Livingston County Births 1911-1920

The code in the child's middle name field indicates that
no name was provided for the child
1=boy child      2=girl child
If the mother was unmarried then the child was assigned
the mothers first and last name. If the mother was married
then the child was assigned the fathers first and last name.


Please check all spelling variations of surnames.

Child Mother DOB Certificate
Faidley, Harry G.Slanders, Katie05/24/191524581
Fareghut, WilliamWyrick, Ora07/12/191235460
Farmer, LemmaTabor, Ollie08/08/191641491
Farmer, Stella 2Farmer, Stella12/02/191161084
Farmer, Vera L.Tabor, Sarah04/16/191321188
Farnsley, Franklin R.Preswell, Gratia11/14/191257802
Farris, EoylineElton, Sallie03/09/191513875
Farris, Lucy L. Hayden, Mary04/18/191221478
Farris, Noburn A.Shamwill, Emma02/23/19128500
Faulkner, Capitola Champion, Lyda07/17/191134620
Faulkner, D. 1Champion, Lyda10/07/191252278
Faulkner, Daniel F. Champion, Lyda08/11/191848186
Faulkner, ElsieChampion, Lyda11/28/191359061
Faulkner, James C.Thiec, Yvonne08/06/191936514
Faulkner, Lewis R.May, Jennie10/10/191451677
Fennen, MaryTaylor, Abby 11/19/191155631
Ferguson, Mary E.Sailsberry, Florence12/13/191161089
Ferguson, Owen P.Crass, Birdie12/05/191263249
Ferrell, James E.Mitchell, Junie07/28/191134625
Ferrell, Lacy E.Dunning, Ollie05/23/192025955
Ferrell, Sarah E.Mitchell, Junie04/28/1916 20806
Ferrell, ViolaLane, Cora08/04/191641494
Ferrell, James E.Mitchell, Junie07/28/191134625
Ferren, Kathryn S.Bennett, Irene10/30/191252267
Ferren, Lou I.Bennett, Mary04/26/191420029
Ferren, Peter N.Bennett, Irene05/11/191823310
Ferrill, GearldeneLane, Cora08/06/191838543
Ferrill, Fossie M.Dunning, Ollie10/23/191761761
Fires, Annie J.Hill, Ella08/21/191440673
Fires, Delmar N.Hoosie, Fannie08/11/191240903
Fires, Ed 2Hoosie, Fannie08/30/191541540
Fires, Ethel Taylor, Minnie08/23/191746671
Fires, Marvin King, Minnie12/06/191958381
Fires, Ollie B.Scott, Minnie10/21/191451668
Fires, Opal L. King, Myrtle09/02/191446080
Fires, OrryKing, Mintie 12/06/191958380
Fires, Wilma I. Harris, Tennie04/21/191119169
Fisher, George A.Halcomb, Gracie09/08/191246588
Fisher, George A.Halcomb, Gracie09/15/191561223
Fisher, Mary L.Halcomb, Gracie08/30/191540684
Flanary, CharleneFletcher, Violet 05/20/191628409
Flanary, Harry L.Fletcher, Violet08/05/192041950
Flanary, James W.Fletcher, Violet09/27/1918 43255
Flanary, RoyTramble, Rosetta05/06/191427474
Flanary, TroyTramble, Rosetta05/06/191427475
Flannery, Encil D.Tramble, Rosa09/21/191646960
Fleming, Emma L.Dunn, Addie09/01/191547135
Fleming, Jim J. Dunn, L.03/16/191417370
Fleming, Josephine Steaves, Fred06/07/191129425
Fletcher, Gladys ISouthern, Nora01/24/19165995
Fletcher, Wayne G. Southern, Nora02/01/19197847
Foley, EllaWilliams, Ethel07/30/191536058
Foley, J. D.Williams, Ethel04/06/191818067
Ford, Ethel LouiseMcCurdy Josephine O05/05/191691472
Ford, Glen O.Malligan, Maurine08/05/1917 51741
Ford, Harry H.McCaudy Thursie03/30/191116156
Ford, JamesVickers, Effie09/15/192064214
