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Livingston Co., Ky. 1860 Mortality Schedule

List includes: Name, Sex, Age, Place of Birth, Month of Death, Cause of Death, & Occupation if listed.

Ally, A. B. m 37 NC Mar Murdered

Alvis, Robert m 18 Tn Mar Pneumonia Farmer

Bellamy, John M. m 15 Va Apr Unknown Farmer

Birdwell, Strawther m 53 VA Jan Typhoid Fever Wig Maker

Boatwright, Emeline F. f 15 IL Feb Typhoid Fever

Bradshaw, James M. m 40 Ky. Jan Killed Farmer

Braswell, Mary F. f 30 NC June Scarlet Fever

Breeden, Alonzo m 19 Ky Aug Typhoid Fever Farmer

Buford, Malinda A. f 06 Ky Oct Chill congestion

Carroll, Amanda f 25 Ky Aug Consumptio

Caverhill, Ellender f 43 NC Feb Childbirth

Cochron, Millard F. m 09 Ky Sep Brain Infla

Cochron, Richard H. m 06mo Ky Apr Pneumonia

Cochron, Sarah J. f 20 Ky Jan Brain Infla

Coffield, S. S. m 36 Ky Jan Pneumonia

Cooksey, Sophronia f 02 Ky Oct Flux

Couser, Thomas J. m 28 TN June Consumptio Blacksmith

Covington, William m 48 TN June Pneumonia Farmer

Crawford, Frances m 64 SC Jan Typhoid Fever Farmer

Crawford, George m 62 SC Jan Dropsy Farmer

Dees, Sampson m 02 Ky Aug Diarrhea

Donald, Anna f (no age given) IR Nov Pneumonia

Driver, Mary J. f 08mo Ky Oct Pneumonia

Driver, R. B. m 18 TN May Pneumonia

East, William m 15da Ky May Bowel Infla

Evans, Susannah f 03mo Ky Sept Measles

Evertson, Clara G. f Ky June Brain Infla

Finch, Albert m 01mo IL Aug Unknown

Finch, Mary J. f 01 Ky July Bowel Infla

Garrett, Charles F. m 04mo Ky Feb Whooping Cough

Gist, Aaron m 60 Tn Jan Brain Conge

Given, A. C. f 45 Ky Jan. Lung Hemmorage

Goodman, Catherine f 02mo Ky Jan Croup

Hamilton, Margaret f 43 Ky Apr Unknown

Handlin, Lavenia C. f 18 Ky Apr Unknown

Hardin, Samuel H. m 57 Ky Sep Diarrhea Farmer

Hillard, John m 28 Ky Mar Pneumonia Laborer

Hillard, Mary f 57 VA Mar Lung Disease

Hodge, Blount, Jr. m 14 Ky Apr Dropsy

Hogan, Boanerges m 01 Ky July Brain Infla

Holder, R. D. m 54 Ky June Fever Laborer

Hurley, William T. m 27 Ky Feb Unknown Farmer

Johnson, Nancy f 32 TN Nov Consumptio

Johnston, Betty f 03mo Ky Oct Whooping Cough

Jones, Elizabeth f 01 Ky Sep Unknown

Jones, Elizabeth f 01da Ky May Unknown

Jones, John B. m 47 Ky June Cholera Laborer

Kine, Edward m (age not given) Jan Unknown

Landtripp, Mary f 43 Ky Mar Pneumonia

Leffler, William J. m 34 Tn May Consumptio Boatman-Pilot on River

Leman, J. A. m 03mo Ky June Bowel Infla

Lewis, E. A. f 16 Ky Apr Brain Conge

Light, Samuel m 67 NC Nov Pneumonia clergyman-priest

Loyd, Elizabeth f 76 VA Feb Cancer

Loyd, Nancy f 08 Ky Nov Unknown

Mantz, James m 01 Ky Oct Pneumonia

Martin, Charles P. m 01 Ky Jan Scarlet Fever

Martin, George W. m 43 VA Sep Unknown Farmer

Martin, William m 27 Ky Oct Pneumonia Farmer

McGlaughlin, Elizabeth f 09 Ky May Scarlet Fever

McGregor, Mary f 01mo Ky Mar Unknown

McGrigor, Mary f 01we Ky Mar Unknown

McGrigor, Moses m 60 Ky May Pneumonia Farmer

Meadow, J. W. H. m 01 TN Jan Flux

Meks, Atlantic f 05 IL Feb Scarlet Fever

Meguiar, Mary F. f 06 IA Oct Typhoid Fever

Mejoy, Michael m 50 IR July Unknown

Mitchell, Aaron F. m 02 Ky May Pneumonia

Mitchell, Lucinda f 23 Ky May Childbirth

Mizell, Lucinda f 17 TN Sep Bowel Infla

Monroe, John m (no age given) IR Nov Unknown

Moore, David m 55 Ky Jan Suicide Farmer

Morris, William T. m 01mo Ky Oct Unknown

Mosely, Rebecca F. f 18 Tn Apr Unknown

Mosley, William H. m 01 Ky July Brain Infla

Mysick, Caroline f 23 Ky Mar Pneumonia

Neace, William m (no age given) IR Dec Unknown

Nolen, Laura E. f 04 Ky Oct Scarlet Fever

Overstreet, Eliza J. f 02 IL Mar Whooping Cough

Page, Julina f 26 Ky Apr Consumptio

Paris, John F. m 05mo AR Apr Unknown

Peck, Ann M. f 05 Ky Mar Brain Infla

Perdue, Winney f 45 TN Sep Quinsey

Ramage, Almedia f 07 Ky Sep Fever

Ramage, Luther M. m 10 Ky Apr Bowel Infla

Ramage, Nancy M. f 05 Ky July Brain Conge

Ramage, Sarah J. f 16 Ky July Spinalaffe

Riley, James Ellen f 01 Ky Sep Croup

Roberds, Benjamin D. m 01mo IL July Hives

Robinson, H. M. f 01 TN Nov Croup

Roe, Lycurgus m 01 Ky July Croup

Rogers, Matilda f 25 Ky Aug Erysipelas

Ross, Henry H. m 01da Ky Feb Unknown

Ross, Mary J. f 18 IL Mar Pneumonia

Sail, Mary A. f 35 Mo Nov Pneumonia

Sills, Jane f 75 NC Dec Dropsy

Sparks, Nancy f 33 OH Sep Chill Conge

StJohn, Jennetta f 08mo Ky Nov Unknown

Stone, James m 52 Ky Nov Liver disease

Story, Amanda C. f 13 Ky Oct Brain Infla

Story, Henry m 04 Ky May Chill Conge

Stringer, James B. m 03mo Ky July Unknown

Sweatman, Lucy f 22 TN Mar Lung disease

Thompson, Eloysia f 41 Ky Oct Unknown

Thompson, Jahew m 02mo Ky Mar Unknown

Tracey, Benjamin m 24 GA Sep Chill Conge Carpenter-Joiner

Travis, Mary A. f 02 Ky July Brain Infla

Varnell, James M. m 01 Ky Sep Unknown

Vaughn, Julia A. f 20 Ky Mar Erysipelas

Wadley, Joseph m 11 Ky July Unknown

Walls, George m 01mo Ky May Unknown

Wilson, Nancy f 60 SC July Dropsy

Woolridge, Robert m 03 Ky Mar Scarlet Fever

Wright, Sally J. f 09mo TN May Brain Infla


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