Leonard Stringer Revolutionary War Document

The following certificate was attatched to the land grant document

The State of Georiga:
This is to certify that Leonard Stringer was entitled to serve as a soldier in the battalion of Minute men raised for the defense of the state by resolve of the assembly, passed the 3rd day of June 1777, and that the said Leonard Stringer was not at the time of his enlistment an inhabitant of this state, nor had he resided in any part thereof for six months previous to his enlistment; and further that he was in service at the time the said battalion was reduced by a subsequent resolve, March 1, 1778.
"Given under my hand at Washington on this first day of April 1787.     Elijah Clark, Col."

Leonard Stringer was married three times, and Mrs Bennett was a daughter of his second marriage with Mrs Dolly Ware Williams, a widow, Susan was born in Georgia in 1810 , her earliest recollection was of living with her parents near Nashville, Tennessee. She said that her father and Andrew Jackson were intimate friends at that time, and she remembers to have frequently seen them riding on horseback together.