Livingston County Births 1911-1920

The code in the child's middle name field indicates that
no name was provided for the child
1=boy child      2=girl child
If the mother was unmarried then the child was assigned
the mothers first and last name. If the mother was married
then the child was assigned the fathers first and last name.


Please check all spelling variations of surnames.


Child Mother DOB Certificate
Jackson, IsabelleSteward, Sarah06/05/191828543
Jackson, James O.Steward, Francis03/22/191421867
Jackson, Marion R.Faman, Addie08/13/191741529
Jackson, Rody M.Stewart, Francis03/12/191714200
Jacob, Andrue J.Beach, Linna12/31/191761781
Jacobs, EthelTodd, Addie02/18/19209124
Jacobs, Marvin R.Anderson, Margurette12/25/191365187
Jacobs, OcieTodd, Addie12/30/191566170
Jacobs, William A.Andrews, Margaret01/31/19165997
James, Joice N. Cobb, Eva04/01/192020608
James, Marvin D.Meeks, CA04/24/191519154
James, Merril B. Cobb, Eva05/01/191823314
James, Wilber L.Corneil, Virginia10/20/191946805
Jameson, Cleo C.Mitchell, Ethel10/01/191952186
Jameson, James D.Davis, Edna07/09/191636513
Jameson, Lora L.Nelson, Lora 03/12/191513882
Jameson, Mack B.McElmany, Mary02/21/19169157
Jameson, Ralph E.Mitchell, Ethel05/09/191725784
Jameson, Sherry B.Orr, Nannie01/24/19125548
Jameson, VivianMcElmerry, Alma10/06/191952187
Jancy, Arnold O.Beavens, Rosa04/09/1920 20600
Jefferies, Isic A.Stallions, May01/10/19112877
Jefferis, Dover D.Montgomery, Bessie01/01/19123324
Jeffery, InaMontgomery, Bessie06/20/191430102
Jefferys, Annie B.Montgomery, Bessie01/12/19173375
Jeffords, William E.Mitchell, Minnie10/05/191252285
Jeffries, Charles C.Montgomery, Bessie08/21/192041966
Jeffries, LavernMontgomery, Bessie10/28/191848199
Jeffries, Ollie F.Hudson, Alma04/22/191620805
Jennings, Densil H.Gilland, Ada11/26/191155635
Jennings, Mary R. Sills, Lucy06/12/192031458
Jennings, RobertFortwood, Sophia10/08/191252279
Jennings, William T. Gilland, Ada07/09/191435182
Jennings, Willie Minner, Addie10/21/191451680
Jewell, Hilda L.Davis, Lenvra08/01/191240895
Jewell, Leonard G. Durham, Minnie05/29/191327005
Jewell, Louda M.Develop, Eva 03/13/191513863
Johnson, Albert 2Watson, Lucy08/01/191541547
Johnson, AlbertaWatson, Lucy07/25/191746673
Johnson, Alberta L.Morland, Ruby 08/31/191838551
Johnson, Anna L.Heaton, Mattie 03/14/191213727
Johnson, Avery D.Heaton, Mattie11/11/191558850
Johnson, Avis L.Tucker, Bertha09/25/1920 52202
Johnson, E. S.Devers, May06/04/192047035
Johnson, Edmon W.Savage, Edna02/25/19149120
Johnson, Eudora B.Williamson, Irine02/03/19128483
Johnson, Jesse W.Cooper, Birtie01/22/191928037
Johnson, Jewell B. Holland, Inez02/29/19164127
Johnson, Joe R. Savage, Edna07/23/191134610
Johnson, Katie E.Thisbor, Ella04/27/191321203
Johnson, Laura N. Sowash, Edna12/22/191662114
Johnson, Lela I.Cooper, Birdy10/05/191561913
Johnson, Leonard R.Gray, Jodie05/13/191626184
Johnson, Lila I.Cooper, Birdy10/05/191561912
Johnson, Lynn G.Isaacs, Zella03/02/1912 13724
Johnson, MarguerettMcQuigg, Drusie11/11/19163370
Johnson, Marvin D.Lolley, Adaline03/25/191414688
Johnson, Marvin R. Heaton, Mattie03/16/191818090
Johnson, Ova P.Heaton, Mattie06/21/1914 30111
Johnson, Raleigh R. Devers, May10/17/1918 59345
Johnson, Robert L.Tucker, Bertha06/20/1919 36521
Johnson, Ruby R.Cooper, Birdie11/17/191257791
Johnson, RudyCooper, Birdie11/17/191257790
Johnson, ShellyMcQuigg, Drusy10/04/1920 58138
Johnson, ThelmaGray, Josie02/25/19128505
Johnson, William IDevers, May 07/11/1914 35194
Joiner, Arthur B.Williams, Rena04/23/191823305
Joiner, Ina M.Fox, Rosa01/23/19165994
Joiner, IsaacFox, Rosa11/19/191257798
Joiner, Oscar F.Fox, Rosa07/14/191833625
Jones, C. B. Ramage Evaline09/02/191347957
Jones, Chester M.Dycus, Bessie03/07/191318074
Jones, Dora E.Summers, Flora06/23/191432367
Jones, Elsie L.Williamson, Irena01/05/19163716
Jones, Elvis G.Swidenlan, Martha10/08/191150696
Jones, EvartteDickerson, Fannie04/26/1914 22412
Jones, Forest L.Dycus, Bessie04/21/191731164
Jones, Francis P. Travis, Hattie08/11/191936535
Jones, Ida Evans, Gussie05/27/1918 23306
Jones, IlineRamage, Eva03/30/191615105
Jones, John A.Wilson, Adda09/02/191259642
Jones, Josie D. Johnson, Mandy07/20/191941449
Jones, Lydia D.Travis, Hattie06/07/191530275
Jones, Martha H. Fugate, Mary01/08/19133784
Jones Mary L. Travis, Hattie03/19/191714203
Jones, Matie B. Ramage, Eva11/16/191875362
Jones, Opal I. Evans, Gussie07/26/192041946
Jones, Otis G. Johnson, Manda08/28/191643867
Jones, RadclifffeJohnson Maude07/26/191336983
Jones, Robert L.Gillis, Eudie01/04/19143806
Jones, Roy B.Fugate, Mary03/26/191815722
Jones, Theodore P.Bevins, Florence07/04/191932359
Jones, WilliamFugate, Mary07/04/19117883
Jones, William L.Dickerson, Fannie01/22/19123330
Jones, Woodrow W.Travis, Hattie12/11/192064222