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This is a listing of family reunions either planned for the area or involving families from the area.


The Copeland-Tinsley Family Reunion

The Copeland-Tinsley Family Reunion will be held on
September 1-3, 2007 in Princeton, KY.  This year's celebration marks the
80th anniversary of the first Tinsley Day held in Crider, KY in 1927. 
All descendants (and family friends) of George and Julia Tinsley and Ike
and Eva Frances Copeland are invited to attend.  Activities include Fish
Fry and Talent Show held at the Princeton Tourism Center on Saturday,
church service at St. James Cumberland Presbyterian Church and picnic on
Sunday and farewell breakfast on Monday at the home of Ophelia Tinsley. 
We will also be visiting the family cemetery in Crider on Sunday.  For
more information, please contact Pat Nogar at 610-630-4110 or