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Family Group Sheet
James Harvey Rice & Ann I. Rice


Husband  ---- James Harvey Rice
Born  -- 1783 --
Married  ---- 1806
Died   ---- 17 Jan. 1845 White Co., ILL.
Burial   ----
Father ---- Unknown
Mother   ---- Unknown

Wife  ---- Ann I. Rice
Born  ----abt. 1785 Ky.
Died ----1855   White Co., IL.
Burial ----
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown


1.  Jonathan E. Rice
Born   ---- 1809
Married  ----
Died  ----1863
Burial   ----
Spouse  ----Matilda Ann Miller

2.  Callia T. Rice
Born   ---- 4 April 1810 Livingston Co., Ky.
Married  ---- 8 April 1847 White Co, IL.
Died  ----6 August 1873 Carmi, White Co., IL.
Burial   ----
Spouse  ----Rawleigh Chinn Wilson
Born 10 June 1801  Middleburg, Loudoun Co., Va.
Died  ----13 April 1880 Heralds Prairie, White Co., IL.

3.   Henry Flavel Rice
Born   ----1813
Married  ----Mary H. Thompson
Died  ----
Burial   ----
Spouse  ----

4.  Leticia W. Rice
Born   ----1817
Died  ----
Burial   ----
Married  ----
Spouse  ----

5.   James McCready Rice
Born   ---- 1824
Died  ----1856
Burial   ----
Married  ----Mary (Rice) Wiseheart
Spouse  ----


White Co. Probates
James H. Rice deceased; Anna Rice - A; 29 Jan 1845; died 17 Jan 1845; Anna Rice widow of James H. Rice.

Notes from Janean

  • Callia T. Rice was probably named for the Rev. David Rice's daughter Challia Rice Trotter
    who married John Trotter.
  • Callia T. Rice is the 3rd great grandmother of Janean Ray.
  • I have no known locations for the rest of the children but would venture a guess, they all went to White Co.
    IL since that is where the parents died.
  • To the best of my knowledge, as I have not totally investigated the authenticity of this, but according to my
    family records, this is my family from Livingston Co., Ky.
  • Another Rice researcher claims Anne and James Harvey Rice were both born in Mercer Co. and possibly married in Washington Co. Ky.
  • Anne is supposedly a daughter of Rev.War gunsmith/blacksmith William Rice and his wife Frances Crenshaw. They also lived in Muhlenberg.
  • James was probably the son of James Rice of Prince Edward Co. Va and Mary Crenshaw.
  • Mary and Frances are supposedly sisters and also a sister to Lavinia Crenshaw that married Nathan Rice (brother of William) and James is supposedly their brother too or possibly a cousin. Either way he and his wife Anne were likely cousins.
  • Another researcher source shows James and Williams parents as Matthew Rice and Ann.

    I'm looking at notes in a Rice file in the White Co. Library done by an avid genealogy researcher cousin of mine deceased. Says from the family of Thomas Rice b. 1568 Sudbury Suffolk, Eng.

    Harriets work as with others is not without mistakes.... but my Callia's mother was supposedly Mary ?? and then Harvey as she has him m. Ann and listed in the 1850 White Co. census is (with Anne) Nancy b. 1826, Franklin b. 1827, Catharine b. 1829, Laticia b. 1821, James b. 1824, (all born Ky)

    Again, my information comes from family histories, and other's researched, documented and not documented. A good portion of my material and information came from Bill Couch, Jeff Murphy, Diana Sutera and Becky Rice from on William Rice of Muhlenberg, Ky.
    I do not claim this as my work at all, this is all for future research purposes as I have been working on other lines.   ..... Janean