $1.25,Haims & Traces $1,
        2 Hoes $1.12 1/2, 1 Axe $2.25, 1 Saddle & Bridle $6.25,
        1 Cross cut saw $5.62 1/2, 1 Cow and yearling $15,
        1 Cow and calf $14.25
William BOND shoe Maker Tooles $1.25
William THITFORD 1 Axe $1.25
Thomas HAWKINS 1 Axe $2, 1 log chain $6
John COTTON Double Tree & Clevises $2.50, Books $2
William KILGORE 1 Gray horse $77
Adam LIN 1 Bay horse $114
                                Jesse GREER, Admr.

(page 248)
No. 735 George BURTON   400 Acres
No. 736 William BUSH    400
No. 737 Nancy MATLOCK   400

On motion of David SHAW he having entered into bond and security
as the law directs ordered that he be permitted to keep a ferry
across the Ohio at the mouth of Cumberland River from the south
side of Cumberland at the usual rates.

No. 738 Polly ROBISON   400 Acres

On mo. of John GRAY he having entered into bond with Joseph
MILLER his security agreeable to Law ord. that he be permitted
to keep ferry across the Ohio at the mouth of Camp Creek at
the usual rates.

No. 739 James CLARK             200 Acres in Addition
No. 740 Epharim HILL Senr       200 Acres in Addition
No. 741 Jacob HARMAN            400
No. 742 Robert CALDWELL         400
(NOTE: another entry just below No. 742, but can't read it)

Monday the 7th Day of November 1803, page 254--
On motion of Epharim HILL senr Ordered that he be exonerated
from paying poll tax on account of Infirmity.

Pursuant to Law the court proceeds to make the allowances to
the county Creditors and to lay the county Levy Towit,
(NOTE: the following were paid for "woolf sculps")
John McCOY
William BALDWIN Junr.
Lioner LACEY
Jesse KEYKENDOLL (sic)
William ENGRAM (sic)

To George ROBISON Coroner 3L. 16S.
Hanson CATLETT 8L. 4S.
Judges of the last Election 1L. 16S.
Sheriff 1L. 4S.
Enoch PRINCE for Exofficio services 12L.
To Enoch PRINCE for stationary 3L.
To the clerk of Election 18S.

Matthew M.GOOCH 400 Acres

Ord. that Enoch PRINCE be allowed Twelve dollars for
examining and Certifying the commissioners books for the
present year.

To the guards as per certifyed from? the circuit Court
21L. 10S.

To the Sheriff for summoning a Jury and Inquest and wit-
nesses on JAMMY (sic) a murdered Indian 2L. 16S.

Monday the 5th Day of December 1803, p.265--
No. 804 Ruth BRIANT             300
No. 805 William DUNCAN          400
No. 806 James BUCKHANNAN        200 In Adn.
No. 807 John CALHOON             50 -
No. 808 William SMITH           200 in Adn.
No. 809 Peter CARTWRIGHT Junr.  200
No. 810 John VINIARD            200 Acres in adn.
No. 811 Enos PYBURN             200 -
No. 812 John GREER              400

Ordered that Court Adjourn till tomorrow morning Nine O Clock
                                Wiley DAVIS

Tues,Dec. 6,1803, p.265--
At a County Court Continued and held for Livingston County
on TUESDAY the 6th day of DECEMBER 1803 Present:
Wiley DAVIS, William MITCHUSSON, John MERCER and Charles
STEWART Gentlemen.

An additional appraise bill of the goods and Chattles of
LEVI FRENCH Deceased was returned into court and ordered to
be recorded, Towit, There being a part of the property of
Levi FRENCH Deceased that could not be come at at the former
appraisement which is now present and being on Our former
Oaths and proceeded to appraise 5 hogs at 11 Dollars by us
this 3rd day of December 1803.
Isaac BROWN, Benjamin VAUGHN and.......

Dec. 6, 1803, p. 268--
The report of the viewers of the road from William SHELBYs to
the mouth of Camp creek was this day returned and established
a publick road and William SHELBY apptd. surveyor of said
road from his own house to WALDENs cross road and John GRAY
the Remainder part and Joseph REED esqr allott the hands

Cornelius MERRY came into court and ent'd into bond and secy.
as the law directs and took the necessary oaths and was apptd.

