Livingston Co, KY CSA Pensioners

This material was provided by Brenda Joyce Jerome.

                      CONFEDERATE PENSIONERS
                      LIVINGSTON COUNTY, KY

Copies of pensions may be ordered from the Kentucky Dept for
Libraries and Archives, 300 Coffeetree Road, Frankfort, KY 40602

Name                            Pension Number            

Burns, James Walter             106

Coffield, Lou Olive             1268  

Davenport, Elizabeth Bray       4010 widow of John W.

Davenport, John W.              2619

Ellis, Joeanna Ross             4532

Johnson, Maria Hall             1759

Koon, S.H.                      3075

Lear, Ruth Clarke               1407

Lockhart, Alex D.               3133

Lockhart, Martha Martin         3963 widow of Alex

Mann, W.H.                      1423

Martin, Isaac H.                1789

Martin, Mary Shelby             4157 widow of Isaac H.

Mitchell, John M.               2205

Potts, Fanny                    1842 widow of Enoch T.

Steele, Fannie                  3270 widow of William T.

Steele, William T.              1927

Thompson, John A.               393

White, Seman B.                 1083

Brenda Joyce Jerome, CGRS