Livingston County Births 1911-1920

The code in the child's middle name field indicates that
no name was provided for the child
1=boy child      2=girl child
If the mother was unmarried then the child was assigned
the mothers first and last name. If the mother was married
then the child was assigned the fathers first and last name.


Please check all spelling variations of surnames.

Child Mother DOB Certificate
Cochran Georgia A.Mitchell, Rosa 12/29/1911 61090
Cochran, Lee Mitchell, Rosa02/23/19139124
Cochran, Natorra A. Mitchell, Rosa02/19/19149112
Coffee, Fred E. Cobb, Ethel 03/09/1915 13862
Coffer, Chester H.Bennett, Cora02/25/19197863
Coffer, Christine G.Tulso, Pearl 10/08/1912 52269
Coffer, Glen L.Bennett, Cora02/18/19128488
Coffer, Harry W.Nelson, Pearl11/04/1914 532
Coffer, J. D.Cobb, Minnie 10/30/191353702
Coffer, James 1Nelson, Pearl09/08/191646976
Coffer, Walice L. Nelson, Pearl06/13/191129418
Cofield, Christine Hill, Francis 08/09/192041967
Coker, Authe E.Phillips, Hellen 07/27/1920 41959
Coker, Emma L.Phillips, Hellen09/07/191347956
Coker, Robert T. Phillips, Hellen 08/04/1918 38548
Coker, Willie E.Phillips, Hellen09/19/191547127
Coleman, Bulah P.Cosby, Cora04/21/191218956
Coleman, Emma L. Doan, Ora10/15/191252280
Coleman, EvalineDoan, Ora11/10/191952178
Coleman, Jesse Cosby, Cora 11/30/1914563
Coleman, MarieHughes, Azlie 10/30/1918 48201
Coleman, Mary V. Cosby, Hattie 06/27/1920 36722
Coleman, May B. Graves, Sarah 05/20/191427476
Coleman, Nellie M. Doan, Ora 02/06/1915 9153
Coleman, Pete S. Easby, Hattie 02/25/191714210
Coleman, Willie J. Hughes, Azilee12/25/191662121
Collins, Bertha N. Eaton, Sarah 09/02/191246584
Collins, Edna M.Eaton, Parthena 10/02/191553151
Collins, Jesse C.Reynolds, Lucy01/29/19133785
Collins, John H.Eaton, Sarah 06/15/191129416
Collins, Rosa L.Owens, Nannie09/17/191246587
Combs, Joseph L. Fuller, Ora 03/29/191812697
Compton, Mary A.Austin, Florence 06/21/191332044
Conger, Edna M.Prowell, Callie 03/07/191315259
Conner, Lula M. Cooner, Ada12/18/191365186
Conner, Piney D. Talley, Beulah03/16/191714202
Conner, Reuben T.Talley, Beulah03/18/191913409
Conner, Zelma B.Tally, Beulah12/12/191365184
Conyers, Lynn B.Hall, Florence03/17/191720021
Cook, Jack L.Stevenson, Willie 10/02/1920 52207
Cooley, Earl Alsobrook, Octavia03/14/191615099
Cooley Edith L.Alsobrook, Octavia08/11/191440671
Cooley, James H.Alsobrook, Octavia12/08/191263233
Cooley, PearlAlsobrook, Octavia03/14/191615098
Coons, William M.Johnson, Julia 05/04/1916 24656
Cooper, Andrew R.Cothran, Josie10/28/191952182
Cooper, Andy 2 Cothran, Josie02/29/19128496
Cooper, Cecial B. Watson, Opal05/21/191527006
Cooper, Chester T.Stringer, Mary05/13/1920 25971
Cooper, Cody H. Cothron, Josie05/03/191425092
Cooper, Cregg G.Smith, Nora 02/07/19158534
Cooper, Doris C.Stringer, Mary04/23/191720038
Cooper, Elmer L.. Smith, Mona 08/09/191342476
Cooper, Elvis M.Coker, Willa10/16/191150703
Cooper, Helen Tisdale, Cossa09/09/191646977
Cooper, Kilsey Cothern, Josie05/08/1917 25788
Cooper, Louise Woodyard, Ruby10/03/1918 48196
Cooper, Martha A.McKinney, Martha 02/14/19117874
Cooper, Maut W.Moore, Bessie04/08/191519146
Cooper, Pauline M.Stringer, Mary01/17/191157100
Cooper, Philip B.Smith, Nona09/30/1916 49195
Cooper, VictoriaBrasher, Florence02/08/19187563
Cooper, Vivian R.Watson, Opal03/10/191315265
Cootchett, Beulah B.Harris, Janie02/23/19139131
Copher, Henry J.Cobb, Ethel04/06/191218949
Copron, Henry W. Thorning, Sarah 02/22/1918 12687
Copron, Ora I. Doe, Ida02/24/192015288
Coram, Lora M.Trail, Fern09/18/1912 92214
Coram, Marshall L.Hardin, Lillie05/20/1911 24480
Coran, Paul A.Trail, Fern01/07/1914 3820