On mo. of William YOUNG, ord. that he be permitted to Remove
a location for 150 Acres of land satisfactory proof being made
to the court that it was ent'd on appropriated land it being
part of his certificate No. 395.

No. 813 William S. NORRIS       400 Acres
No. 814 George M. TRIMBLE       400
No. 815 Soloman TURNER          400

Robert FRENCH came into Court and Relinquished his claim of
100 Acres formerly granted by this court.

No. 816 Robert FRENCH           300
No. 817 George MILLER           400

On mo. of Jane ORR ord. that she be permitted to remove her
certificate of 400 Acres of land No. 675 satisfactory proof
being made to the court that it was taken by a prior claim.

No. 818 William SELMAN?         400
No. 819 Thomas GREER            200
No. 820 Carlton WOOLF           200

Extracts Livingston Co,KY,Court Order Bk.A, 1804:

Tuesday The 3rd January 1804, p. 277--
On motion of Robert CALDWELL ordered that he be permitted to
remove his certificate for 400 Acres of land No. 742 satisfactory
proof being made to the court that it was entered on appropriated

No. 824 John HARRINGTON  200 Acres
No. 825 Henry BIRDSONG   400 Acres

On motion of William C. RODGERS ordered that he be permitted to
Keep ferry across the Ohio at the place where James LUSK formerly
lived he having entered into bond and security as the Law directs
for the space of two years from the 3rd day of December last.

On motion of Jeremiah BELL ord. that he be permitted to [remove]
his Certificate for 300 Acres of land No. 644 proof made to court
that it was entered on appropriated land.

On mo. of Hugh COCHRAN ord. he be permitted to Remove his cert.
for 200 Acres of land No. 533 proof made to court it was entered
on appropriated land.

On mo. of Timothy SMITH, ord. he be permttd to remove his Cert.
for 400 Acres of land No. 588..having been ent'd on apprd. land.

No. 826 John TRAVIS?    400 Acres
No. 827 William GUTHRIE 400
No. 828 Jacob CLAUSER?  400

On mo. of John HENRY ord. he be permitted to remove his Cert.
for 400 Acres of land No. 714? [being ent'd on apprtd. land.]

Feb. 6, 1804, p. 280--
Ordered that Joshua TALBOTT be apptd. guardian to [blank ]
infant orphants of Joshua WILSON Deceased.

Timothy MERRICK  Plaintiff against William GUTHRIE Defendant:
In an appeal, It appearing to the satisfaction of the court
that the summons in this case was not served on the Defendant
Ten days before court its therefore ordered that said appeal
be dismissed.

Ord. that Timothy MERRICK pay John FLINT? for two days attend-
ance as a witness for him against William GUTHRIE.

A Commission from his excellency James GARRARD esqr. Governor
of the Commonwealth of Kentucky appointing James FORD and William
E. PHILLIPS esquires Justices of the Peace in and for Livingston
County was presented in court and the said William E. Phillips
came into Court and took the oaths required by the constitution
and Law and took his seat.

Present: Wm. E. PHILLIPS esqr.

Tuesday 8th May, 1804, p.294--
No. 896 Hugh LEWIS              100 acres additional
No. 897 William McKEE?          200 acres additional
No. 898 Nicholas TRAMMELL?      60 (or 50?) acres
No. 899 Enoch PRINCE            200 acres additional
No. 900 Christopher HAMMONDS    200 acres additional

An additional appraise bill of the estate of Benjamin KILGORE
deceased was this day Returned into Court and ordered to be
made of Record in the words and figures following Towit
March 1st 1804. We the undersigned subscribers being met to
appraise the balance of the goods and Chattles of Benjamin
Kilgore deceased that shall be presented to us by Jane Kilgore
Executrix do appraise as follows Viz--
6 head of hogs          2.50
1 sorrel horse         60.00
l lot of bridles        4.00
2 drawing knife & __?   2.37 1/2
4 Weeding hoes          4.66 1/4
l lot Coopers ware      2.26
1 Jug                    .75
6 pewter Spoons         1.00
1 Small pot             1.50
4 head of Cattle       26.00
2 hogs                  6.00
1 Stear                20.00
1 Stear                14.00
1 Cow to Jesse GREER   10.00
1 Cow ditto             9.00
1 Bull to LYON          6.60
        The above is a Just bill of the articles presented to us
to appraise Given under our hands and Seals the day and date
above written  James GREER (Seal) David JAMES (Seal) Jonathan
GREER (Seal)

