Karyn's Memories of Bush House

Bush House

In the 1970's my great aunt Gordie Bloodworth Jones lived in one of the
apratments in the Bush house. In the floor was a hole that had a tunnel in
it, Aunt Gordie said the tunnel went down to the river (I suspect to the
Gower House). It was used during the Civil War to help the slaves escape.
I don't know who lived there at that time, but the tunnel was still there.
My brother tried to go thru it to see if it was all still intact, but only got
so far before turing back. He said that it had caved in, but I think he just
got scared, LOL. I know this WAS there, as I saw it with my own eyes.
Aunt Gordie died in 1984. I don't know who lives there now, but when I saw
the house last year it had been totally remodeled and looked lovely.

Karyn Dorsey Schronski