Courthouse Flooded

     During the 1937 flood, I saw water almost three feet deep in the courthouse hall. Some of the town's merchants had moved their goods from their flooded stores to the upstairs courtroom. People could go through the hall in boats and tie up on the inside steps and go upstairs to get groceries and other things. Water was probably six feet deep in the jailer's house and we had moved up the street into the Burse Dunn house with his family. Just about all the people who had homes outside the high water shared their homes with those who were flooded out. Those were some tough times, but as far as I know, no lives were lost around this area.
     The water finally went back down and after a lot of cleaning and repairing, folks got back into their homes and things were normal again.

(c) copyright by Melvin "Bubbie" Martin 2001