Extracts Livingston Co,KY,Court Order Bk.B, 1803-1806:

Livingston County,Kentucky, Court Orders Book B,1803:
[Note: unnumbered pages]
June 6,1803--
MAY WILSON Came into Court and made Oath as the law Directs
and entered into Bond in the penalty of five Hundred Dollars*
as Administratrix of JOSHUA WILSON Decd. with ALEXANDER
[*NOTE: interlined above "Dollars" --"with..." and
several words after are smudged with ink)

ALEXANDER LEMAR by Consent [his own]  and with the Approbation of the
Court was bound [to JNO. REED] and Indenture O. R.

STEPHEN DAVIS 400 Acres agreeable to Locatn.
ISAAC CRUSE 400 Acres pd.

An Appraise bill of JOSIAH GREERs estate was Retd. by the
Administrator and  O. Re.

JOSHUA? ALEXANDER 200 Acres adn. pd.
CHARLES McGEE? 300 Acres
THOS. BECK 400 pd.

October 3, 1803--
An Account of the Sale of JOSIAH GREER Decd. estate returned
and O.R.

#735 GEO. BRUTON 400 acr.
#736 WM. BUSH 400 acr.

On Motion DAVID SHAW ordered that he be permitted to Keep Ferry
across the Ohio River at the mouth of Cumberland River from the
South Side of Cumberland


JOHN GRAY permitted to Keep ferry across the Ohio at the mouth
of Camp Creek having entered Into Bond with JOS. MILLER his Se-

#739 JAS.? CLARK 200 A. adn.
#740 EPR. HILL Ser. 200 acr. pd.
#741 JACOB HARMON 400 a pd. Issued? [or I.paid?]
#744 SARAH LOFTON 400 pd.
#745 ISS [smeared ink] LOFTIN 400 pd.

November 7, 1803--
Pursuant to Law the Court proceeds to Lay the County Levy (Towit)
The __? Livingston County To JOHN WHEELER--Dr
for One Woolf Sculp -------  8
JAMES HUGHEY 5 Do.           2
JAMES ADAMS  4 Do.        1 12
ESSIX CAPSHAW 2 Do.         16
JNO. MCOY     1 Do.          8
HENRY WOODWARD 6 Do.      2  8
JOHN GASKINS   1 Do.         8
WILLIAM BALDWIN Jr.          8
AARON GREER                  8
LIONER LACY                  8--- 9  4
JESS KUYKENDOLL             16
THOS. GRIFFITH               4
THOS. FERGISON               8
SAML. BURTON                 8
WM ENGRAM                    8
JAME HAWTHORN               12
GEORGE ROBINSON           3 16
HANSON CATLETT            8  4

Judges of Election        1 16
Sheriff                   1  4
  Ex oficio Svs?         12 - -
To Do. for Book and paper 3 - -
To the Clerk of the
  Election ---           12--33 .14

Livingston County Court Order Book B, 1804:
914 WILLIAM GREER       200 Acr paid
915 ISAAC GREER         200 Acr pd.
916 GIDN. JAMES         200
917 JNO. OWENS          200  -- paid
918 RHATIO DURBY        100 Acr.
919 PETER LARUE?        200 Acr. Adn.
920 LUCY PHILLIPS       400
921 JOHN MARTIN         400 Acr.
922 CHARLES GATES       400
923 JOAB HARDIN         200 Adn.
924 DANL. RASBERRY      400 Acr.

EDMD. BEARDINs land altered from 2nd To 3 Rate on Act. of
being wrong listed

925 ORIN? JONES         200 Acr. Adn.
926 SALLY THOMPSON      400
928 THOS. HENDERSON     400
929 JEDIAH PIACK (Peack?)400

STEPHEN RODGERS Removes 200 acr. No. 748?

DIMCEY JERRELL permitted to alter his Certificate granted
the 6th of December 1803 agree....

