Livingston County Births 1911-1920

The code in the child's middle name field indicates that
no name was provided for the child
1=boy child      2=girl child
If the mother was unmarried then the child was assigned
the mothers first and last name. If the mother was married
then the child was assigned the fathers first and last name.


Please check all spelling variations of surnames.

Child Mother DOB Certificate
Cork, Henry H..Majors, Minnie 10/06/1920 52205
Cork, Jaydee W. Majors, Minnie05/14/191249323
Cork, William H. Smith, Clyde12/05/191792168
Cornsil, Duley Flanery, Emilu 03/30/1911 13693
Corom, DonTrail, F.08/14/191543857
Cosby, James L.Jennings, May 05/17/1914 27478
Cothran, Thomas H.Sothern, Addie04/16/191620794
Courtney, Josie E.Biggins, Annie 07/08/191235449
Cowan, Ottawa F. Lambert, F.10/02/191353707
Cowsers, Sylvian A. Lane, Dora03/11/191113705
Cox, Bessie B.Cox, Lulie 06/15/1914 30110
Cox, James D.Mutz, Leona12/15/191161099
Craft, Cecil J. Newcom, Molly 01/02/1918 2958
Craft, Velda E.Ferrell, L.11/24/19168553
Craft, Vera E. Newcom, Molly11/08/191952196
Craig, Avis C.Combs, Kate07/07/191736305
Craig, Emma L. Combs, Kate07/20/191248665
Crauch, Mary C. Sharp, Ellen 06/19/191230169
Crawford, Bertha B.Coomer, Eva 01/30/1917 3361
Crawford, Duleina A. Mitchell, Ada 02/18/1919 7848
Crawford, Ed A. Chiff, Alda 10/03/191353695
Crawford, George E. Conaut, Dollie 09/16/1911 45256
Crawford, Gracie A. Snow, Mattie 12/23/191761782
Crawford, Howard G. Quertermous, Alpha 05/14/191224673
Crawford, Joseph W. Mynik, Minnie 08/12/191936506
Crawford, Mabel J.Crawford, Dessie05/19/191224684
Crawford, MagalineSnow, Mattie04/26/191321198
Crawford, Mark E.Myrick, Minnie 03/18/191213736
Crawford, Mary A.Farmer, Ora08/05/191342475
Crawford, Raymond L. Snow, Mattie 07/21/191536046
Crawford, Robert J.Coffield, Linnie 01/13/19153393
Crawford, UlahMay, Mary 03/11/191315257
Crawford, Virgil C. Clemens, Katie05/26/191333693
Crawford, Willie E. Farmer, Ora08/28/191541539
Creece, Essie L.Duncan, Rosie03/15/191818089
Crider, Dorothy I.Merritt, Lottie01/25/19114853
Croft, Ben A.Burris, Rosie07/16/192036723
Croft, Edna V.Newcomb, Mollie 11/08/1919 31497
Croft, Frankie Hoover, Etta10/21/191252260
Crotchell, Howard L.Hall, Ada09/24/191448747
Crotchell, James C.Harris, Bessie01/31/19166001
Crotchett, Annie C.Harris, Jane09/15/191843254
Crotchett, Edna M.Hall, Ada 09/30/1917 46660
Crotchett, James C..Hall, Ada12/20/191263234
Crotsen, Syble M. May, Daisy03/24/191913411
Crotser, Edna M. May, Daisy11/03/192058123
Croster, Evelyn N.May, Daisy01/06/1917 3360
Crouch, Calvin L. Redenour, Mattie03/26/192015270
Crouch, Francis L.Ramage, Lilly 01/28/19182955
Crouch, Freeman B.Rednauer, Mattie04/16/191818086
Crouch, Mary L. Goins, Georgia 03/10/191113699
Crouch, Seshe 2Garrill, Georgia03/14/191315280
Crouch, Thomas A. Hall, Mary04/17/191918402
Crouch, Walter Gaines, Georgia03/14/1913 15279
Crow, Edmorria R. Barrick, Zelda06/09/1917 31159
Crow, Martha A.Whiteaker, Sarah 03/01/191315264
Crowell, Richard F.Hooton, Elliri06/17/191928044
Crowford, Lilia M.Crowford, Maggie07/21/191833618
Crowley, John F.Thompson, Mary04/20/1916 20808
Crowley, Will 1Clark, Mollie11/03/191359062
Cruce, Christine E.Harfe, Ina08/30/191936516
Cruce, Luther G.Barrick, Myrtle03/20/191615112
Cruce, Raymond V.Robertson, Nellie08/06/191838553
Cruce, W. R.Harp, Ina 07/06/1917 41524
Cullum, William L.Fort, Girtrude03/29/192015264
Cumbee, Clara B.Parham, Lora07/11/1920 93681
Cumbee, Robert R.Parham, Bessie04/24/191620797
Cunningham, Herbert P.Cunningham, Lizzie02/15/1911 7876
Curnel, Leva E.Singleton, Estella01/09/191614398
Curry, ColemanCurry, Rebecca06/21/1914 30103
Curry, KathryneOrr, E.11/02/191958374
Curry, Lal M.Hardin, Trevie09/21/191848194