Ford, James R. Vickers, Effie07/04/191336992
Ford, Johnie R.Vickers, Effie10/14/1917 61764
Ford, Sydney B.Millikin, Minnie 06/11/1919 28032
Foreman, Charles L.Evans, Zeffie05/26/191427472
Foreman, Lucy V.Evans, Zeffie10/03/191952195
Foreman, Roy L.Evans, Zeffie05/15/191224682
Forman, Alda E.Sanders, Jettie02/05/1919 7859
Forman, CleoHill, Alura04/29/191620803
Forman, ClotisHill, Aloena 10/07/1917 51756
Forman, EauglinLauders, Jettie06/09/191633633
Forman, Jesse W.Evans, Zeffie03/28/191812700
Forman, LouiseLauders, Jettie01/29/19153382
Forman, LulaSanders, Jettie08/15/191240898
Forman, RolandEvans, Zeffie05/09/191692525
Forsythe, Mary E.Walker, Ruth02/15/191210769
Fort, Edna M.Eberle, Velda04/29/191519143
Fort, Mary L.Eberle, Laura04/08/191218948
Foster, Elizabeth A.Nunn, Nellie12/02/191566164
Foster, Glenn C.Hankins, F.01/12/1916 11485
Foster, Gracie M.Edmonds, Averel10/16/192058132
Foster, Grasey M. Hankins, Fannie11/16/191853540
Foster, Imogene E. Kelly, Bertha07/31/1916 43870
Foster, Omer H.Hankins, Fannie09/02/191347979
Foster, Ruth N.Nunn, Nellie12/03/191958393
Foster, Vernon C. Kelly, Bertha08/18/192041948
Foster, Virginia C.Thompson, Nora09/27/191246591
Fowler, Dorothy J. Johnson, Jessie08/14/191741513
Fowler, J. D. Norman, Mary05/31/191224681
Fowler, Kathleen Norman, Mary12/25/191463692
Fowler, Norma L. Johnson, Jessie09/29/191246593
Fowler, Onnan L.Brewster, Verda09/30/191145268
Fowler, Woodrow W.Johnson, Jessie06/05/191530295
Fox, Cora L.Farmer, Lena08/29/191541537
Fox, James W.Farmer, Lena02/11/19178577
Fox, Lucile L..Farmer, Lena02/14/19197861
Foy, EsterineGuill, Ruby10/07/191946815
Foyer, Eloie A.Curry, Susie07/11/191435183
Franklin, Herbert W.Alley, Corine09/30/191941439
Franklin, John D.Mitchel, Jessie03/28/191315270
Franklin, LilaHamilton, Eliza04/19/191119177
Franklin, Nell Hamilton, Eliza04/19/191119178
Franks, Henry H. Taylor, Gracia10/23/191252257
Franks, Mary L.Davidson, Gracia04/06/191420023
Frazier, Josie E. Rhea, Laura06/14/191731160
Frazier, Owen.Frazier, Laura11/08/191561914
Frenk, William C. Levil, Mary10/24/191353710
Fresh, Rollie G.Trail, Marie04/05/191818079
Fryar, DellieCurry, Susie12/20/192064221
Fryar, George C.Fryar, Ida04/29/191666944
Fryar, George C.Heart, Ida 04/29/191620802
Fryer, Gladio I.Curry, Susie06/26/191230172
Fryer, Ivey L.Heart, Ida11/09/1920 58135
Fryer, Rona E..Heart, Ida12/10/191365171
Fuch, Omes L.Trail, Mary04/29/191633636
Fuch, Shomae A.Klucie, Mary12/26/191161102
Fugate, Frank B.Bennett, Martha08/13/191478560
Fugate, William I.Bennett, Martha01/12/19119685
Fuller, Nelma L.Barrett, Hattie02/26/19149124
Fuller, Harry A.Barrett, Hattie11/04/191257817
Fuller, LucileCombs, Lottie07/10/192041961
Fuller, Mary Tyline Combs, Lottie04/16/191891854
Fuller, Walter S.Barrett, Hattie10/18/191553160
Fuqua, Cleo D..Walker, Fronia04/03/191918399
Fuqua, Evelyn Walker, Fronia10/18/191591158
Fuqua, John H..Triplett, Anna05/29/191725791
Fuqua, Roscoe B. Walker, Fronia12/12/191447851
Fuqua, Thelma B.Downs, Sula11/19/191359046