Oct. 3, 1804--
At a County Court Continued and held for Livingston County on
Wednesday the 3rd October 1804 Present. THOS. GIST, WILLIAM

957 DAVID CALDWELL      400 Isd. pd.
958 JNO. DONALSON       400
959 JOHN WEBB           200
960 JNO. CHAPMAN        400 Isd. Paid
961 LUCEY GREER         100


JOSEPH REED and JOHN MENEES? (McNEE?) or any three of them be
appointed to Settle with STEPHEN KUYKENDOLL relative by his
Administration of the estate of JOSHUA WILSON Decd.

962 MARY PURKINS?       400 Acr. Isd. paid
963 FREDERICK GROVES?   200 As. Adn. Isd. pd.

WM. SHAW Removes 200 acs Id. paid No 562?

964 WM. C. CRILLEY      400 Ac

AARON CORN Exempted from paying Tax on tavern Levied for the
year 1803 being wrong listed

969 RO. STEVENS         400 Isd. paid
970 JNO. TRAVIS         400 Isd. paid
971 JAS. WILSON         100 Isd. paid
972 PHILLIP GATES       400 Id. paid
973 HENRY HODGES        400
974 JOSEPH SMITH        250 Isd. pd.
975 MARY SMITH          400 Isd. paid
976 REZIN BAILEY        400
977 Dd. HAMILTON        400
978 EBETH. HAMILTON     400
979 CHAS. KELLY         400
980 JAS. McCASLIN       400 pd. Isd.
981 EZTH. McCASLIN      400 pd. Isd.

THOS. TRAVIS Removes 200 part 400 Isd. paid No. 476

JEREMIAH HOLCOMB Removes 200 Isd. pd. No. 369

982 ARTHUR TRAVIS       400

JOSEPH HAMILTON Rems. 129 Is. paid. No. 757

983 JOHN? GREER         250 Acs.
984 MARYAN? WHEELER     400   Isd. pd.
985 GIDEON JAMES        100
986 JOHN JOHNSTON       200

Livingston County, Kentucky, Court Order Book B,1805:
Jan. 8, 1805--
ISAAC BULLARD vs. RICHD. FERGISON On a motion for a Dis-
continuance of a ferry.  RICHD. FERGUSSON by his Attorney
Accepts The Services of the Suppoenae and the Cause is
Continued untill next Court

SAMLL. LOFTON and JNO. CROSSWHITE be appointed to View and
mark a way for a road from the Phillipsburg to STOKESs? ferry
and make Report thereof

An Inventory and Aps. bill of the Estate of BENn. CLARK Decd.
was presented in Court and O.R.

Issd. Paid--Ordered That GDN.? BURK, JOSh. SAXON __ be appointed
to Settle with JESSE GREER Admstr. of JOSh. GREER Decd. and
make Report thereof

1002 ROBTN. RITCHEY     200

April 1, 1805--
WILLIAM THOMPSON Granted a License to Keep Tavern at his own
house in Livingston County having Entered into Bond with
AARON CORN his Security Conditioned as the Law directs.

DAVIDSON and DAVID CALDWELL being first Sworn do prais the
Estate of JOHN CALDWELL Decd.

ROSANNAH COLVILLE and JAMES TRIMBLE Came into Court and entered
into bond with EDWD. LACEY and Dd. CALDWELL their Securitys in
the penalty of 1000$ (sic) Conditioned as the law directs and
is permitted to administer on the estate of JOSEPH COLVILLE

Present WM. MITCHUSSON, Dd.JAMES esqrs.

L.? (or Z.?) ASKEY Came into Court and entered into bond with
ROBERT KIRK his Security and took oath as Constable.

