Livingston County Births 1911-1920

The code in the child's middle name field indicates that
no name was provided for the child
1=boy child      2=girl child
If the mother was unmarried then the child was assigned
the mothers first and last name. If the mother was married
then the child was assigned the fathers first and last name.


Please check all spelling variations of surnames.

Child Mother DOB Certificate
Driskell, Carl R.Harp, Purdy05/02/191725787
Driskell, Clarence 1 Ramage, Ola04/02/191218943
Driskell, Clarence 1 Ramage, Ola04/02/1912 18944
Driskell, Ida B. Wilson, Allie 12/07/1915 486
Driskell, J. T.Wilson, Allie11/20/1914532
Driskell, Lois 1Wilson, Allie 02/14/1913 11648
Driskell, Opal L.Dunlap, Emma12/23/191463696
Driskell, Phillis, Stringer, Elizabeth09/22/191941445
Driskell, Ruth E.Sullivant, Effie10/07/191859341
Driskill, Chester W.Evans, Rosa08/26/191831346
Driskill, Clifton G.Evans, Grace01/05/19203467
Driskill, Coy L.Croscton, Salie06/06/191437146
Driskill, Delorace I.Stringer, Elizabeth12/26/191691007
Driskill, Delorace I.Stringer, Elizabeth 12/26/1916 3374
Driskill, EarnestRudd, Pearl 03/01/192092419
Driskill, Ernest Rudd, Pearl 03/01/1920 28909
Driskill, Ervan P.Scott, Linnie 08/30/191890873
Driskill, Hazel V.Ramage, Ola06/05/191332048
Driskill, JeannetteEvans, Rosa11/18/191958390
Driskill, Joe A. Jones, Murta 04/04/191640336
Driskill, MargiePendergrast, Mary 10/26/1920 58141
Driskill, Maxwell Pegrim, Myrtle07/04/192036730
Driskill, Millard L.Jones, Murtie 06/17/192095560
Driskill, Ophelia Miller, Nellie/font>06/27/191928041
Driskill, Phillip R. Bennett, Maggie10/15/191454381
Driskill Ralph Sexton, Georgie 04/11/191918401
Driskill, Russell Wilson, Alley 01/26/191928038
Driver, Christine I.Rowins, Dora12/28/191662120
Driver, Elbert R.Romines, Dora 12/15/191365191
Driver, J. R.Raminez, Addie 05/19/191524584
Driver, Lavigne M.Lanham, Nellie10/05/191751733
Duff, JamesKeel, Iva 08/31/191741515
Dupriest, John A. Pugh, Emma 06/03/191230160
Dugan, Jessie E.Holeman, Blanch 02/16/19178581
Dugan, Mary R. Colman, Blanche01/17/19193089
Duke, Laney Brinkley, Ella08/19/191893137
Duke, Luthur D.Dyers, Elizabeth 06/30/191334242
Duke, Paul M.Dyers, Lizzie11/17/191533627
Duke, Rubie O.Dycus, Ollie04/13/191633624
Duke, Valeria J.Dycus, Elizabeth 02/28/191923917
Duke, Virgil A. Dycus, Olive08/08/191342463
Dukes, FrankBrinkley, Ella12/15/191263255
Dukes, Iva P.Brinkley, Ella01/19/19112873
Dukes, KateDukes, Ella11/15/192058143
Dukes, Orvillle L.Brinkley, Ella 02/01/19158537
Duley, CostellaBush, Lucy04/14/192025950
Dunaway, James G.Jennings, Hattie07/04/1917 36300
Dunkerson, Clara L.Knipe, Nonie10/24/191651896
Dunkerson, Herman T.Knipe, Nonie 06/10/191432376
Dunkerson, Joseph T.Knipe, N.01/07/19133805
Dunkerson, Odessa M. Kampe, Alma11/09/191155644
Dunkerson, William H.Knipe, Nonie05/13/191828525
Dunlap, Carl L. Cruce, Judie07/23/191235448
Dunlap, Charles V.Mitchell, Cora 05/01/192025946
Dunlap, Hallie D. Stubbs, Laura03/04/1913 15277
Dunlap, Mary G.Cruce, Judie06/22/1918 28526
Dunlap, Virginia L. Mitchell, Cora 02/25/191714214
Dunlap, William A.Stubbs, Laura 09/22/191843260
Dunlap, Wilma L. Mitchell, Cora12/06/191463694
Dunn, Davie A.Waymiers, Elsa 09/15/191941437
Dunn, Elcie K. Warren, Julia01/23/1919 7857
Dunn, Elsie Waynick, Elsie07/08/191435186
Dunn, Emma R.Warren, Emma02/20/191714211
Dunn, L. B.Peck, Lora07/20/191636510
Dunn, Milbourn O. Peck, Lora 04/20/1913 21194
Dunn, O. V.Stuart, Ada04/17/191633625
Dunn, Richard E.Peck, Lora05/08/1919 31354
Dunning, Charles P. Dunning, Dora01/27/19163730
Dunning, DorothyThompson, Cora05/20/1912 24668
Dunning, Dorothy Marie Joiner, Isabel07/19/1915 92112
Dunning, Earnest L.Mans, Bulah11/13/1920 64213
Dunning, Helen N.Joyner, Isabel02/05/1914 9125
Dunning, James A. Parks, Della02/26/19161148
Dunning, Lillian L. Dunning, Della02/10/19139129
Dunning, Phenis H.Joyner, Isabel11/22/191290484
Dunning, Ralph H.Parks, Vendell07/30/191833615
Dunning, Thomas R.Park, Della 09/30/1913 47964
Dunning, ViolaThompson, Cora01/03/19112862
Dunniny, Thomas E. Dunniny, Effie08/08/191838556
Dupriest, Fielding L.Pugh, Emma10/02/191651884
Dupriest, LeonCrawford, Martha10/17/191150699
Durand, Jessie L. McGreen, Addie04/19/191519147
Durham, Charles S. Humes, Rosa11/19/191561915
Durham, Erwin J.Humes, Rosa09/17/191145266
Durham, Gix Ray, Hannah02/12/1913 9130
Durham, Howard L. Ray, Hannah10/10/191451669
Durham, Hubert L.Walker, Pearl05/10/191524578
Durham, Ocie M.Ray, Hannah09/06/191646958
Durham, Thelma C.Walker, Pearl07/02/191936530
Durham, W. 2 Walker, Pearl07/24/191235456
Durham, WillardHumes, Rosa08/27/1917 41508
Dursh, Osa Hodge, Osa 02/08/1917 8560
Dusoh, Mary E. Dunning, Mary 07/30/191636505
Duvall, Chas 2 Waters, Callie 08/29/1913 42479
Duvall, James E. Couger, Lizzie05/30/191124477
Duvall, Percy L.Martin, Artie07/22/191932352
Duvall, VeraMartin, Mecy10/27/191252284
Dycus, Boyd L..Dycus, Nora 01/22/191293142
Dycus, Glenn E.Ray, Esther11/10/191853536
Dycus, MarvinButler, Nora01/04/19143810
Dycus, Owen M.Sexton, Uda 10/14/191946814