Hezekiah Davis Pension Record

Nancy Attey

 Hezekiah Davis Pension Record

Here is Hezekiah Davis pension record transcribed from original record - File # 19.970 - by Nancy
Attey, 831 Slippery Rock Dr., Edwardsville, IL 62025, n_attey@hotmail.com

At a special Term of the Court of Probate of Jackson County held at the Court House in the said County
on Monday the 8th day of Sept A. D. 1834 - Present Joel manning Judge of the said court

this day was produced in open court the hereunto annexed the Pension Certificate of Hezekiah Davis and
proof was made by the testimony of Polly Phelps and Jefferson Allen two legal and credible witnesses
in that the said Hezekiah Davis departed this Life on the twenty ninth day of January A. D. 1834. 
That he left no widow and that Van Davis Eliphas Davis Hezekiah Davis Jr Jesse Davis and Nancy Fife
formerly Nancy Davis are his children and his only children all of which is proved to the full
satisfaction of the court. Also this day the said Eliphas Davis Jesse Davis and Nancy Fife formerly
Nancy Davis came personally into open court and by their voluntary declarations made in open court
Relinquished all their Claims Respectively to their Shares of the Pension due their father Hezekiah
Davis under His said pension Certificate unto Hezekiah Davis Jr one of the Children of the said
Pentioner. Given under my hand and the offical Seal of the said court at Brownsville in the said
county this 8th day of September A. D. 1834  Joel Manning Judge of Probate for Jackson Co. Ill -

State of Illinois Jackson County  Be it known that before me Joel Manning a Justice of the peace in
and for the County aforesaid
due form of Law that he is the identical person here in before mentioned as the son of hezekiah Davis
Sr and that his said father is the identical person named in the original Pension Certificate herein
to annexed that he resided at the time of his death in Jackson County Illinois and had resided there
for the space of 18 or 19 years past and that previous thereto he resided in Livingston County Stateof
Kentucky Sworn to and subscribed this                       Hezekiah Davis junior ( signed ) 8th day
of September 1834 before me - Joel Manning J. P.