Oct. 8, 1805--
Ordered that
At a Court Called and held for the Trial and Examination of
SAMUEL MOORE on a Charge of feloniously Stealing 3 Silk hank-
ercheifs, one pair silk Stockings, six penknives and one bolt
of Ribbon the property of McCLINTOCKS,KING & VANCE of the value
of 19$ 66 Cents  Present
        JESSE FORD         & JOSEPH REED}Gentlemen
The above named SAMUEL MOORE being led to the bar in Custody
of the Jailor and upon examination Denied the fact with which
he was charged whereupon Divers witnesses being examined in
behalf of the commonwealth and the prisoner and the prisoner
by his Counsil being heard on consideration whereof and upon
The Circumstances relating to the crime its the opinion of
the Court that he ought to be Tried by a Circuit Court And
that he be remanded to Jail accordingly and That the offence
is bailable provided the prisoner can get Sufficient Security
in the sum of five hundred Dollars.   Ordered that Court
adjourn WILEY DAVIS.

Livingston County, KY, Court Order Book B, 1806:
Monday, January 6, 1806--
JOHN WRIGHT Appelant vs JAMES BONAR Appelee} Dismd. agreed.

JAMES CLINTON Removes 50 Acres part of 200 acres drew in
the name of HUGH JOHNSTON.

Return of the viewers  of the road from SIMPSONs ford on
Donalson to PYBUINs ford on trade water. Returned and confirmed
and WILLIAM DRENNON Surveyor from Donalson to GREERs crossroad
and LEWIS PYBURN from thence to trade water and JOHN STAPLETON
allot the hands.

RICHARD HEADIN who was recognized to appear has appeared in
court and Discharged from his Recogniziance aforesd.

Dd. PATTERSON apd. Survyor of the road from McMULLMERRYs (sic)
Pond to the mouth to Deer Creek in room of EDWD. LACEY and the
following hands allotted [NOTE: no names listed]

..251 JAMES LAUGHLIN    400 paid
..252 JAMES HENRY       400 Isd. paid
..253 JAMES BRUFF       400 Isd. pd.

Return of the viewers of the road from JACOB CRAFT to near
Col. RAMSEYs confd. and G__? HARDIN Apd. Surveyors and following

April 7, 1806--
be apd. to allot the hands.

JNO. COLE exonerated from paying County Levy & state Tax on
one slave for the year 1805 on account of being wrong listed.

WM. LACEY apd. surveyor fo the road from the forks of LUSKs
and MILES road to MILES? ferry in room of G. V. LUSK and
same hands allotted.

W C LAMPKIN came into court and entered into bond with GEO.
HARDIN his security and took oath of Constable.

JAMES CLINTON apd. surveyor of the road from the Piney fork
to ALXR. STEVENSONs in room of WM. SHELBY and all the hands
within four miles of said road allotted to him.

JAMES FOWLER Exonerated & JESSE BIRDSONG? apd. surveyor of a
road from the forks of the road above McNABBs mill to BAR-
NETTs? mill and JESSE GREER [NOTE: "Birdsong" crossed out]
from thence to the county line and JAMES McNABB Esqr allott
the hands.

ROBERT PHILLIPS apd. survey of the road from DANL. TRAVISs
to WALDENs? crossroad WM E. PHILLIPS esqr allott The hands.

WM. DUNN who is desirous of building a water grist mill on
his own land on Crooked Creek is Ordered that The sheriff
attend with a Jury on the premises on the 2nd day of next
month for the purpose of...

ISAAC BULLARD Admr. of JNO. CALDWELL Decd. and with --
GIDEON D. COLB (or COBB?) his surety in room of JOHN CALD-
WELL Decd. whereupon JUDITH CALDWELL Admx. of said JOHN
CALDWeLL Decd. and SAML. CALDWELL Admr. of said Decd.
is released &c.

JNO. DONALSON Exempted from paying pole Tax.
JAS. GEORGE exempted from paying pole Tax on act. of Dis-

JNO. TANNER who is desirous of building a water grist mill on
a spring on his own land ordered that The sheriff meet on the
premises on the 12 day of The present month with a Jury for
the purpose of Condemning the necessary lands.

GEO. ROBESON Ear mark a swallow fork in each ear and an
under bit out of the right

Dd. CALDWILL ear mark a Swallow fork in the left ear and a
crop and slit in the right

JOHN DURRAH ear mark a crop and slit in the left and a hole
in the right

JAMES & VINCENT ANDERSON be apd. to view and mark a way for
a road from BURTONs ferry to the dividing ridge on a course
to JONATHAN GREERs and make report thereof.

Ordered that Court adjourn till Court in Course.
                                JESSE FORD

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